Celebrating Thanksgiving Is Always A Special Occasion For Professional Players Whether They Are At Home Or Overseas

An American Thanksgiving moment with Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and his little brother

Thanksgiving is one of the finest moments in the year for Americans to come together and be thankful. It is probably the second biggest holiday after Christmas for Americans. It is never easy for American professional basketball players overseas to celebrate Thanksgiving, because it falls during their season. But over the years certain places in Europe have become more Americanized and one is able to celebrate it nicely. For example in Germany you can visit cool sports Bars and get the total Thanksgiving feast in terms of a yummy buffet. While talking with friends, you can also watch NFL football as there are numerous Tv´s in the restaurant. Teams often come together and have  a Thanksgiving feast or a teammate will spare their Apartment for a huge get together. I thought it would be interesting to sample American players overseas and what experiences they have had with Thanksgiving at home and abroad.players families and friends. I love the holidays because I like to get everyone together

Tyrell Sturdivant(Ex Stony Brook nowBBC Arantia Larochette (Luxembourg-Total League)

Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you?

 I’m currently in Luxembourg and basketball is on hold here. Hopefully we can continue the season in January. But while basketball is on hold I’m training hard and staying and shape as well as enjoying the off time by going to visit some of the beautiful castles in Europe

Where are you going to celebrate Thanksgiving 2020 and what part of the day are you most looking forward to?

 I’m not exactly sure where I will be celebrating thanksgiving yet because we’re just waiting to see how the committee votes on continuing our season but if I’m in Europe I will make a thanksgiving dinner and try to recreate some of the memories from my childhood. I’m looking forward to eating some good food!

What kind of a meaning does thanksgiving to you and how important is the holiday for you?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it means that family gets together and enjoys each other’s company. You get to realize how blessed you are when you actually sit around family and think about how all of you are healthy and happy.

What memories do you have from Thanksgiving as a kid and how has it changed over the years?

Thanksgiving for me has always meant that all my family gathers at one house and we share laughs and great food. It’s always a good time with family and especially when all the family are together. I always remember not eating at all the night before or the day of thanksgiving until the big meal is done so I can eat all night. My idea has changed just a little because I haven’t been home for thanksgiving in about 5 or 6 years so where ever I am in the world I try to be thankful and remember how blessed I am to do what I love for a living. I’ve also learned that cooking thanksgiving dinner is not as easy as I thought haha

What is your favorite NFL Thanksgiving moment?

 I don’t have a specific memory but just family getting together and watching the games no matter who is playing and just enjoying each other’s company!

KJ Sherril(EVL Limburg)

I am currently playing for EVL Baskets Limburg 1st Regio. Even though this is my first season with them, they have welcomed me with open arms and I’ve grown to bond with them very well, on and off the court. We have a really good team, but obviously now we can’t display our talents due to the postponement of the season. Hopefully things will be better by December so we can continue playing and show the league how talented we are.

 I will spend Thanksgiving in North Germany (Bremerhaven) along with my girlfriend and her family as I’ve done for the thanksgiving since I’ve been playing in Germany. I would say the best part of the day is of course when we eat as a family and celebrate and give thanks to one another. I’ve gotten use to the German style thanksgiving and I absolutely love it!

 Thanksgivings to me means nothing but family time. It’s a time where my family as a whole come together and fellowship with each other while stuffing our faces with delicious foods. Nothing can get better than that!

 I think the best memory is me always being super excited seeing everyone walk in the house with their special dishes they’ve prepared because I know I’m about to eat good! Still to this day my family prepares the same dishes they’ve always made and it still taste amazing as it always has!

 I don’t have a favorite moment particularly, but I do always enjoy watching the games with all the men in my family on the big screen and watching everyone get excited about the game. Now that I have buddies playing in the NFL today, it’s even more grateful to watch the games.

CJ Carr(Fjolnhttps://youtu.be/rGkBykwwXEgir Reykjavik (Iceland-Dominos League)

At this moment, I am in my apartment. Just got done with a workout and we’re not allowed in the gym because of Covid. Basketball life is great! Just waiting for the league to open back up.

 I think some of the import players are going to get together for Thanksgiving and enjoy a nice meal. I’m looking forward to getting to hang out and chill while eating good food.

 For me, Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together and enjoy each other’s company.

 When I was a kid my family would always meet up at my Grandmas house for a nice meal and good laughs. That’s changed over the years for me because I haven’t been able have a thanksgiving with my family because of college and playing professionally.

I don’t have a favorite NFL Thanksgiving moment. It was a always a tradition to get together and watch games and I enjoyed that!

Joe Asberry(Former professional player/ currently coach, motivational speaker, podcastPlan B founder)

Thank´s for checking in with me Miles during these tough times,and I look forward to having you on our podcast with my guy Rene Wiemann.Life is treating me very well,I can´t tell you where i´m at because I snuck into a gym,and i´m practicing my trick shots in horse for my next basketball camp with kids! LOL!

I´m going to celebrate Thanksgiving in lockdown,and I look forward to my facetime session with my bro Mike,and talking crazy about the crazy times

Thanksgiving is just another holiday for me to eat a lot to tell you the truth, I do like watching the NFL hits though for sure

My best memories of Thanksgiving as a kid was all of us balling out in front of our house on William Way in California. My big brothers and their friends would beat the hell out of me,m but it prepared me for the physical play I would later endure playing vs some of the best players in the world, and of course the physical play I dealt with as an American in Europe and biased refs LOL! The food my mother cooked was amazing. I always wondered how she fed so many people and how long those meals took to cook.

I don´t have a favorite NFL Thanksgiving moment, but a shout out to all of the NFL Players that have gone out there and given their fans those special moments. It´s easy to sit at home with a beer in your hand, and talk crazy about NFL players from your couch running plays, but when a guy,6 foot 7,260 pounds, is running a 4.5 forty yard dash is coming to tear your head off to get to the pigskin, people will find out quick that FANTASY FOOTBALL is much safer LOL!

Chris Oliver(former player and 2010 Euroichallenge winner with BG Goettingen)

I’m Currently living outside of Charlotte NC. I retired 3 years ago and haven’t done much basketball wise. When I hung them up I really hung them up lol.

I think my family and I will go to south Florida and visit my dad for Thanksgiving. I’m just looking forward to the food and fun with my family.

 What kind of a meaning does thanksgiving to you and how important is the holiday for you?

The holiday means nothing to me because of what the holiday is actually celebrating. But the tradition of spending time with family and enjoying good food is special.

What memories do you have from Thanksgiving as a kid and how has it changed over the years?

I’m still doing the same things I did as a kid lol. Only thing that has changed is I’m married with a daughter.

What is your favorite NFL Thanksgiving moment? It’s always enjoyable to watch the terrible Cowboys lose on Thanksgiving.

Terrell Everett(Golden Eagle Ylli (Kosova-Superliga)

I’m home in Charleston SC. Basketball has been a major tool in my life and I’m sure I’ll be somewhere around the game even when I´m done playing.

 I mostly look forward to being together with my family telling jokes and having some good moments with the people I love. This holiday is one my family looks forward to.

 It’s important to me because of my family coming together and having a joyous day with one another. We’ve already created some great moments on Thanksgiving day. I’m sure we will have more moments this thanks giving.

 As a kids it’s about the same. Seeing all my family, playing with cousins, meeting members of my family and sharing the day having fun with loved ones.

Calvin Johnson destroying my Philadelphia Eagles with 3 touchdowns. Then after going out to play in a community game called the turkey bowl and receiving the MVP. Then watching Dallas Cowboys lose the same day.

David Teague(former player 2010 BBL scoring leader/Purdue(NCAA)

Right now I live in Avon, Indiana right outside of my hometown of Indianapolis. I currently am the head basketball coach for Purdue Polytechnic High School, a derivative of my alma mater Purdue University. This is my second year coaching the team and we have all of our players back from last year, so it should be a fun season.

This year I’m going to celebrate Thanksgiving at my mom’s house. She recently moved into a new house and will be alone this year so me and my family decided to all get together and have Thanksgiving at her house.

Thanksgiving to me is a holiday for family getting together, having fun, and creating memories for the younger generations to hold onto.

The memories I have as a kid, is what I try to emulate as an adult to make it all about family and ensuring that my kids have great memories to hold onto and to follow once they are of age!!

I don’t watch NFL at all anymore for the past 5 or 6 years maybe. But I would have to say anything Barry Sanders from when I was little. I remember the Detroit Lions games seemed to always be on during the holidays, when they had Barry Sanders. He’s my favorite running back of all time!!

Diante Watkins(Gemlik Basketbol Bursa (Turkey-TBL)

I’m actually in Chicago right now. I will be heading back to Turkey soon. Chose to stay home a few extra months to be with my family during these unusual times.

I will more than likely celebrate it in Turkey alone. I will make a big dinner at home. The best part is calling my family and talking to them.

The holiday isn’t that big to me because I’m usually away from my family and that’s usually my favorite thing about the holiday. Just laughing and enjoying time with them.

The main memory is just sitting at my grannies house watching football, laughing and eating with the entire family. It’s changed because I started playing ball overseas. I’m always away.

I was a kid, I watched Randy Moss destroy the Lions.

Marcus Smallwood(former player)

Right now I’m living in Miami Florida and it definitely has been a different adjustment to life after basketball. I just started my own personal training company that I’ll be launching the website for in a few days elite body design.

I’m going to be celebrating it in Miami and I’ll probably just take the day to relax and just reflect on what’s happening this year and what I’m grateful for.

Since I was always playing during the holidays some of them lost specialness to me. I’m always thankful to have these days to reflect on the friends and family that I’m grateful to have in my life and just the steps I’d like to improve in myself going forward

Oh the biggest memories will just be my mom making this huge spread that would last at least a few days and watching football. Most importantly being passed out and asleep by 9 o’clock because of the turkey.

I don’t have one in particular but I seem to remember a lot of games involved with the Cowboys beating the Redskins,haha

Terry Black(former player) 

At the moment I reside in Dallas Texas, basketball life is treating me well as it’s coming full circle, my son AB is a highly recruited junior in Highschool and is on target to have his pick at schools he wants to further his education and athletics

Celebrating 2020 will be kind of tricky we’re usually with a group of extended family but with everything going on we will probably cook and watch sports, most looking forward to eating the turkey & dressing, dressing is the bomb, not to be confused with stove top stuffing

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection to look back on the people’s struggles that has come before us and to ex knowledge the progress and growth the world has experienced

As a kid thanksgiving was always a day to break bread and give thanks it’s also been a holiday in which family comes together to celebrate life, it’s changed over the years Because now we’re the ones giving the celebration and cooking while hosting family and friends

Anytime the Green Bay Packers are playing Detroit and the turkey leg is presented to a player at the end of a game

Javontae Hawkins(MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg)

Basketball from the sidelines has been treating me well watching and cheering my teammates on as I am currently in the rehab process of a knee injury I suffered during a preseason game in October. 2.

I’m going to celebrate thanksgiving here in Ludwigsburg with my wife. The part I’m looking forward to besides the food is just reflecting on all the blessings God has given me and being thankful for life and the special people that’s apart of it.

 I’m not really much of a holiday guy but during holidays my wife and I try to find a special bond/moment to make that specific day special. For example instead of thanksgiving we call it “Thankful Thursday” as we reflect and show gratitude towards one another, our families and friends. We like to celebrate the right meaning and not always the “ritual” of the holiday.

 I have a lot of memories as a kid celebrating thanksgiving from going around the room with family telling what we were thankful for, going to church, eating delicious food and desserts, and having a great time with family and friends.

 To be honest I don’t really have a favorite NFL moment.

Jermel Kenendy(Toulouse Basket Club (France-NM1)

I’m currently playing in Toulouse,France and unfortunately our league is postponed due to covid so I’m just trying to stay positive despite the situation

I’m Canadian so my Thanksgiving was in October but I didn’t celebrate it or anything actually

I believe it’s important to be thankful and grateful for what you have because there are many people less fortunate than you so it’s important to be aware of what you have and appreciate it with humilty

My favorite memory is probably being at the dinner table with all my siblings and family members and just enjoying each others company and having an assortment of different dishes I think back of that a lot because it won’t ever happen like that again

I don’t watch football sorry miles

Darryl Middleton(ex FC Barcelona/now assistant coach CSKA Moscow)

I am in Moscow at the moment. I have been overseas for 30 years. Basketball has been great to me. I have seen pretty much all of Europe, Russia and so many other countries,I,,heard so many different languages, learned Spanish, Russian which is a very complicated language, and I have tried different foods from different countries. If it wasn´t for basketball, I may not have traveled across the water and experience so many things.

I will be here in Moscow for Thanksgiving. I  haven´t been in the states for thanksgiving in 25 years but normally I would cook for my since I can´t be with my family. All the players who are here and can´t celebrate in the states I would have dinner at my house. I tried to make everyone feel at home because I know how important this day is for Americans. I haven´t done it in Moscow but as a player I did. I would cook every Thanksgiving. It was great to get everyone together, it´s sad sometimes that I can´t celebrate with my family in the states but it´s okay.

My best memory as a kid for Thanksgiving was when we all got at the table and saw all the food and the big turkey, we had so much food, we would eat it for 3-4 days.

Tucker Haymond(Ex Western Michigan(NCAA)Rist Wedel)

Right now I’m currently back home in Seattle, Washington. The basketball life is going great. I’m training daily and am ready for wherever it takes me next! Excited to see where that will be.

As of now, I have no idea where I’ll be celebrating. It could be that I end up going to a team, and I’ll be celebrating there, however if I’m still at home, I’ll be able to celebrate with my family for the first time in 8 years.

Thanksgiving for me just means spending time with family and being thankful for what we have. Taking time to think of the things we may take for granted that life is great and we have many things to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving as a child was always fun and still is! I love getting together as a family and eating good food ! I love pumpkin pie, it’s my favorite dish.

My favorite NFL moments are always me ending up falling asleep, I can almost never make it through an NFL game after eating all of the food !

Ken Horton(San Pablo Inmobiliaria Miraflores Burgos)

At the moment I’m in Burgos, Spain. Basketball is going okay for the moment having a tough time with playing games regularly due to Covid.

I’m not completely sure what I will be doing for thanksgiving. My family is in the states right now so I think I might be at a teammates house for the holiday but I’m not completely sure still up in the air.

 I most look forward just to seeing all of my family together.

As a kid I just remember eating as a family and then making my rounds from house to house to hang with family and eat up everyone s food. It’s always a good feeling being surrounded by family. Over the years it changed for sure because I’m here majority of the year.

I really don’t have a NFL Thanksgiving moment. Too busy eating haha

Chris Carter(Rostock SEAWOLVES)

I am in Rostock Germany and so far basketball is treating me well. I can’t complain.

I will celebrate it at home maybe with a couple teammates. I am looking forward to making some good food.

It is a holiday usually spent with family and reconnecting with one another over good food. It is more important the older you get because you realize everyone is just getting older so you have to cherish the moments.

Just going over to my grandmas house because she always had the whole family over there and it was always fun to see my family all together.

I don’t watch the NFL really.

Greg Logins(BBC Bascharage Hedgehogs (Luxembourg-Nationale 2)

Hello Miles, at the moment, I am in Luxembourg playing for Bascharage. Basketball for myself is treating me very well. After rupturing my patella tendon last season playing in Leverkusen, I bounced back really well, and playing good basketball like before. As of now though, the season is on hold because of Covid-

To be honest, I don’t know. Usually the teams do something for us Americans, or someone would organize something. Because of Covid-19, I’m unsure if this would happen.

 The best part for me is obviously all of the great food, but I also just love being around the good energy and having great conversations. Oh and of course the games that’s on TV.

The meaning of Thanksgiving to me is just being thankful of being alive, thankful for all of the special blessings the man above gave me and just thankful for the family and friends. The most important part of the holiday for me, is just the bonding with family or the friends and just being around positive energy.

 My most memories is just getting together at both my grandparents house with all of my family and just feasting, having great talks and laughs, and enjoying all of the games. The thing that has changed is that I haven’t been home for Thanksgiving since 2009. So it’s been years that I have got to enjoy this day with family and create those memories again.

? I really don’t have a favorite one. I’m more of the NBA on Thanksgiving. I just enjoy watching the good basketball.

Jon Murry(NEW Elephants Grevenbroich)

I’m currently in Grevenbrioch, Germany right now and basketball is going very well. Just blessed to be able to be here and be playing during these tough times.

I’ll probably prepare myself a huge thanksgiving dinner, I love getting busy in the kitchen especially during holidays. It keeps me rolling.

Thanksgiving means a lot especially where I’m from, just mainly family getting together eating good and then talking about good times and bad times. It’s just fun being with family on the holidays.

I just remember being around all the food and laughs. You’d be surprised how happy people get when they have good food to eat. Lol

I Remember watching Randy Moss from the Vikings just catch Hail Mary’s all game long. He had 3 touchdowns alone, it was crazy. He used to make some pretty amazing plays.

Kam Taylor(Hamburg Towers)

Currently in Hamburg preparing for the season. And with our current situation cherishing every moment I get to play the game I love.

Probably just here in Hamburg. Might get the team together and do something special for the night but we haven’t spoke about it yet.

All the family bonding and good food.

 Unfortunately I haven’t been home for thanksgiving for like 7 or 8 years but every year I celebrate with some new friends/teammates.

 I can’t really think of one because I usually can’t catch the games here overseas but most of the time I´m sleep after I eat anyway.

Philip Jenkins(VFL Bensheim)

12:59 PM

Philip Jenkins

At the Moment I am at VFL Bensheim, where we are undefeated and in 1st place. Basketball life here has been really good on the court success and off the court team chemistry events.

I will celebrate thanksgiving on FaceTime with my family back in the states as I cook for myself. The best part of the day is always when it’s time to eat because it’s typical that we wait the entire day to eat without breakfast or lunch until it’s time for thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving to me means family. A holiday we get together and share what all we are thankful for. It used to be more important before I started playing and living overseas , where it’s not a holiday or celebrated, in which was a useful growing experience to see how others view life in a different perspective.

As a kid thanksgiving was about seeing the entire family and getting a chance to all play games together and finally be around each other after a while. Now as an adult thanksgiving is more about the time spent with the ones in your life you hold dear .

Anytime the COWBOYS LOSE! My entire family are cowboy fans and I’m not so I don’t want hear “ HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS” all through thanksgiving. Haha

Keith Hornsby(EWE Baskets)

I’m in Oldenburg currently preparing this week for a match against Alba Berlin on Sunday. We won our first league game last weekend so we’re happy about that, especially coming off of a disappointing cup performance. I’ve been playing well.

Wherever we celebrate thanksgiving in 2020, I’m sure it will be in the comfort of someone’s home. We won’t be able to go out anywhere special in the town. We have no plans set in stone yet, but I’m sure we’ll whip up something. Thanksgiving dinner is where it’s at! The best food you can think of!

Thanksgiving has always been a holiday about family and simply a time to sit back and reflect on what you have in your life to be thankful. Overseas, thanksgiving is a little different. It’s tough to be away from family for so long. It’s a difficult holiday to miss out on away from the states. Hopefully some of my American teammates and their families (and any German player too) can get together and have a nice thanksgiving dinner this year

As a kid, I always remember getting together with my grandparents, and enjoying some delicious turkey. I would always have to dress up a little bit, which as a kid I never enjoyed haha. Over the years it has changed tremendously. For the last eleven years, I’m always in season during thanksgiving. I haven’t been a part of a large family thanksgiving gathering for a long time. That’s a big change, and an unfortunate one in my opinion

My family is not big on NFL, so we never had any games on. I know, it may sound crazy.

Corey Raley-Ross(Crn Dream Struga, North Macedonia)

Thanks Miles for another interview! At the moment I’m residing in Struga, Macedonia. A beautiful coastal city surrounded by mountains and lakes. Basketball is of course well. Doing my best to improve daily.

I’ll be spending thanksgiving 2020 here in Macedonia 🇲🇰. I’m most looking forward to the feast. I’m thinking going along with an untraditional meal this season with seafood!

Thanksgiving will always be special to me. I have countless memories from my past that I’ll forever hold with me. It’s as important as it’s always been.

Most of my memories are with family! We would all come together for holidays. Over the years it’s changed greatly. Going to college away from home enabled me to spend it with family and since becoming a professional the scenario has been the same. I’m thankful for innovation. Family is always a call away. However, I can’t express how much I’ve missed the food.

I honestly can’t recall. By that time the thanksgiving would’ve put me to sleep. 😂

Elias Desport(KFUM Fryshuset Basket Basketligan)

I’m playing in Sweden this year. I decided to stay here and play this year because of the current pandemic. Season started about 2 weeks ago and the schedule is pretty intense. 

I’ll be celebrating it with my family here in Sweden. However, since it’s not a national holiday here, we won’t celebrate it until the weekend. Obviously, I’m looking forward to the actual Thanksgiving meal. 


For me, Thanksgiving is the time for reflection and appreciation. Reflect on the life that you have and the journey that you’ve made and appreciate the things and people that you have in your life. Outside of Christmas, it’s probably my most favorite holiday because it brings family and friends together. 

Honestly, growing up, we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving that often. As I mentioned earlier, since it’s not a holiday here in Sweden, we didn’t celebrate it that often. As I got older, we started celebrating it more often. 


Well, I can tell you my least favorite NFL Thanksgiving moment. I’m a Jets fan so obviously, the “Butt fumble” by Mark Sanchez is probably one of my worst memories in sports period. 

Trent Weaver(Professional player)

Currently I am back home in Columbus, Ohio. I just returned from pre season in Switzerland due to certain circumstances, so basketball is on a short pause for me.

I am planning on spending Thanksgiving at home for the first time since college, which is really exciting. Spending time with family is nice and all, but the endless homemade food is what I’m most looking forward to!

Thanksgiving has always had a special way of bringing family and friends together, which unfortunately doesn’t happen enough for most.

As a child, it’s always exciting to get together with cousins and play outside, whether it be (American) football, tag, hide and seek, etc. Then of course the delicious pies were always something to look forward to.

I don’t personally hold any special Thanksgiving NFL memories, but games are always on the TV from start to finish.

Skyler Bowlin(GS Iraklis Thessaloniki)

 At the moment I’m in Thessaloniki, Greece! It’s a beautiful city and has been a lot of fun living here until the recent lockdown began. Basketball is going well. At the moment we are 2-1. 2.

That’s a great question. Normally we get our team together and celebrate, but with the lockdown restrictions it may be difficult to do this year.

 For me, Thanksgiving is always about being around family and friends if possible. I love when everyone comes together and talks about what is really important in life. We are all lucky to be able to play a game for our job.

As a kid, I just remember always being around family the entire day and eating non stop. I miss being able to celebrate it back home. Since 2007 I think I’ve only been able to be home for one thanksgiving because of basketball.

 As a professional I think my favorite thanksgiving moment was celebrating it with our entire team in Giessen in November 2016. We had a special group and were really close that year.

Stanley Whittaker(UBSC Raiifeisen Graz)

Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you? – I’m currently in Graz, Austria playing for UBSC Graz. Basketball is going pretty well, getting ready to hit this

I will be celebrating thanksgiving here in Graz. Although I wish to be celebrating with family and loved ones, unfortunately I am not. However, the part of the day I am mostly looking forward to is virtually seeing my family have a good time and enjoy one another, and I’m also looking to be a part of the “what are you thankful for moment” with my family!

 Thanksgiving is a special day for my family and I. We value this day and understand how important it is to us. We always get together on Thanksgiving and share so many great moments. What thanksgiving mean to me is understanding where our blessings come from. And with that, be thankful for everything that you have and be extremely appreciative for the blessings we receive.

All the memories I have from thanksgiving from a kid to now is just them exceptional unconditional moments with the family and loved ones. Thanksgiving are times where we all get together and just enjoy each other’s company. So much joy, laughter and sincere happiness. Fortunately, throughout the years my family has been able to maintain these significant moments, so nothing really has changed, we just age some but the entirety of the day remains special. That is something my family and I is truly thankful for, we love that!

If I’m being honest, I really can’t think of a favorite NFL Thanksgiving moment. Although, I do enjoy the games and watch them. But I do miss the heated conversions/debates with my father, uncle and cousins about the matchups on Thanksgiving. Those are memorable moments for myself!

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