Even At 34 Jermale Jones Still Feels Amazing And Plans To Take His Game To Another Level With Swiss Central Luzern

Jermale Jones is a 33 year old 186cm guard from Birmingham, Alabama is playing his 10th professional season and first in Switzerland playing for Swiss Central Basket Luzern (Switzerland-NLB) currently averaging 21,3ppg, 3,3rpg and 4,7apg. He can look back at a long career having played 6 seasons in Germany with 5 in Lich and 1 in Bernau while also getting experience in Luxemburg with Black Star Mersch (Luxembourg-N2) and played two seasons with CS Politehnica Unirea Iasi (Romania-Liga Nationala). He spoke to germanhoops.com about his basketball career during the last summer..

Jermale thanks for talking togermanhoops.com. Where are you at the moment and how has your summer been despite the COVID-19 crisis?

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Jermale Jones in the Fraport arena in 2018 in Frankfurt Germany

I’m currently in Luzern Switzerland. This summer has been a very difficult one but it gave me a chance to learn more about myself and allowed me to spend more time with my family.

How did you experience COVID_19 before coming back to the States when you were in Lich, Germany. Did you get home early or did you see a bit more with how well Germany was coping with it?

When Covid started I had to leave right away. Germany took Covid very seriously immediately. After the season I had plans to go to different places but with things happening the way they did I couldn’t.

How did you experience the whole COVID-19 crisis back home in the States. Did life change drastically for you?

Life back home in the states was so different because of Covid. Being without the gym and able to go places made it very hard. Felt like I was really locked down.

Was it a big challenge being able to stay in shape during COVID-19? Did you find any special ways how you could be able to get your workouts in with and without the ball?

During Covid it wasn’t hard to stay in shape because we were able to go outside and run and do other things. I was doing Garage workouts and drive way workouts while everything was closed.

With all the experiences that you made in the last months during COVID-19 how do you feel did you get stronger as a man?

Honestly I got mentally stronger & i gained more confidence in everything as time past by.

Congrats on signing with Swiss Central Basket Luzern (Switzerland-NLB) at age 33. Do you ever wonder why you didn’t get more kind of breaks like this earlier in your career?

Yes I used to wonder all the time why I didn’t get certain opportunities. I had seen many players that I was better than but I had to grow and realize everyone’s path is different .Sometimes it takes longer than others.

You played the last two seasons for Lich Basketball (Germany-2.Regionalliga) and now will play in the second Swiss League. How did this transfer come about? Often guys from lower leagues get totally overlooked by top league teams. What do you believe sold Swiss Central on signing you?

I think what sold Swiss Central was me being an experienced player and me being able to be a leader to the young players.

What do you know in general about the Swiss league? I imagine the skill level is somewhere between German Pro A and Pro B.

I know Swiss has a pretty solid basketball league and no matter what skill level it’s compared to in Germany I’ll be ready when the lights shine bright.

Your going from Lich to Luzern. How excited are you to be living in such a beautiful city like Luzern? Is it like a late basketball dream come true in your career?

I heard a lot about the city of Luzern and I’m excited to see what all the hype is about. Every year is different and I’m just thankful to continue to do what I love each year. Make the best out of every opportunity.

How excited are you to be able to be competing each week against top competition? Do you feel like you will be able to take your game to a new level in the Swiss league?

Yes I feel I can take my game to another level. It’s all about opportunity. When given the opportunity you take advantage of it & that’s what I plan on doing.

Does making the roster of a second division team at age 33 give you a new type of motivation? Could this job actually help you prolong your career even further now knowing you can still compete at a high level at your age?

Every year is motivation for me to continue to do what I love. At the age 33 I still feel amazing. I will play long as I can long as the situation is good.

You didn’t have to prove anything more in the German Regionalliga and now most likely won’t be putting up massive stats again like the last 2 seasons. You may have a totally different role. How will you help this team most besides giving your experience?

I will help this team mostly by being a leader and holding myself & others accountable. I will give a lot a knowledge to the young players to help them grow to become not only better basketball players but to become a great human outside of basketball.

How thankful are you for Lich Basketball for the last 2 seasons and how do you feel were you able to let your game grow another notch in your 30’s?

I’m really thankful for Lich in every way. I love that club and my heart will always be there. They took me in at my lowest when I didn’t have any where to go because of what happened in Romania. They took me in right away and let me get back to doing what I do and being in Lich helped me gain all my confidence back because they believed in me 100%.

You didn’t have such a long trip form Lich to Frankfurt to watch your buddy Quantez Robertson, but he will have a long trek from Frankfurt to Luzern. How confident are you that he will be bale to come and see one of your games this season?

I’m pretty sure Tez will come see me play and come here just to be here when he gets some off time. Just like when I have some free time I will be at the Frankfurt games like always.

Having you been watching the NBA in Orlando? What has been your impression and who will win it all?

My biggest impression is the fact the players are still going out competing everyday getting themselves ready for games knowing it’s no fans their and it’s just them. I know it has to be weird feeling everyday playing. It’s going to be tough who wins it all but I have to go with the Bucks.

What was the last movie that you saw?

The last movie I watched was The Hate U Give

Thanks Jermale for the chat.

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