The Miles Basketball Minute: Coming To America And Giessen Are On Quantez Robertson´s Radar This Week

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Quantez Robertson in the bCM facility in Frankfurt in 2016

30 minutes had been played in Goettingen and the Fraport Skyliners were once again demonstrating their lack of consistency which has plagued them so much this season and is as annoying as it must have been for Euroleague team Khimki to witness the 10 lethal three pointer by Swede Marcus Erikisson. Frankfurt was down 76-62 after 30 minutes and even two crucial and clutch three pointers by young German Len Schoormann didn´t silence the many Skyliner haters who seem to have extreme difficulty to find anything positive about a club that is trying to reach the playoffs in a very tight and competitive BBL season. 10 minutes later, instead of escaping the Sparkassen arena unnoticed the Fraport Skyliners actually exited with their heads held high as they made an incredible fourth quarter come back exploding for 30 points and upending the 2010 Eurochallenge winner BG Goettingen 93-89. Often after a huge victory like this, one hears about the wildest parties on the bus ride home, but with the Fraport Skyliners they didn´t need any craziness happening in the bus, but rather showed class and remained quiet. “We had no real celebration on the bus ride home. We pretty much relaxed. It felt very good winning that game. The win felt really good after being down so bad. We definitely knew what we had accomplished. We haven´t done something like that this season”, stated ex Auburn guard Quantez Robertson. The Fraport Skyliners have had some fine come from behind wins in their history and it didn´t take Quantez Robertson long to name one of his biggest if not biggest. “This win against Goettingen is in my top 3 best come back wins with the Skyliners. I remember when we played Eurochallenge against Russian team Enisey. We were down by 19 points at half-time and came back and won”, remembered Quantez Robertson.

Fraport Skyliners down by 19 points at halftime, but rebound and win game 85-80 led by JohannesVoigtmann´s 26 points

                The Fraport Skyliners did a good job on the offensive end in the first quarter netting 21 points, but couldn´t muster consistent stops on defense allowing 26 points. BG Goettingen kept control of the game in the second quarter as they did what they wanted in the paint and established their mid range game as Nelson Weidemann and Rhards Lomazs did a lot of damage against Frankfurt. BG Goettingen led at the break 49-43. “They played small ball. We got away from our game plan which allowed them to keep the lead. Their second group did a good job being aggressive at both ends of the court. We had our problems and couldn´t slow them down”, said Quantez Robertson. BG Goettingen continued their offensive onslaught in the third quarter scoring 27 points and kept Frankfurt to 19 points. BG Goettingen continued to show their fine mid range game as Luke Nelson and Deishaun Booker executed well, but also hit more three pointers to spread out their offense. It also didn´t help Frankfurt´s cause that they missed some free throws. Frankfurt was in a real rut and despite Schoorman´s two massive three´s at the end of the third quarter, there didn´t seem to be much hope for Frankfurt as head coach Sebastian Gleim was livid on the sidelines, but he still had hope in his players making a turn around. “Coach yelled at us about our defense. He told us to stay together and just play harder and too execute”, stated Quantez Robertson.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber with 2017 NBBL champion Nelson Weidemann

                In the fourth quarter came the big comeback for the Fraport Skyliners. Sometimes things happen so rapidly that if someone had briefly exited for the bath room or gotten another cold one, could have missed the Frankfurt brutal 12-0 run which cut the BG Goettingen lead to 78-74 and took only 3,01 minutes. Suddenly there was light at the end of the tunnel again for the Fraport Skyliners. In the run Matt Mobley sparked Frankfurt with five points and Len Schoormann continued to execute on offense getting five points. Despite Frankfurt being close, BG Goettingen didn´t relinquish the lead down the stretch, but Frankfurt was on their heels.  Booker gave BG Goettingen the 80-74 lead with free throws. Frankfurt kept chipping away at the Goettingen lead with a trey from Mobley and a basket from Joe Rahon to be down only 81-79. BG Goettingen held the lead, but Frankfurt got more easy baskets inside from Quantez Robertson and Jon Axel Gudmunsson to cut the BG Goettingen lead to 87-85. Then came the turning point of the game as Matt Mobley made a massive 4 point play to give Frankfurt the crucial 90-89 lead. Frankfurt then buckled down on defense and played the way they should always being aggressive and making big plays. Frankfurt had supplied the blow and sealed the win with Mobley and Robertson free throws. “This was by far our best quarter of offense this season. We put our heads down on offense and defense. We have been working on ball movement in practice. Coach told us that the extra pass would be there, but that the extra extra pass would be better”, warned Quantez Robertson.

                After some Ok games from Matt Mobley in the last weeks, but definitely not his best, he returned in Goettingen with vengeance and his killer scorer instinct exploding for 29 points. He also filled up the stat sheet well with five rebounds, three assists, one steal and one block. Mobley once again was worth every penny in Goettingen. “Matt made some big shots and also created open looks for us. His playmaking continues to be good. He couldn´t show it last season, because he played only one game with us. We couldn´t see last season how good of a passer he is, but this season we know he can pass the ball very well”, warned Quantez Robertson. Often the offense of Matt Mobley puts his defensive qualities off the radar. “He shows at times that he can be a very good defender. He has a lot of responsibility to score the ball for us. Him having to score against the double team takes a lot out of him. He continues to show glimpses of good defense”, added Quantez Robertson. Len Schoormann had his break out game in a Skyliner uniform netting 14 points in 13 points while picking his spots well and was efficient in 13 minutes. “Len just went out and played basketball. He didn´t worry or think too much about what he did. His continued extra shooting has shown that it has helped with his good games in the Pro B and now BBL”, expressed Quantez Robertson. Robertson scored in double figures for the second straight game as he continues to give his best at being a viable offensive option. Even if Mobley is that pure scorer, Robertson doesn´t need any of his aggressiveness to rub off on him. “I have always been aggressive, but I just haven´t been picking my spots as well. That has led me to taking bad shots and not doing so good playmaking”, stressed Quantez Robertson.

                The Fraport Skyliners continue to grind and chip away at the easyCredit BBL playoffs as they are currently in ninth place with a record of 9-13. They next meet their rival Giessen who are trying to escape the cellar area and have a 4-18 record. Getting up the standings wasn´t help last weekend as Giessen collapsed in the second half at home against the Telekom Baskets Bonn 92-75. In the first meeting, the Fraport Skyliners lost a bitter 75-74 game on the road and was a game they let slip away at the end. The Fraport Skyliners will seek revenge as they need a win as they are currently playing teams that they have to beat if they want to have any chance of making the playoffs. “We have to be consistent on defense like we have been in the last games and just follow the game plan”, warned Quantez Robertson. When Quantez Robertson isn´t on the floor in practice or in team meetings concerning scouting, he has a lot of times to roam Netflix. One new movie that has ben released is the long awaited Coming To America 2 movie. The original was released in 1988 staring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall. The original will always be a classic. For many basketball players the original remains the best while the new one has gotten mixed reviews. Roberton´s ex teammates 2011 BBL MVP Dashaun Wood and Mike Morrison have seen the new Coming To America and so will Tez soon. “I´m definitely going to watch Coming to America 2. I pretty much remember the whole movie Coming To America”, chuckled Quantez Robertson. Knowing Quantez Robertson, he probably also remembers exactly what happened in the embarrassing loss in Giessen. That can only be a good omen for how focused Quantez Robertson will be in the return game this weekend in Frankfurt.

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