Despite Reaching The easyCredit BBL Kyndahl Hill(SYNTAINICS MBC Weissenfels) Still Feels He Has To Prove Something On The Court

Kyndahl Hill is a 26 year old 201cm forward from Humble, Texas that is playing his fourth professional season and first with the SYNTAINICS MBC Weissenfels (Germany-BBL) currently averaging 8,3ppg, 6,3rpg, 2,1apg and 1,5spg. Last season he played with BC Kyiv Basket (Ukraine-Superleague) playing 13 FIBA Europe Cup games averaging 10.2ppg, 4.4rpg, 1.2apg, FGP: 55.8%, 3PT: 38.9%, FT: 68.4%; played 4 BCL games averaging 8.5ppg, 4.0rpg, 1.0apg; and played 22 Ukrainian Superleague games averaging 10.0ppg, 5.5rpg, 1.5apg, FGP: 51.1%, 3PT: 41.7%, FT: 71.0%. The season before he played with BC Zaporizhye-ZOG (Ukraine-Superleague) playing 38 games averaging 16.7ppg, Reb-2 (8.3rpg), 1.7apg, 1.4spg, Blocks-2 (1.0bpg), FGP: 51.2%, 3PT: 31.7%, FT: 71.7%. He played his rookie season with the Randers Cimbria Basketball (Denmark-Ligaen) playing 30 games averaging 16.2ppg, Reb-3 (7.3rpg), 1.2apg, 1.2spg, Blocks-2 (1.2bpg), FGP: 53.7%, 3PT: 31.0%, FT: 78.2%. He began his basketball career at Humble High Schoo and then played at Weber State (NCAA) from 2013-2017 playing a total of129 games improving his scoring and rebounding stats each season. As a senior he played 33 games averaging 10.1ppg, 7.9rpg, 1.2apg, 1.5bpg, FGP: 49.8%, FT: 76.0%. He spoke to at the end of the summer about his basketball career. 

Kyndahl thanks for talking to Where are you at the moment and how has your summer been despite the whole COVID-19 effecting the world?

At the moment I am in Germany preparing for the season. My summer was good despite the pandemic. I was able to spend time with my family and also still able to work on my game.

How have you experienced the whole COVID-19 crisis in the States the last months How much did the last 6 months change your life and how much of a challenge was it finding the time and places to be able to stay in shape and be able to work on your game?

I was able to find different ways to stay in shape such as working out outside, running and other home workouts. Also I was still able to get into a gym and work on my craft. I had a college teammate that had access to a court that would let me in to get work in. In the states they began opening places up a while after I had returned. Once that happened I was able to get back to lifting and other workouts also.

How do you feel did COVID-19 make you stronger as a man?

I learned a lot about myself when the pandemic hit and I wasn’t able to compete again for a while. Having that happen gave me time to think about what it would be like once I am done playing the sport. It also gave me the opportunity to understand not to take the game for granted. Not saying that I have but just saying to cherish the opportunities that I receive. 

Congrats on signing in the German easyCredit BBL one of the top 5 leagues in Germany with the SYNTAINICS MBC Weissenfels. What do you know in general about the country Germany and it’s basketball? Have you had any friends, ex teammates or opponents ball here?

I know a little about the league and Germany. That it’s a great league to be apart of and to continue to progress your career. Yes I have had a few ex teammates play here, also some friends that have played here. They have all given me some information about the league and the country.

You stated in the club press release that the BBL is a step up for you and an obvious reason for coming. But what was your first impression of head coach Silvano Poropat? 

My first impression of Silvano, was that he knows what he want’s. He has a clear plan for what he sees this team doing and what he sees for each player on this team. He seems like a great person and coach and I’m looking forward to this year with him.

You had a solid career in the NCAA with Weber State, but as a professional had to pay your dues in Denmark and Ukraine in your first 3 seasons. Have you had a big chip on your shoulder the last years?

Yes, I have had a chip on my shoulder. I have something to prove each time I step on the court. I know what I can do and the work that I have put in to get to where I am. I am not stopping now. I want to be the best version of myself. 

Let’s talk a little about your game. If you had to compare your game to an NBA player who would best fit the description?

I’m not sure who I would compare myself to. I have taken things from players in the league and tried to add that to my game. My favorite player is Kevin Durant, but even before he got into the league I watched Kevin Garnett a lot because I loved his toughness every time he touched the floor. I have taken mid-post play from Carmelo Anthony. I don’t try and model my play after one person I watch players who are my similar position and see what I can add from there game to my own. I also loved to watch how Dwade played.

What really impressed me right away was that despite bringing very good offensive stats in the NCAA and at the pro level, it is defense that everybody lauds you about. Have you always been that defensive stopper or did that develop more with time?

I feel that I have been pretty good defensively but, I also know that I have grown each year. I put in work to make myself a great defender. Not to just be low post defender but to be an all around defender I take pride in defense.

You can defend every position from 1-5. How much pride do you take on shutting down that opponent and what do you feel is your biggest asset on the defensive end?

I feel that I can guard 1-5 I work to be able to move laterally and have the foot speed or the strength to guard who ever is in front of me. I take a lot of pride in trying to shut down the opponent. My biggest asset on the defensive end is being able to guard multiple positions.

On what area’s of your game did you work on most this summer in order to keep improving as a player?

The area’s that I worked on the most this summer are my ball handling, quicker first step, mid-post scoring, and getting up a lot of shots. I wanted to work on area’s of my game that I feel wil help me progress my career. 

You played the last 2 seasons in the Ukraine for 2 different teams and was an allstar each season. How do you feel did your game grow playing in this league?

I felt that it grew in different ways both seasons. Going into the first year in the Ukraine my outside shot needed to become better and I feel like it did. That next year I wanted to grow and become a better defender and I was put on situations to were I was able to do that. 

In your first season in the Ukraine with BC Zaporizhye-ZOG, you were teammates with the talented Mike Holton Jr. He stated this recently in an interview with me about you. ‘Kyndahl was a great teammate to have and it was fun playing together last year. I was happy to see that he had another great season. Year after year he is improving and showing consistently that he brings a lot to the table for teams. What did you appreciate most about him as a player and person?

I appreciated a lot of things about playing with Mike. He was a great teammate he helped me grow as a player. I feel that I learned things from him that helped me consistently showcase what I brought to the table. Also what we’re somethings that I could improve on in my game. He’s a great person to be around and talk about life and basketball with. 

Last season you played with BC Kyiv Basket (Ukraine-Superleague) playing 13 FIBA Europe Cup games averaging 10.2ppg, 4.4rpg, 1.2apg, FGP: 55.8%, 3PT: 38.9%, FT: 68.4%; and played 22 Ukrainian Superleague: games averaging 10.0ppg, 5.5rpg, 1.5apg, FGP: 51.1%, 3PT: 41.7%, FT: 71.0%. How thrilling was it playing Fiba Europe Cup? How do you feel did your game profit most from that?

It was a great experience playing in the Fiba Europe Cup. Playing against high level European competition learning things about myself and what I need to do to continue to progress. Also being able to play in all of the different countries that I was able to play in was great. I feel my game improved from playing in it. Those games showed me what I need to work on to become better.

You played your rookie season with the Randers Cimbria Basketball (Denmark-Ligaen) playing 30 games averaging 16.2ppg, Reb-3 (7.3rpg), 1.2apg, 1.2spg, Blocks-2 (1.2bpg), FGP: 53.7%, 3PT: 31.0%, FT: 78.2%. What was your wake up calling to being a rookie overseas where you knew that you were far away from Texas?

My wake up call was not being able to have family come and watch games or even see them online. The language barrier was also another thing not everyone there spoke English so that took some adjusting to. 

You played at Weber State from 2013-2017 winning the Big Sky Conf. Tournament in 2014 and 2016. Which one was sweeter?

I think they both were great the first one being able to win it at our home arena in front of our fans was great. The second one could edge it out by a little bit because the year before wasn’t our best year as a team at Weber and we put in a lot of work that summer, off-season, and season to get to that point it was the best feeling.

You played many years together with Joel Bolomboy and Jeremy Senglin. Did these guys become like brothers for you and what are your fondest memories with them?

Yes, we did build a great relationship with each other. We still stay in touch to this day. Best memories with each other was being able to play together win Big Sky Championships together, and just being able to hang out and get to know one another.

What memories do you have of the tough NCAA tournament loss to Xavier in 2016? With so many basketball games and players moving around did you notice that you will battle Jalen Reynolds again who was on that Xavier team?

It was a great experience being able to play on that stage and battle a great team. I didn’t notice that he was playing in this league. It will be interesting to play against him again.

How did head coach Randy Rahe groom and prepare you best for a professional basketball career?

By holding me accountable with bring energy everyday to practice and games. Helping me mature as a player.

Who won a one on one in practice you or Brekkot Chapman?

We actually haven’t played a game of one on one yet. 

Who was the toughest player that you battled in the NCCA or anywhere that went to the NBA?

One of the toughest players that I battled with on a teammate of mine and it was Joel Bolomboy. We played hard against each other every practice.

Please list your 5 best teammates of all-time? 

I don’t have a list of five best teammates. I have built different relationships with all of my teammates.

Please construct your personal NBA Mount Rushmore of past or present players?

Micheal Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Hakeem Olajiwan, Shaq 

What is your personal opinion between the never ending debate between Michael Jordan and Lebron James concerning who is the greatest of all-time?

Michael Jordan

What was the last movie that you saw?

John Wick 

Thanks Kyndahl for the chat.

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