The Miles Basketball Minute: Quantez Robertson(Fraport Skyliners) Finds Some Tom Brady Magic In His Hands

The third quarter was drawing to a close as the Fraport Skyliners had let up a bit and allowed the Buffalo Bills of the easyCredit BBL Telekom Baskets Bonn back into the contest. Frankfurt had had the comfortable 52-41 advantage, but then lost intensity and allowed Bonn to race back on a 12-5 run to trail only 57-53. Frankfurt then got some instant energy and production from ex Miami Hurricane(NCAA) Kamari Murphy who flew in from the wing and got the perfect feed from point guard Joe Rahon for the massive two handed dunk. Rahon wasn´t finished in this quarter with more heroics, as ex Boston Celtic Chris Babb stepped to up to the free throw line with a few seconds remaining and sunk two free throws to cut the Frankfurt lead to 59-55. Rahon had nailed a pretty buzzer beater fade away jumper in the first and had some more buzzer beating on his mind as the third quarter was about to close. As Babb hit his second free throw, ex Auburn(NCAA) great Quantez Robertson wasted no time snatched the ball and hurled up a perfect touchdown pass ala Tom Brady style that found Rahon on the letters as he laid it up and in for the 61-55 advantage as the siren sounded. Quantez Robertson hadn´t had a great shooting day, but he helped the team in many other ways as usual on the boards, defense and with his passing abilities. “That was a quick think play. I gave Joe the nod to go. That isn´t a paly we practice, but it was just something I did”, stressed Quantez Robertson. All basketball players live with unending self-confidence especially when it´s about who will win a one on one duel, but Tez also was very confident what Tom Brady would have told him about his touch down passing qualities. “Tom would have told me nice pass man”, smiled Quantez Robertson.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Quantez Robertson in the BCM gym in the summer of 2018

                 After the disastrous 98-70 loss to the hands of the Hamburg Towers on the road, the Fraport Skyliners returned home against the Telekom Baskets Bonn and were able to win 84-79 thanks to scoring sensation Matt Mobley who hit a huge trey in the last minute, sunk free throws and made  a key offensive rebound. As usual the Fraport Skyliners had their ups and downs. They had a stellar 15-0 run in the first quarter, controlled the second quarter, let up in the third quarter and when it counted most in crunch-time made the bigger plays and shots to seal the victory. Sometimes one really has to wonder where the Fraport Skyliners would be in the standings without Matt Mobley. “It´s hard to say where we would be in many games without Matt. He made a big shot to put us up two points. I think that the game would still have been a nail bitter even without Matt´s production”, stated Quantez Robertson. Especially the third quarter was one to forget. Frankfurt had control, but allowed the Telekom Baskets Bonn right back into the game. “We didn´t play tough defense. I felt we were defending ok, but just not tough enough. We gave them confidence and we also turned over the ball too much”, added Quantez Robertson. In the fourth quarter Frankfurt had to endure some serious pressure from Bonn guard Xavier Pollard who was stepping up for Chris Babb who was being slowed down pretty well. “Both Babb and Pollard are tough to stop. But we held up strong and did a good job withstanding their run in the fourth quarter. I thought that we remained mentally and physically focused on the things we did in practice”, stated Quantez Robertson. All in all it was another big win which was huge for the team´s self-confidence as they now have a tough stretch with five games in a stretch of two weeks twice against ratiopharm Ulm, and against Bamberg and FC Bayern Munich. “There were quite a few positives that the club could take from the game. “We stayed focused. We didn´t lay down our heads when Bonn made a run. We stuck together and stayed motivated. We communicated really well on defense and helped each other out better than in the last games”, expressed Quantez Robertson.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Matt Mobley in the Fraport arena in 2021

                The big hero of the game again was ex St Bonaventure(NCAA) guard Matt Mobley. The Worcester, Ma native has put up huge scoring games this season like his 31 points in the win over Braunschweig or his 30 points in the victory over BG Goettingen, or who could forget his 29 point games in the wins over Chemnitz and MBC? But what he produced against the Telekom Baskets Bonn was a new side of him or was it? He had his usual 25 points, but 10 rebounds and 5 assists was a special type of filling the stat sheet that hadn´t been seen from him yet. It was the most rebounds that he has ever produced at the professional level. He once grabbed 12 rebounds against Hofstra in the NCAA: “I can´t remember getting 10 rebounds in a game. It´s all about hustle. Klaus Perwas always says whoever has the most hustle plays will win the game. I just wanted to help my team as much as possible”, stressed Matt Mobley. For Quantez Robertson, the big scoring and assist result wasn´t a surprise, but the rebounding was. “We expect his scoring and passing, but I didn´t expect 10 rebounds from him. We saw a different and aggressive Matt. But he did steal some of my rebounds. I was mad, but it´s all good. It was either going to me or him with the rebound, but he got them”, said Quantez Robertson. Some easyCredit BBL MVP candidates that have sprung up so far have been Crailsheim´s Canadian Trae Bell-Haynes as well as MHP Riesen guard Jaleen Smith. A guy like Matt Mobley could pop up on that list should the Fraport Skyliners start a late season surge. “Matt is a MVP candidate. If he can continue to play the way he did against Bonn and we start winning more and can get into the playoff picture, then I feel that he can be a top MVP candidate”, warned Quantez Robertson. Everybody talks about Mobley, but Rasheed Moore belongs to the top Skyliner players this season. I feel he is underappreciated especially in the media, but the Skyliners team knows the total worth of Rasheed Moore. “What he is doing in games comes from his hard work in practice. It helps our team when he gets going early being active on offense and defense. He definitely isn´t underappreciated on our team. Lately he has been one of our go to guys”, warned Quantez Robertson.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Len Schoormann in the BCM in 2019

                Another player who had a very strong game against the Telekom Baskets Bonn was American Kamari Murphy. He is a player that has been up and down this season, but here and there he gives vital impulses on the court at both ends. Against Bonn he scored 12 points and hauled down three rebounds while also sinking his second trey of the season. He also demonstrated his knack of being able to score in bunches. “He shows scoring in bunches in practice also. When you give him the ball in the right place, then he is very dangerous in being aggressive and attacking the rim.  He will take that three if he is open. I found him open on the week side and he didn´t hesitate”, said Quantez Robertson. Another player that could benefit from the many games in the next few weeks is Len Schoormann. He had a strong start to the BBL season scoring 10 points in Oldenburg, but since then has had to fight for his BBL minutes. It didn´t help him either that he recently had to back to back 2 point games in the Pro B where he shot combined 2/14. But he did some soul searching and returned on fire scoring 29 points and 24 points in upset wins over Orange Academy and the EPG Baskets Koblenz. “Len´s self-confidence is up. He has been very aggressive on offense and defense in practice. He has been getting up extra shots in practice and it has been showing in the Pro B. I believe that he will get more of a chance in the BBL in the next two weeks. With more games and guys getting in foul trouble, I think his minutes could increase”, warned Quantez Robertson. Robertson continues to do his job filling the stat sheet, causing disorder for opponents offense and getting rebounds, but his biggest weakness now is his scoring. He was never that real consistent scorer, but the way he could score once isn´t there at the moment. He struggled against Bonn shooting 1/9 and also missed a dunk. He knows what the best recipe for success is. I just got to keep going out and shooting. I have to get the Bonn game behind me. I just have to remain aggressive and put myself in the right position to shoot when I get the opportunity to shoot, to be ready and shoot with confidence”, warned Quantez Robertson. The Fraport Skyliners don´t have much time to get ready for their next opponent ratiopharm Ulm who they face today. They have a 9-5 record and have a very talented roster. One of those players is ex German national player Per Guenther who has battled Quantez Robertson for more than a decade. “I´m not only excited to play against him, but everyone on that team. It is a lot of fun to play against a guy that is still quick and can shoot the deep three”, stated Quantez Robertson. It´s that time of year again where it´s time for the Superbowl. Quantez Robertson will follow the Super Bowl in his apartment and probably have some teammates over munching on his favorite Super Bowl food Hot Wings. He also will be in contact during the game with his ex teammate and friend Mike Morrison who is balling in Italy this season. Morrison was awarded a special gift in 2020 when Tom Brady moved to his team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And presto in normal Tom Brady magic, he led his new team to the Super Bowl and finally gave Morrison something to cheer about. Should Tampa Bay lose which most likely will happen as the Kansas City Chiefs and Pat Mahomes are the favorite, Tez won´t let Morrison forget who won this years Super Bowl. Tez may be neutral about who he wants to win, but definitely has a prediction. “I think the Chiefs will win by 3 points. Even if Tom Brady loses, his 10th Super bowl appearance shows that he is still the best to ever do it”, warned Quantez Robertson.

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