Ron Howard Gave Cameron Gause That Dawg Mentality Something That Helped His Aggressiveness On The Court

Cameron Gause is an American basketball player that is a point guard and grew up Tucson, Arizona. He has college experience with New Mexcio State and Northern Colorado and professional experience in the ABA. He was going to take part at the 2020 Howard Hoops tour in Germany for a second year in a row, but won´t due to a passport problem, but it´s always fun to talk basketball with him. He spoke to about basketball. 

Cameron thanks for talking to Where are you at the moment and how have you been holding up the last months during COVID-19?

Hey wassup Miles. At this exact moment I am In Los Angeles, California. I have been holding up well, I can’t complain too much.

How has the whole COVID-19 crisis affected your life in the last 4 months? What kind of adjustments did you have to make in terms of training?

The COVID-19 effect has been pretty interesting these past 4 months. It hasn’t affected me as bad as other, it was sort of a blessing in disguise for my situation. The adjustments I made for my training were just workout the body as much as I can at home or away from the gym. For actually basketball activity training wise. There really wasn’t any until the parks started back opening. LA had pretty much shut the city down by placing a curfew, and taking down all the hoops at parks around the city or boarding them up.

COVID-19 has affected the whole world. How do you feel have you become stronger as a man off the court during these hard times?

I wouldn’t say I became stronger as man during this time with Covid, I would say it just taught me more to rely on God more and more everyday than rely on anything else.

This is our second interview. Last summer I interviewed you as you were to play at your first Howard Hoops tour. What memories do you have of last summers Howard Hoops tour? How much of a positive experience was it for you?

Last year’s Tour was definitely a overall good experience, it could have gone a little better. But I feel like I controlled was much as I could to the best of my ability at that time. Some of the memories I have are leading the tour in scoring for our team. Going 5-1 in our games, seeing a different part of this beautiful world. And getting a taste of what it’s like to be a Professional overseas.

Did you make any meaningful connections and life long friendships with the teammates that you had then?

Yes, I definitely feel like I made life long friends. We still have a group chat from that tour, even though we don’t use it that much. But I definitely feel like if I ever need anything and those guys can help me they would. And vice versa.

What was the coolest experience that you had at last years Howard Hoops tour that continued to be in stories that you told to people?

I think the best part personally for me was the first game we played. That was my first competitive game in a while so I was anxious to get out there. So it was like a breathe of fresh air to get on the court outside the country and play for something. Which resulted in me scoring 20pts off the bench first half & leading our team to a win!

You are going to take place at a second Howard Hoops Tour which isn’t so normal as players usually find a job then. With what kind of expectations will you be coming back to Germany in 2020?

I am coming back to Germany expecting to be on a team this upcoming season, as long as basketball is being played.

How much hungrier are you this summer than last summer to make your mark at the Howard Hoops and to continue to grow as a player and ink that much desired contract

I am definitely hungrier because I am in my prime years and I’m not getting any younger. I’ve spent a lot of time this year studying and at NBA G-League games and I feel like I can eventually play on that stage, so I am eager to get this ball rolling.

How did you experience the whole transfer period after your first Howard Hoops tour? Some teammates found playing jobs. How was it for you? Did you find a job in the last year?

It was interesting. I stayed in Europe and visited friends and family in England. I was in talks with one team through Ron who’s coach said they wanted me on the team. But with the GM pulling all the strings and living situations still being needed to figure out. They went in a different direction.

One phrase that I remember vividly from our last interview was when you said ‘Ronald Howard (181-PG-84, college: Mayville St.) doesn’t need me, but I need him’. Give a good example of his selfless approach to life and how important every single player is for him form his Howard Hoops tour?

I feel like a good example is his tours. He’s doing this to help underdog players get jobs that wouldn’t necessarily be available without him. Every player is important to him because the better we do the better it reflects on him. Especially for RSI guys like myself who have signed to him, we are a family.

Talk a bit about how you experienced Ronald Howard at the last Howard Hoops tour. What kind of relationship did you have with him and what was the most important piece of advice that he gave you?

It was my first time meeting him so I wasn’t fully sure what to expect. But we built a solid relationship. If not I probably wouldn’t be back again ha! I remember him saying you have to be a Dawg! And have that Dawg mentality. So I’ve definitely kept that in mind as far as being aggressive as a player. I definitely took that with me when I had a tryout with the Delaware Blue Coats once I came back to the United States.

Ronald Howard is a workaholic and has done so much in the last years from starting Howard Hoops, to training players individually to helping guys get jobs with his agency. Ultimately he wants to coach. From having him as a coach last summer, how far do you feel can he go as a college coach?

I feel like he can be a good Head Coach. He’s a players coach, he lets you go out there and play your game. But he also knows that players can and can’t do, so for the X & O’s he will put you in the best position to succeed.

What have you appreciated most from his coaching style and how did he help your game most in the short time that you were with him in the summer of 2019?

I appreciated that he let me play my game, which always instills confidence in a player. once we started playing and he saw more of my ability to shoot the ball and run a team. He put me in the position to do exactly that.

How did you spend the last year off the court? You studied journalism in school and had been working at a Jewish community center. Did anything change in the last year in terms of the things you did off the court?

I officially extended my Stay in LA. When the season started and I was jobless basketball wise. I started working at Starbucks which i still work at. I wanted a job to which i could pick up and leave at any moment if need be.

In our last interview you stated that you would compare your game to a Quinn Cook or Tyler Ulis and your strengths are quickness, ball handling, effort, passing, and I’ll say shooting because I’ve spent a lot of time this past year shooting and working on my shot. How would you say has your game grown in the last year with the countless work that you have put in?

I would say shooting still because you can never become too good at shooting. Just look at Steph Curry as an example. And I’ll say lower body strength and quickness.

On what things are you working on currently to continue to improve as a player and achieve the type of growth that you need as a player?

I’m working on defense, overall strength, and conditioning. And different finishes going to the rim. If you look at the top undersized guards in the world. They are very crafty at finishing different ways at the rim. And of course more shooting.

In our last interview you described that having played for winning programs is something that any team could use in terms of your services as a player. How big is your chip on your shoulder to prove that you can give more on the court than the average player

I meant to correct you on the last interview, but only One winning program I was under but didn’t play outside of practice. That was New Mexico State University. The other University I attended I had sat out and only worked out with the players and ran open gym. The chip on my shoulder is bigger than ever. Especially with getting that taste last year and then playing with High level guys my confidence in myself is through the roof! If you ask anyone that knows me. They will all tell you I work extremely hard at my craft, whether that be the weight room, skill work, shooting, or conditioning. I’m always the hardest worker.

Where were you when you heard of the death of Kobe Bryant? How did he influence you the most when you were growing up as a kid?

RIP Kobe, I was just getting to work when someone told me. First thing I said was stop playing, I don’t know why you even joking like that. I wanted to cry at work but I couldn’t. I couldn’t believe the Great Kobe was gone, and I hadn’t even gotten to meet him yet. He influenced me greatly, with him playing High school ball in Philly. Me being Born in Philly I felt we had that Philly connection. I’ve worn almost every shoe, tried to model my game after him growing up footwork wise and mid- range jumper wise. MY FAVORITE PLAYER OF ALL TIME.

In our last interview I asked you one of my standard end of interview questions of who is the best of all-time MJ or Lebron and you picked MJ and said maybe Lebron later. Why isn’t Kobe mentioned in this conversation more?

Kobe is still mentioned in that. To me Kobe is Jordan. But to the Jordan era folks. Kobe is the copy cat, so it’s like if you see someone copying someone else and doing it great your going to just go with the original. But now it’s more like rings and stats which determines greatness.

Will you be following the NBA restart? Do you feel like we could see a surprise winner this season with all the drama that has happened with COVID-19?

Of course I will be, got to see if my guy Pascal Siakam will win another ring for New Mexico State Aggie nation. And see what Bron can do with my Lakers. But yeah this years NBA championship is up for grabs, I feel like the way the season was suspended and with the new play in situations. Anyone can win.

What was the last movie that you saw?

The last movie I’ve watched was The Jordan Documentary. Thank you for your time Miles, much love. God bless you, stay safe and make sure you #getyafruitsin .

Thanks Cameron for the chat.

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