Quantez Robertson(Fraport Skyliners) Wants To Take Some Of That Steph Curry 103 Magic With Added Reps For 2021

Quantez Robertson is a 36 year old 188cm guard that is playing his 12th professional season for the Fraport Skyliners. He began his basketball career at Auburn (NCAA) before going overseas. As a professional he helped lead Frankfurt to the 2010 BBL final as a rookie and helped win the 2016 Fiba Europe cup. He also has been named Eurobasket.com All-German Bundesliga Defensive Player of the Year 5 times and maned to the Eurobasket.com German Bundesliga All-Defensive Team 7 times. He spoke to germanhoops.com after the disappointing 75-74 loss to Giessen

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Quantez Robertson doing play by play at the 2010 BBL allstar game in Bonn

Tez a tough loss in Giessen. How strange was it playing in front of no fans in a gym where you could probably write a book about the aggressiveness of the fans?

It was very weird playing in Giessen in a place where it is usually sold out and where it gets very loud. I missed playing in front of their hostile crowd.

You have lost many tough games in your 12 year career, but where does this 77-74 loss rank?

This game being against our rival, it is definitely up there especially losing by one point. This loss is up there with a bunch of other loses. 

Head coach Sebastian Gleim said after the big Braunschweig win that the Fraport Skyliners have to put a 40 minute game together with the offense you had against Bayreuth and the defense you showed against Braunschweig. How close did you guys come to giving this kind of a performance in Giessen?

I don’t think that we did that in the first half. In the second 20 minutes we fought harder and played more aggressive which helped us cut into their lead and help us get it back. We still haven’t played together for a good 40 minutes on offense and defense. 

The Fraport Skyliners didn’t start well and were playing catch up ball until the last minutes when you finished the second quarter with a 6-0 run. Why couldn’t you muster more on offense?

They did a good job pressuring us and making us take fast shots and delaying our entries. They got us out of our rhythm. 

How different were the Giessen 46ers with new head coach Rolf Scholz?

They still ran some of their old plays, but also had some new plays. Their coach was a key factor in the win.

Frankfurt came back and took the lead at 43-42, but then gave it up again and then took it again leading 54-51. How frustrating as captain is it for you seeing these up and down periods?

It is very frustrating seeing this. We know that we are better than what we are showing. We know that we can get the kind of shots we want with the plays we run. We rushed our plays which led us to not getting good shots or having good ball movement. That was the reason we couldn’t build off the lead.

Giessen made it exciting at the end and somehow pulled out the win. Talk about the last seconds. It was the big plays that decided the game. 

We tried to make a cross court pass which unfortunately was guarded very well by Brandon Thomas. He read the play very well, but that is what a good vet does. He just made a heck of a play. I thought that we had drawn up a good play, but we just couldn’t execute it.

As captain do you have a talk with Jon Axel Gundmundsson or do you just let him deal with his mistake?

Yes we have to keep motivating him and just remind him to keep playing his game. He can’t dwell on it, but learn from it and be ready for the next game. 

You had a great game with 15 points and 12 rebounds. You have always been a great and passionate rebounder, but is it sometimes tough for you having to do so much extra on the glass?

No it doesn’t. Grabbing rebounds what is expected of me. I’m really happy to be able to hit the offensive and defensive glass. It is my job to get the rebounds and start the break for the extra possessions. 

You shot only 1/7 from outside. Does Steph Curry’s 103 three’s in a row in a five minute span give you added motivation to work harder on your outside shot?

Yes most definitely. He made all 103 from the corner. The shots I had in Giessen, I have to make. I really do have to get up more shots after Giessen. I am sure it will show in games.

As a veteran one has to cherish the opportunity to still be able to battle great vets like Brandon Bowmann and Brandon Thomas. What memories do you have of battling them in your career?

When I first played against Thomas, he was in Braunschweig. I had tough games against him there as well as when he was with Munich and Quackenbruck. I remember not having to check Bowman in Bayreuth because we didn’t play small ball then. He can score in many ways. I also remember him having a good game in Cyprus against us in Fiba Cup.

Who will retire first among you, Bowman and Thomas?

I think that Brandon Thomas and I will be playing longer than Brandon Bowman. 

The games don’t get any easier as you travel to play MBC on Saturday. They are a real tough team that are very nasty to play on their court. What will be key in getting the win?

We have to stay focused. We have to stick to our game plan, fight, stick together and enjoy the moment.

Your ex teammate 2011 BBL MVP Dashaun Wood mentioned that Russel Westbrook had another triple double, but the Wizards are off to a 0-4 start. Does this start show again that he has problems leading the ship?

I don’t think that he has any problems leading a team. He hasn’t been so long with Washington and hasn’t been acquainted so well yet. But I think that as the season goes on and has more practice time and games, that the team will click.

How proud are you of your ex teammate Isaac Bonga who is again a starter this season and playing alongside Westbrook and Bradley Beal. He is a guy that doesn’t make many mistakes on the court. How much did Gordon Herbert’s philosophy rub off on him?

Isaac has always been a player that didn’t make many mistakes as a young kid. He was expected to take care of the ball with us. He has done a good job picking his spots and attacking the rim with the Wizards. He also has shown that he is a great passer that finds guys in the right spot.

What new years resolutions do you have for 2021?

I want to start off the year with a win at MBC.

Thanks Tez for the chat.

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