The Miles Vs Mike Morrison(Semt77 Yalova Belediye Spor) Super Bowl LV Post Game Chat

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Mike Morrison in Frankfurt in 2019

Mike Morrison is a 31 year old 206cm center from St Petersburg, Florida that is playing his 9th professional season and first with Semt77 Yalova Belediye Spor (Turkey-TBL). The ex George Mason (NCAA) standout has played in many countries in Europe including for teams like Cytavision Apoel Nicosia (Cyprus-Division A), Joensuun Kataja Basket (Finland-Korisliiga)Fraport Skyliners Frankfurt (Germany-BBBL), Panevezys Lietkabelis (Lithuania-LKL), s.Oliver Wuerzburg (Germany-BBL), Peristeri GS Athens (Greece-A1) and Mono Vampire Bangkok (Thailand-TBL). He and came together to give a special Super Bowl LV post game interview

Congrats Mike for your Tampa Bay Bucs win. What does this win mean for the city during these hard times?

The best or worst of times, we love the Bucs. Means everything for the Bay area

You joked you couldn’t watch because of a Monday game, but you could have gone to sleep early and caught the end at 5:30 when you woke up. How did you experience watching this win?

I went to bed early and caught the 4th Q. Still got my. 8 hours and got to see my boys do work.

This was the first Super bowl where Tom Brady fans didn’t have to worry throughout the game that he might lose. Does it surprise you how easy this win looked?

I knew that they couldn’t defend us and our defense dominated the entire playoffs so I wasn’t shocked. I said if we hit Mahomes we can stop him.

Tom Brady got the MVP, but the whole Bucs defense should of gotten it. Did the Bucs defense save their best for last with their performance?

Brady came to a losing team, brought Gronk, Fournette, and AB with him, and won the FIRST YEAR! THE trophy is his.

A s a professional athlete does a defensive performance like the one the Bucs gave motivate you to lift not only your defensive game to a new level, but also your team?

Greats just motivate you to go out and be your best. Brady is no exception.

Quantez Robertson, Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Mike Morrison in Frankfurt in 2019

It felt like Pat Mahomes was running for his life 80% of the time like a headless chicken. Could a loss like this really affect him for a while or will the champion in him get this loss out of his memory bank quickly?

Pat Mahomes is a Unicorn. The man was still making some of the craziest throws despite all of that pressure. This loss will only make him more hungry. Just the thought of that is scary!

How would you describe the competitive level of a Tom Brady. Is this something that the sports world has never seen before?

Tiger, Serena, Jordan, Kobe, LBJ, Brady.. Its just a hand full of guys/women with that GOAT gene. That push there teams to the next level.

How does this Super Bowl win compare to the one in 2003. Which one did you enjoy more?

It’s funny because the teams were very similar. In 03 we were able to dominate on defense but had a pretty good offense too. Played cover 2 and dominated the line of scrimmage. It was weird seeing us repeat with the same style of play.

It can be expected that Tom Brady will continue to play and want that eighth ring. How many more years do you honestly think he can play?

I believe Tommy (that’s what his friends call him) can play for as long as he wants. The work ethic is still there. TB (we call him that too) always says his favorite Superbowl ring is “the next one” so don’t count him out.

Everyone talks about Jordan, Lebron and Brady as the best of all-time, but as a big man why Is Bill Russell with his record 11 NBA titles always fall of the radar?

Bill Russell is loved by players. Fans may not be as familiar with the things he did on the court, as well as the major things he did off the court. Legend, no doubt “Bill Russell swag, Yal think Michael Jordan bad? I got 5 more rings than Michael Jordan had” -Jay Z

Did Quantez Robertson congratulate you? What special message do you have for him?

Listen world I love Tez like a brother, but he’s 1 of the biggest haters you’ll ever meet! No call, no message, nothing. Smh, I will be waiting by the phone Tez

Thanks Mike for the chat.

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