Cameron Hunt Has A Possible Positive Omen For Future Success With The Kameron Taylor Wurzburg Connection

A little more than a year ago Cameron Hunt from Duncansville, Texas who never disliked a basket during his amazing and decorated NAIA career at Southwestern College, KS  averaging 27,0ppg in his last two seasons and 31,0ppg as a senior played a game against the Fraport Skyliners Juniors in Frankfurt in his rookie season and played in front of about 70 people. After a slow start his team TG s.Oliver Wurzburg stormed back in the third quarter deciding the contest with a ruthless 33 point onslaught winning after 40 minutes 99-67. It was another normal day at the office for Hunt who scored 28 points and dished out 7 dimes. There were two stretches in the game where the American showed how anyone could call him Mr scoring in bunches as he scored three buckets in a row. In the first quarter he started with a with a pull up jumper, then whipped out a left handed lay in and finished with a step back jumper showing exactly how much he had in his offensive arsenal. He then proceeded to do it again in the third quarter showing Frankfurt that he could score in so many different ways. He finished his rookie season leading the Pro B in scoring with 21.7ppg, 4.9rpg, 4.4apg, 1.7spg, Blocks-3 (1.2bpg), FGP: 60.4%, 3PT: 41.2%, FT: 88.2%. He picked up so many awards, he could easily have decorated his grandmother´s living room mantle with All-German 2.Bundesliga Pro B Player of the Year -20, All-German 2.Bundesliga Pro B Guard of the Year -20, All-German 2.Bundesliga Pro B Defensive Player of the Year -20, All-German 2.Bundesliga Pro B 1st Team -20, and German 2.Bundesliga Pro B All-Imports Team -20 awards. Last season Hunt had had the luxury of being able to practice with the easyCredit BBL team s.Oliver Wurzburg. Manager Kresimir Loncar knew all too well how good the American was lauding his versatility and basketball IQ not to mention his sniper qualities. Last summer the team signed him to an unbelievable three year contract something you seldom see in the BBL and even less for an unproven BBL player who had only dominated at the Pro B level. The decision to sign him has paid off as he has had absolutely no sophomore blues. A little more than a year later Hunt returns to Frankfurt, but not to play in the Skyliners practice gym like last season, but to play in the Fraport arena that can house 5,000 patrons. The arena is bigger, the players more skilled now, and the play more physical, but he has held his own averaging 10,9ppg, 2,0rpg and 2,3apg. Basketball life surely has changed, but despite these hard times, he is staying focused and concentrating on basketball. “Not much is going on as all I really do is practice and go home. Which I’m thankful for during these crazy times”. Stressed Cameron Hunt.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Cameron Hunt after he dropped 28 points in a 99-67 Wurzburg Pro B win in Frankfurt in January 2020

                It hasn´t been an easy season for s.Oliver Wurzburg as they have a 4-7 record coming into the game against the Fraport Skyliners. They lost five of their first 7 games, but have been playing more spirited ball as of late having a 2-2 record. “This year has been full of ups and downs. We have dropped many close games as our record could be the complete opposite right now. There is a long season ahead of us so we are pretty optimistic”, stressed Cameron Hunt. The club has been solid on the offensive end averaging 78 points per game, but have had their woes on the defensive end allowing 84 points per game. They have had a few good defensive games where there were signs of an indentity, but overall they are giving up way too many points allowing 80 points or more in nine games. “I think it all starts in practice. Making it a habit to make every possession count so when it comes to the game we are locked in”, warned Cameron Hunt. Last season the club had the luxury of having the amazing American guard trio of Cameron Wells, Jordan Hulls and Skyler Bowlin who produced consistently on offense, but also gave the defensive end that extra energy for 40 minutes. This season the club has a number of guys averaging in double figures, but no one is averaging more than 11,0ppg. One has to wonder if the club sometimes is lacking that true genuine scorer that can decide a game at any moment. “I feel with this team it is best if we all chip in how we can. I do feel everyone can add in a little more and I believe we can. We are down a couple guys so many guys will have to step up for the next few games”, added Cameron Hunt. They will have their hands full with the very much improved Fraport Skyliners who have rebounded fantastically after starting slow 1-4, have come back and won five of the last 7 games. But despite playing on the road and not being the favorite on paper, Wurzburg aren´t lacking confidence after winning against the Telekom Baskets Bonn. “With us down a few import players and losing both of our big men to injuries I think the most important thing to us will be playing physical. What we lack in size right now has to be made up in other areas. We did it against Bonn so now we have to do it against Frankfurt”, warned Cameron Hunt.

                Last season Cameron Hunt had some special teammates in the Pro B having the versatile Lithuanian Rytis Pipris and many many young Germans who he still has this season as they have double licenses to play Pro B and BBL like guards Nils Hassfuerter and Joshua Obiese. But this season he has teammates that are simply a lot more skilled then the guys he called teammates last season. He knows what it is like being a rookie and can relate to what American Tyson ward is going through. The two time Summit League tournament winner with North Dakota State University (NCAA) is putting up solid stats in the BBL as he is getting a grip on the style averaging 9,4ppg, 3,5rpg and 2,4apg. “I feel for this to be his rookie year I feel he is adjusting well to European play. He has a lot to learn but I feel he can have a long successful career”, said Cameron Hunt. Sometimes cruel things happen on the court that absolutely no one is ever expecting, but brutal injuries are a part of the game. In the last game against the Telekom Baskets Bonn ex Yale Ivy league champion Justin Sears suffered a tough ACL injury and being a witness of something like that will sit in a guy´s head for a long time. “The Justin injury was hard to watch and it’s still hard to think about right now. He was probably the most valuable player at the moment so his presence will be missed. I also have never witnessed anything like that live”, warned Cameron Hunt. Every once in a while, a club is blessed having that true veteran on the squad where not only the young bucks can profit from, but even older guys. In the last years, s.Oliver Wurzburg had the services of Croatian Kresimir Loncar who made a huge impact on the players. It isn´t any different with German 34 year old Alex King who helped the Opel Skyliners win the 2004 BBL title at age 19. “Alex has been a great addition for the team and also a great mentor for me. He is a very positive guy which I feel I can take from him. With him being a true veteran I always ask him questions since he has been around the league for so long”, expressed Cameron Hunt.

                The last movie that he watched was “This Is Not The End” began the season slow averaging 6,0ppg and 13 minutes per game, but has picked it up in the last six games scoring in double figures in five games. In the last six games he is averaging 15,0ppg in 22 minutes time. Even if he is always thinking about how he can get better with his game and how he needs to translate it over into games, the number one focus is always getting that next win. “I´m still not where I want to be as a player in this league but as of late. I am seeing improvements in myself. I have a long way to go. I feel I’m slowly figuring things out but I’m still not where I want to be individually. All that matters to me right now is figuring out how to beat Frankfurt”, stressed Cameron Hunt. He doesn´t only shine on the offensive end, but is also a very capable defender. He likes how NBA player D´Angello Russell is always looking to make the right play. It isn´t any different with the Texas native and has improved his lock in mentality from his rookie season. “I feel now that I’m aware what I’m capable of doing on the defensive end I can be even more locked in on defense. I still have some mess ups here and there but that’s basketball”, stated Cameron Hunt.. At the end of last season he made better reads and this season he has done a fine job getting adjusted to the easyCredit BBL physicality. “I’m slowly adapting to the physicality. Once I do that I feel I will be a great player in this league”, warned Cameron Hunt. He has the same kind of self-confidence that ex Wurzburg player Kameron Taylor did. Kameron Taylor like Hunt came from the Pro B to the BBL with Wurzburg three years ago and since has made himself into a very good BBL player. Perhaps Hunt can follow in the footsteps of Taylor and become an established easyCredit BBL player. It´s the same first name, but only a different first letter. Perhaps this is all good enough for a good future omen? “He is definitely motivation for sure. Seeing where he came from let me know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I also know he is a great guy. Hopefully I can follow in his path and even do a little more”, said Cameron Hunt. Hunt does know that he still has a lot of ground to cover with his game. “As of right now it’s knowing when to be aggressive and when not to be aggressive. I feel I’m slowly understanding that game by game”, stressed Cameron Hunt. He also knows that it isn´t only about working and grinding his butt of until it falls off, but that having that head coach who stands behind him and guides him the way German Denis Wucherer does is vital. “Dennis has a great understanding of my capabilities and strengths but he is also teaching me how to use them to make others better as well. Which I’m grateful for so in return I want to help him win some ball games”, warned Cameron Hunt. The season already has felt like an eternity with all the COVID-19 drama around each day, so at times he just has to get away. But he isn´t necessarily tuning into the NBA now. “I personally don’t like the NBA right now without a packed house of fans but this is how it is. Sports are for the fans as well”, added Cameron Hunt. One team to watch closely are the Brooklyn Nets, because that whole atmosphere there is like a basketball soap opera ready to explode with Kevin Durant and Kyre Irving who already has been asked by Stephen Smith to retire. Some people like Hunt are optimistic about the Nets being successful even if his answer was a day before James Harden arrived. “I feel they can. I think it’s all about kyrie Irving locking in on the season”, stressed Cameron Hunt. Even if the James Harden signing won´t wet his NBA interest, all isn´t lost yet. He could still go to Alex King and ask for some special exclusive stories about Dirk Nowitzki. He definately won´t be disappointed.

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