The Miles Basketball Minute: A Touch Of Scott Skiles Legacy Could Direct The Fraport Skyliners Offense In The Right Direction

Scott Skiles back in the day!

The Fraport Skyliners have been on the rebound the last few weeks after starting 0-4 and have won two of their last three games. After a very satisfying victory on the road in Chemnitz where they demonstrated a disciplined defense allowing only 70 points, they returned home to lose to playoff team Ludwigsburg and then get a great offensive performance  scorching medi Bayreuth for 104 points. Skyliner identity figure Quantez Robertson was only 6 years old when on December 30, 1990 then Orlando Magic guard Scott Skiles dished out an incredible 30 assists in a 155-118 win against Denver that would break the record of Kevin Porter who had had 29. In the game against medi Bayreuth, the Fraport Skyliners played offense like an NBA team dishing out an easyCredit BBL record 31 assists. “It was cool being part of that record 31 assists. We were playing loose and free all night long. Nobody was afraid to take any open shots”, stressed ex Auburn(NCAA) standout Quantez Robertson. Jon Axel Gudmundsson led the club with 8 assists while Joe Rahon added 7 dimes, Quantez Roberson had 6 assists and even pure scorer Matt Mobley showed some unselfishness with 4 assists. It was one of those games where everything was going so smooth that talk of any records didn´t show up during the game. “Honestly I never thought that we had so many. At the end of the game, I thought that we had something like 20 assists. It felt like Scott Skiles game where he had so many. We were having so much fun sharing the ball”, added Quantez Robertson.  Everybody thought the record was 31, but actually after better scruntity it is actually Phoenix Hagen that has the record of 38 assists and the Artland Dragons once had 35 assists.

                It was a refreshing breath of new air on the offensive end for the Fraport Skyliners  who shot out the lights at 63% from the field and 48% from down town while netting 15 three´s. They also rebounded the ball very well, a part of their game that hasn´t always worked to their content this season. They haven´t always been consistent scoring, but against medi Bayreuth everything came together. Scoring the ball well like in the past has been very distant for Quantez Robertson as remembering those 100 point games is tough. “This was our best offensive performance of the season. This is the first time I can remember scoring 100 points since I have been here. We did a good job being more aggressive on offense during the week of practice. We were more comfortable in practice and that carried over into the game. What we did well in practice, we did a lot better in the game”, said Quantez Robertson. The club has had their point guard issues this season, but the return of Joe Rahon who played for the club last season has made a huge difference. That discipline and consistency has returned back to the playmaking that the club had been lacking the last weeks. “Joe has been a pretty good addition. He doesn´t look so much for the shot, but rather likes to find his teammates. His addition has helped move Jon Axel Gudmundsson come off the ball more so he doesn´t have to bring the ball as much. Joe always has the ability to find the open guys. I feel like we already had guys here before Joe came that were able to get assists. It does get contagious when you have many guys that can find the open guy. Joe´s added playmaking has rubbed off on us”, expressed Quantez Robertson.

                A month ago the season low point happened in Oldenburg as Frankfurt was crushed 86-69 and head coach Sebastian Gleim questioned the mentality of certain players. The team mentality has definitely changed in the last weeks as the focus has team which has become more present. “We aren´t letting each other down anymore. We are playing harder now and want to play for each other”, stressed Quantez Robertson. The team has improved since that ugly loss in Oldenburg, but there is still a lot to do on the court for this club to be able to feel comfortable. “It was tough starting the season playing against 2 top teams. I think that we have shown progress in each game. Even in games we lost, we played hard against top teams that helped us. I think that we have improved on defense by playing against top teams. Talking and helping out on the back line has improved most on the defensive end. We also have been rebounding better. We have been gang banging on the defensive glass and it has shown in games”, commented Quantez Robertson.  Now with some more wins on their belt, they may just be able to find some consistency slowly. “Consistency will come by being more active on both ends of the court. We have to always play hard and believe that we can beat anyone”, warned Quantez Robertson.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Quantez Robertson

                The Fraport Skyliners want to keep their winning streak alive with a victory in Crailsheim against the HAKRO Merlins. The Fraport Skyliners will have a reunion with ex player Canadian Trae Bell Haynes who played with the Skyliners in the 2018-2019 season. Quantez Robertson can name hundreds of ex teammates, but he is really excited to play against him again. “He is a quick crafty point guard that can get to the basket a lot, but also likes to find guys for assists. Now I can finally play him in a real game and not just in practice”, smiled Quantez Robertson.  Bell-Haynes made a massive progression in the last 2 years. Last season he had a solid season in Finland, but it wasn´t explosive. This season he has taken the easyCredit BBL by storm leading the league producing almost double double stats with 21ppg and 9,0apg. Even Quantez Robertson who has a good eye for talent didn´t expect this big rise in play by his ex teammate. “I knew in Frankfurt that he was a good point guard and that he could get to the rim and free throw line, but I honestly didn´t see him being able to lead the BBL in scoring and assists this season. I saw him averaging something like 10,0ppg and 7,0apg. He continues to show that he can make the extra pass and that has showed in Crailsheim”, added Quantez Robertson. Bell Haynes was only a Skyliner for a few months, but Tez does remember the cup game against ratiopharm Ulm. “Trae scored like 20 points off the bench. It was a heck of a game from him”, remembered Quantez Robertson. The game was tight in the end until Robertson hit a big shot which was followed by a big Bell Haynes shot to ice the 78-74 win. Making shots under pressure is something Bell Haynes has always exceled at. ““I have to give a lot of credit to my time in college. I have learned it´s important to be poised down the stretch. Pressure is a privilege. It is a lot of fun and these are the games we live for”, warned Trae Bell-Haynes. The Fraport Skyliners not only have to keep an eye on Trae Bell-Haynes, but the whole team is very dangerous. Crailsheim have a 6-1 record and are second best in scoring in the easyCredit BBL with 93 points. “We have to slow them down and make them play our type of game. They like to get up and down the court. We will have to play very good defense and limit them to one or no shots each possession”, warned Quantez Robertson.

            The Fraport Skyliners won´t have a Christmas break after the Crailsheim contest as Braunschweig comes to town on December 26th, and then have away games in Giessen on December 30th and in Weissenfels on January 2nd. Of course the team will take each game one at a time, but they also know that the next weeks could slowly point the way in what direction the season journey could go. “We can´t look past any team. They may not be high in the standings, but any team can beat anyone. We have to understand that we can´t underestimate anyone. Any team can get hot and go on a wining streak”, warned Quantez Robertson. Robertson is hoping that his team can pull out another win even if it means going against the tough HAKRO Merlins. He will spend a lot of time on Face Time during Christmas as his family is back home. Watching his family open presents and eat good home cooking surely won´t be easy, but in the end he still has his big love basketball and will be focused to keep the Skyliners having positive performances on the floor. He hasn´t been content with his game as he needs to be better for his team to be successful on the court. His scoring hasn´t been as spot on as in other years as becoming more aggressive could be a proper 2021 New Years Resolution. “I will just continue to do what I do on the court. But being more aggressive is important. I will be that no matter what. I have to work more on my shot. Sometimes I overthink when my turnovers go up. I just have to remember not to overthink and just play”, warned Quantez Robertson. Even if he gets bored during X-mas, he could still go on You Tube and relive that magical Scott Skiles 30 assist game for added offensive inspiration for the upcoming battles.

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