TV Idstein Live Off Their Excellent Transition Offense Destroying FC Kaiserslautern 92-55

If your driving down the A3 highway between Limburg and Frankfurt, you will meet beautiful landscape, rolling hills with the top of the Feld berg(mountain) always somewhere to seen as one gets closer and closer the closer to Frankfurt. But not only will one see an abundance of beautiful nature, but also a few truck rest stops and gas stations. But also tucked away somewhere half way is a beautiful little town called Idstein. It has 23,000 plus inhabitants and it´s history goes back as far as 1102. What the town also has is a professional basketball team called TV Idstein that has made huge strides in the last 3 years as it was playing in the Oberliga(6th division) and this season is in the Regionalliga(4th division) and with a very ambitious roster and head coach Igor Starcevic who could play for the title if COVID-19 doesn´t get in the way. The club has real talent with ex Iowa(NCAA) German Dominique Uhl, ex big Frankfurt talent Jim Gietz, American Jeremy Ingram who scored 33 points in the first game against Giessen, but has a chip on his shoulder that won´t ever leave and 36 year old veteran Cedrick Quarshiw who played 60 Pro B games and played 6 seasons with TV Langen. TV Idstein met Kaiserslautern who were crushed in the first game against TV Langen 94-58 and are led by veteran American Aaron Ellis who is in his 7th season with the club. 1 FC Kaiserslautern came to Idstein with their hands full after a blow out loss and had to combat the depth of TV Idstein and couldn´t as the game was as good as decided at half-time with TV Idstein ahead 54-21. TV Idstein displayed a well rounded offensive game coupled with their fierce transition game and hard nosed defensive game helping them to the easy 92-55 victory over 1 FC Kaisersluatern. After the tough loss a torn and pooped Aaron Ellis who is in his 7th season with the club and played at Wichita State(NCAA) seemed like he was at a loss of words for the poor team showing, but after a few seconds tried to explain what didn´t function as a unit. “We played terrible transition defense and missed way too many shots. We had a horrible percentage from outside. We had a game plan and just didn´t stick to it. We played zone and when they hit tough shots we went to man, but nothing worked”, stressed Aaron Ellis. TV Idstein got off to a quick start and just continued to extend their lead to more and more despite losing some intensity in the fourth quarter, they played a very strong game at both ends of the court. After the win a content Jeremy Ingram let out some confidence while not forgetting that they had had respect for the opponent. “We knew it would be an easy game so we knew all we had to do was execute. This result was to be expected without sounding to over confident. We ran our plays well and we knew that they would play a zone. If we penetrated a bit then we knew that we could get our big men the ball. We played hard on defense”, stressed 29 year old 183cm guard Jeremy Ingram who played at :Alabama A&M University (NCAA).

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Jeremy Ingram after he dropped 20 points in win

Max Herzog who really got going in the fourth quarter got the guests on the board first with a lay in, but TV Idstein didn´t wait long to get going and quickly rattled off a 10-0 run. In the run, TV Idstein received points from 4 players. Ex Limburg guard Julius Zurna who had a tough game against Giessen scored 11 points in the win scored twice inside, Ingram who played 2 years for : Alabama A&M University (NCAA) hit a pull up jumper, ex Iowa(NCAA) forward Dominique Uhl hit free throws  and 209 cm big man Julian Reinwald who played 2 years for MTV Kronberg scored a massive 2 handed dunk. TV Idstein did a good job working around the guests zone and moved the ball well. 1 FC Kaiserslautern showcased a static offense which often led TV Idstein to run the break. The only bright spot by the guests was there dominance on the offensive glass, but didn´t always lead to buckets. The guests got some baskets from Aaron Ellis and American Edward Hall, but just couldn´t string up some consistent stops. TV Idstein were like a fury on offense getting baskets anyway they wanted. Reinwald continued to be a menace in the paint getting put backs while Zurna used his blazing speed to good use with a lay in. Ex Limburg guard German Michael Johannes hit a trey for the overwhelming 26-11 lead after 10 minutes. “We didn´t want a slow start. After our quick start in the first game, we became lackadaisical. We wanted to keep a consistent pace for 40 minutes”, added Jeremy Ingram.

Jeremy Ingram and Aaron Ellis after the TV Idstein victory

In the second quarter TV Idstein would run away with the game and extend their 15 point lead to an overwhelming 33 point lead. 1 FC Kaiserslautern came out with more energy and went on a 5-0 run with Ellis free throws and a massive tip in dunk by Hall to cut the TV Idstein lead to 26-17. However this didn´t faze TV Idstein as they totally calmed down after this slow start rattling off 27 points while allowing only 4 points. TV Idstein did a super job taking advantage of every rebound and loose ball to get out on transition. 28 year old Czech Republic guard Jan Dolejsi who finished with 16 points got baskets on transition and also hit  a pretty three pointer after perfect TV Idstein ball movement. German Dominik Uhl who didn´t score in the first quarter got into the scoring mode in the second quarter getting to the free throw line, and making a trey Having to score in blow outs isn´t necessary for the big man who played in Ireland last season. “I do it all on the court. If we are leading by a lot, I pass and rebound more, but if the game is tight, then I will take more responsibility and score”, added Dominique Uhl. 1 FC Kaiserslautern continued to have problems calming down on offense and just couldn´t make easy shots in the paint even if they were often disrupted by the TV Idstein defense. TV Idstein went into the break with the gigantic 54-21 lead.  “Important for us was making open shots. We had our problems today, but we could live with it because we scored on transition and inside a lot”, said Jeremy Ingram.

Jeremy Ingram in action

In the third quarter TV Idstein continued to put on the pressure at both ends of the court and extended their 33 point lead to 37 points leading 73-36 after 30 minutes. TV Idstein got much support from the bench and just continued to spread the scoring around. TV Idstein got production from the quick German Jim Gietz who came from the Fraport Skyiners organization and continued to get many baskets inside as the extra big man passes worked well the whole evening as Reinwald and Uhl scored. TV Idstein didn´t get as many fast break point baskets in the third quarter, but were able to execute on the set play and just dominated inside. Down the stretch of the third quarter, Jeremy Ingram continued to be aggressive and score baskets. On one play, he took matters into his own hands and did a few cross over moves against his man and scored in traffic. “I know that I don´t have to score 30 points each game. I have great teammates and shooters around me. I try to get my teammates involved as much as I score, “said Jeremy Ingram  “We wanted to come out and keep our intensity. We were able to do that. Our biggest strength this quarter was our ball movement”, added Dominique Uhl. “Inconsistency was a big problem for us. We made many mental mistakes which led to turnovers. They capitalized on all our mistakes”, expressed Aaron Ellis.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing ex Iowa(NCAA) forward Dominique Uhl after dropping 12 points and grabbing 14 boards in the victory

1 FC Kaiserslautern had their best moment in the fourth quarter as they scored 19 points and kept TV Idstein to only 19 points. 1 FC Kaiserslautern got exceptional support from German Max Herzog who exploded for 14 points and dropped 4 three´s. TV Idstein lost some intensity which isn´t unusual when your leading by 30 plus points. The game also got  a little sloppy at times from both sides. At certain moments, one would see the extraordinary talent of American Jeremy Ingram who let his mid range game speak as he was cold shooting from down town at 1/5. Ingram scored a couple baskets inside while Reinwald also scored. It was a good game for Reinwald who registered the double double getting 5 offensive rebounds. “I wish we could have started the game the way we did the fourth quarter. I liked how we didn´t give up and continued fighting. We are a young group, but just continued to keep pushing”, said Aaron Ellis. “I believe some of us were tired. We didn´t have the same energy as at the start”, added Dominique Uhl. TV Ingram had 5 players score in double figures. Jeremy ingram had 20 points. Jan Dolejsi added 16 points while Julian Reinwald contributed 14 points. Dominique Uhl produced 12 points and 14 boards. 1 FC Kaiserslautern was led by Max Herzog with 21 points. Edward Hall contributed 12 points and Kevin Croom had 11 points. TV Idstein shot 53% from the field and 26% from outside and had 48 rebounds and 22 turnovers while 1 FC Kaiserslautern shot 28% from the field and 26% form outside and had 36 rebounds and 22 turnovers.

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