Ron Howard(Howard Hoops/RSI) Puts His Players First And In Best Position To Showcase Their Game

is an ex player that spent many years overseas and since retiring has focused his energy on helping unknown players get exposure by organizing games and in many cases helping them find professional jobs. He founded Howard Hoops in 2013 where he brought numerous players overseas to help them find jobs and since 2018 has started the Howard Hoops academy where he helps train unknown players and help find basketball jobs. He recently started Revizion Sports International which helps players get placed on professional clubs. has been covering his work since years and have interviewed him again about the current 2020 Howard Hoops Tour in Germany

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Ron Howard in 2016 in Germany

Ron thanks for talking to Where are you at the moment and how have you been coping with the whole COVID-19 crisis the last months? 

Hey Miles thanks for having me, at the moment I am in Minneapolis Minnesota. This is a crazy time we are in right now. Dealing with this Covid-19 has really shaken the world in a major way. 

Talk a little about how you have been able to keep doing your thing the last months despite the COVID-19 outbreak. How challenging was it for you functioning as best you could with your many business activities? 

For me over these last few months I’ve stayed safe but very active. Doing majority everything virtually, but this has given me so much time to develop and plan how to move forward in the best way possible to be safe not only for myself but for others around.

COVID-19 has affected everyone around the world and it has been tough times for many in the world. How do you feel has this whole COVID-19 experience made you stronger as a man?

I feel the whole COVID-19 experience just brought me closer to family and to open my eyes to how much safer we must be in general.

Before we get to the 2020 Howard Hoops tour and your new agency, please give an update about how your Howard Hoops training facility developed in the last year? You were training boys and girls and also continuing to develop your coaching skills.

Yes the Howard Hoops Academy training facility was an amazing business opportunity but I have closed down since the Covid and have enrolled back into college to pursue my Masters Degree so I can obtain my ultimate goal of being A College Head Coach. 

You recently started the RSI international agency. Please talk a little about this idea came about? 

Revizion Sports International is a consultation, promotion, management & placement company based in Minneapolis Minnesota. RSI’s job is to properly advise/manage, train & place players on the best path to success. We are placing basketball players men & women all over World!

What are your long term goals with RSI? You want to be a coach down the road and will not give up this venture, but most likely pass it on.

My long term goals is to grow RSI to being a agency that deals with players from all pro levels, then be able to hand the company over to my partners when I’m a colligate coach.

You have been helping unknown hungry players get jobs since years. How do you feel has your communication skills grown over time? You have to make deals and have been successful for many players.

I think that my communication over the years has improved. As you know it takes time to get things right. I believe I have grown over time and my hunger has gone up even more from the success of my former players. 

Please give a quick update to 2019 Howard Hoops Tour players Dorea Wilson, Brandon McElvy & Devin Buckley . How did they profit form the tour and how are they doing in 2020?

Dorea Wilson was offered by Olpe but decided that he wanted to go another direction. Devin Buckley coaches High school basketball this past season and Brandon McElvy I have recently signed to RSI

The 2020 Howard Hoops tour is just around the corner. This will be the 7th one. Is it true that it will be the last one?

It’s crazy how H.H tours have grown to be known the way it is. I have a great feeling about this tour even with the COVID-19. This year makes it exclusive games will be live streamed on Facebook Instagram YouTube. There will be strict Restrictions & Guidelines that will be followed. I’m excited! As far as this being the last one, it WILL NOT BE. I will be coming back to Germany again in January 2021 then expanding to another country in Europe. 

How challenging was it finding a 10 man roster for this years tour. On what things do you keep an eye on most when picking the candidates?’

As always it’s not hard at all. But this year was different. I went for character more than talent. I feel character goes a long way and it speaks volumes as a man. So the guys I have this year we’re picked out of a group of 30 players. 

One guy who should have a great 2020 Howard Hoops tour and should be signed is Keith Phillips. Please talk a little about how you found him and just how much potential he has? 

I like Keith Phillips a lot. He is a straight go getter. He can score in so many ways and he plays both ends of the floor and is extremely athletic. He will be a player to watch. 

What can we await from some of the other players on the 2020 Howard Hoops Tour. There will be some second timers like Cameron Gause and J’Quan Brown, but also newcomers like Jayson Edwards, Pindo Drammeth, Oliver Amajoyi and Rene Melemdez. 

I’m interested to see how the newcomers will do Cam & Quan understand what needs to be done this time around. I’m anxious for Jayson ,Rene, Oliver but especially 6’10 
Pindo Drammeth

The tour will have games around Frankfurt, but also a new attraction this time as the games will be streamed. Do you feel like this will give the players an added boost in terms of teams and managers becoming more aware of them? 

Yes I think this will be next level because teams are going to have to do similar things when the season starts in October. Great thing is I have already been preparing and have gotten a little push from Social Media BIL

You will be coaching the Howard Hoops tour team again. In the back of your mind your big goal is to be a college coach. How have you seen your development as a coach go in the last years as you continue to work at becoming the best kind of basketball teacher? 

This year I will not coach the Howard Hoops tour team. I am having a German Coach from Frankfurt Aiken Marino coach the team this year. I am still learning everyday, but I have the best mentors in the game. I can’t wait to make my debut as a Head coach!!

A 2020 Howard Hoops player said this about you. ‘So many guys that have played overseas and done well, just like Ron! But none of them are doing the things that Ron is doing. He’s literally taking guys and opening up avenues for them to pursue their hoop dream. Most guys could care less! And he’s not getting a dime from it! We really need more like him’. What continues to be your drive to continue to be a mentor for kids while really seeing no real financial gain? 

Man I didn’t know that. That means a lot. I truly try to do the best I can to put my players first and to put them in the best position possible to showcase their game to start their career. 

You were an undersized guard as a pro and I have seen you take undersized guards every tour. This summer you have a guy by the name of Jayson Edwards at 175CM: I sometimes get the feeling that the chip on your shoulder is still there now in your work after your professional career. How huge is that chip and how important has it been still having it and helping you be successful in so many things now off the court?

As you know when I played I did it all. So as I’m training Jayson Edwards in Minneapolis I’m explaining and expressing to him the kind of guard he needs to be when he arrives in Germany. It’s not that I have a chip, but you remember when I started the HowardHoops Tour people thought it was a fantasy. We’re 7 years in now, I just want to keep showing that there are players in America that don’t get the credit they deserve because they played at a lower Tier college. ‘Here is your platform show what you can do’

Where were you when you heard about the death of Kobe Bryant? What kind of an influence did he have on you growing up?

I was in my home. I couldn’t believe it and until this day it’s still weird to even think that something like that could happen to him. Just shows you we are all human and we need to cherish every moment we have with our loved ones.

Why isn’t Kobe Bryant more in the discussion with the usual comparison of who is the greatest of all-time Michael Jordan or Lebron James.

Because people don’t want to give Kobe the credit he deserves. 

Will you be following the 2020 NBA restart in Orlando? Do you feel like we may see a surprise NBA champion? 

Man I can’t wait, I’m so happy the season is getting back started. You know I’m a die hard Laker Born and raised. It’s are year LAKERNATION!!!

Thanks Ron for the chat.

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