Conner Henry Turned Greg Foster(PS Karlsruhe) Into The Player He Is Today

Greg Foster (190-PG-89, college: SVSU) is a 31 year old 188cm guard from Howe, Indiana and is playing his eighth professional season and first in Germany with PS Karlsruhe currently averaging 11,1ppg, 2,8rpg, and 5,3apg. He has played for 17 professional teams and last played for Indios de San Francisco (Dominican Republic-LNB) playing 16 games averaging 15.2ppg, 3.0rpg, Assists-1 (5.0apg), 1.1spg, FGP: 52.9%, 3PT: 29.4%, FT: 75.8% and also played with Cupes de los Pepines (Dominican Republic-Santiago League) playing 5 games averaging 25.0ppg, 3.2rpg, 8.6apg, 2.8spg, 2FGP: 53.2%, 3FGP: 43.3%, FT: 80.0%. He began his basketball career at TC Howe High School and then played at Saginaw Valley State University (NCAA2) from 2008-2012. In his first few years as a professional he played in American leagues like the UBA, PBL, IBL, and ABA. He then found experience in countries like Saudi Arabia, Libya, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. He spoke to about his basketball career.

Talk a little how tough the last 9 months were. COVID-19 hit in March and changed the world forever. How did experience the day to day back home and in the Dominican Republic and Mexico where you played?

Covid impacted my life immediately. I was playing in the Dominican Republic at the time. Covid forced our season to end sooner than expected.

What was the most challenging thing about life and and finding ways to work on your fitness and game?

I was honestly able to continue working on my fitness. I ran out and found outside to practice on. When the time was right, I was able to get back in the gym. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. I am very thankful for the Marcus and Jeff Teague. Who have an amazing facility called The Factory. I was about to workout with them and Andre Owens (former NBA Player) and Darius Adams (Plays in CBA (China).

How do you feel did you benefit from COVID-19 and how did it make you stronger as a man in general?

I feel I benefited tremendously from Covid. I had time to workout and get better with other professional athletes Marcus, Jeff, Andre, Darius and many more. I had a great basketball trainer Rob Blackwell and a great fitness Coach Justin Ochoa (Pace Academy).

Congrats on signing with German Pro A team PS Karlsruhe. Do you have an explanation why it took you so long to reach Europe?

Honestly, Europe has always been in my mind, just never had the right situation. This year, I was in a two year deal with the Dominican Republic. The impact of Covid, caused the nation league to cancel their season this year. So this year, I decided to test the waters and put whatever happens in the hands of God.

One can really call you a basketball globetrotter. You have played for 17 organizations in your career and in countries like Saudi Arabia, Libya, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. If you had to estimate how many suitcases you have had in the last 6-7 years how much would you say?

I don’t know if I could even count how many suitcases I have packed. Hahahahaha

Let’s talk about your game. You’re a 188cm guard. If you had to compare your game to an NBA player who would best fit the description?

I don’t know I would compare my game to anyone in the NBA. I’m kind of a hybrid between the old tradition point guard (make the right play) and the new school fast pace point guard (make a play).

You have demonstrated in many leagues around the world that you can score a lot and hand out a lot of assists. What would you say is your absolute biggest asset on the court?

I think my absolute best asset on the court is being a leader. I am good at being an extension of the coach on the court. Striving to keep a team concept.

Your three pointer was a work in progress for many years, but recently you shot the ball very well in the Dominican Republic. Was it more doing more reps or better shot selection that helped you shoot better?

My three point shot was inconsistent before because of the technique. Working with my trainers Rob Blackwell on my technique (one motion) and Lloyd McBribe on reps, I have become more comfortable and in-tuned with my shot.

You also have shown to take a lot of pride on the defensive end. What do you believe is your biggest quality on the defensive end that also helps your teammates?

Defense is one of those things that you have to take pride in. I’ve learned defense builds team chemistry just as much as offense.

You recently played with Cupes de los Pepines (Dominican Republic-Santiago League) playing 5 games averaging 25.0ppg, 3.2rpg, 8.6apg, 2.8spg, 2FGP: 53.2%, 3FGP: 43.3%, FT: 80.0%. Was that some of your best basketball in your career and do you wonder how you would have ended stat wise there had COVID-19 not struck?

Honestly I’m not really a stat chaser. I do what is needed for the team to win. I am honestly a championship chaser. I want to win every championship every year. That’s how you get recognized.

In your last game at Cupes you battled Ramon Galloway who has played in top leagues in Europe and almost made the NBA finishing with a better game ranking and outscoring him 29 to 27 but losing. Do you sometimes wonder why you are where you are despite your high basketball abilities.

Ramon Galloway is a very very good player. Honestly I could be mad and stress that I haven’t played in big basketball prestige markets. But I try to take everything one step at a time. I am here now, and willing show what I have to offer.

How big is the chip on your shoulder? You have proven time in and time out that you can compete with top guards. Do you feel that chip will never leave you?

The chip on my shoulder will never leave. It is what motivates me. I know I have to better than the best to receive recognition. I just put work ethic and my trust in God’s timing.

In the Dominican Republic you were teammates with experienced ex Stanford great Anthony Goods. How much better did both of you make each other during the season?

Anthony Goods might go down as one of my favorite teammates. We pushed each other a lot during the season. He helped me grow a lot as a player.

In your first 3 professional seasons you had to pay your dues in semi-pro ball in the States with teams like the at Cleveland Havok (UBA), Portland Chinooks (IBL), Indiana Diesels (PBL) and Indy Naptown All Stars (ABA). What kind of experience was this and please give an example of how it is playing semi-pro where one seems so far away from Europe?

Playing semi pro is something I’ll always hang my hat on. It showed I was never to prideful, even when my dreams seemed out of reach. Honestly you’d be surprised with some of the talent you might encounter in the semi pro world. One great encounter I had a teammate, Johnathan Simmons go on to play in the NBA and many others go on to play professionally. Of course the style and smarts of euro basketball is amazing and you can’t compare it to semi pro.

You also played 2 D-League games with Ft Wayne. What memories do you have of your brief time there and wouldn’t more of a D-League career been possible?

I have some great memories in D-League, but I honestly I learned so much from that year with the Mad-Ants. Connor Henry was the coach and learning from him, turned me into the player I am today. I gathered as much information as I could. A longer D-League career would have been nice, but it didn’t seem to be my cards at that moment. I went a different path.

You won the 2015 CBA title with the Ft Wayne Flints. What was your fondest moment of winning your first professional chip?

The championship with Fort Wayne Flite was huge for me. It started me down a path of knowing what it takes to win and motive my guy. If you feel you deserve more, DOMINATE where you are.

You played at Saginaw Valley State University (NCAA2) from 2008-2012. What were your fondest moments there and how did your game grow best there?

Saginaw Valley State University was a good challenging experience. Some of my fondest moments there, were scoring my 1000th career point and senior night with one of my teammates who was there with me from freshman year

You had many great games in the NCAA 2 but where does the 30 point 10 rebound game against Michigan Tech rank?

The 30 point 10 rebounds games ranks pretty high for me against Michigan Tech. We needed to win that game and I gave it my all.

How did head coach Frankie Smith groom and prepare you best for a professional basketball career?

Frankie Smith is a great coach. He groomed me mentally for the pros. I actually called him a month ago.

Who won a one on one in practice you or Chris Webb?

You’ll have to ask Chris Webb who won the one on one games. I’ll just say, the entire SVSU basketball family challenged me to one on ones and usually I came out on top.

Who was the toughest player that you battled in the NCCA or anywhere that went to the NBA?

The toughest player I ever battled that went on to the NBA was Derrick Rose.

Please list your 5 best teammates of all-time?

Five best teammates Andre Emmit Anthony Goods Cj Fair Paris Bass Dante Williams

Please construct your personal NBA Mount Rushmore of past or present players?

Mike Jordan Kobe Allen Iverson Lebron James

What is your personal opinion between the never ending debate between Michael Jordan and Lebron James concerning who is the greatest of all-time?

Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time. No question

What was the last movie that you saw?

Black Panther was the last movie I saw.

Thanks Greg for the chat

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