The Miles 2020 BBL Munich Tournament Diary With Quantez Robertson(Fraport Skyliners) Vol 3

Quantez Robertson is a 35 year old 188cm guard that has played his whole professional career with the Fraport Skyliners. He is playing his 11th season with the club and his biggest feat was helping the club win it’s third club title in 2016 with the Fiba Europe Cup. He belongs to the BBL identity figures with Rickey Paulding and Per Guenther. He began his career at Laurinburg Prep Institute and then played at Auburn (NCAA) from 2005-2009 playing a total of 126 NCAA games. He and teamed up with a diary form the BBL tournament in Munich. 

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Quantez Robertson doing play by play of the 2010 BBL All Star game in Bonn, Germany

The Fraport Skyliners season came to a disappointing halt losing 96-69 against ratiopharm Ulm. Was the result of second half a good way to describe the season one where the team was never able to play well for 40 minutes this season?

Yeh it felt like that. We didn’t take care of the ball well in the second half. A big problem this season was when we had a good first half, we often came out sluggish in the second half and weren’t ready to play right away. 

The Fraport Skyliners came out a lot better than in the first game against ratiopharm Ulm. You led by 10 points with a few minutes to go in the half, but then allowed a 9-0 run to lead only 48-47. What annoyed you most of the end of the second quarter?

We didn’t execute well on offense and couldn’t make open shots. We didn’t have good energy on defense stopping their transition. 

In the third quarter Frankfurt allowed Ulm to lead by 13 points late. Transition and turnovers were key. What did head coach Sebastian Gleim tell you guys to do better for the last 10 minutes of the season?

Coach told us to take care of the ball and when we did turn over the ball to sprint back.

You wanted to end the season with a win, but the team managed only 6 points in the last quarter. Was there anything positive that you can take back home to Alabama for the summer?

I think the biggest positive that we can take away from this tournament is that we fought hard until the end and no one ever gave up. We always played hard despite being shorthanded. The young kids also gave it their all. Even when we did lose a game, we always came back with a positive attitude

The team coughed up 23 balls. Ulm didn’t have the overwhelming defense, but still gave you problems. How big of a factor was the team mentality in this game?

I felt that we went out there and was was aggressive and just played our game. We didn’t take care of the ball well against Ulm. We were able to run all our plays. We made a couple of bad mistakes including me where I jumped in the air trying to pass the ball. I don’t think that it was so much the Ulm defense that gave us problems, but we just made bone head mistakes. 

Talk a little about the development of the kids Schoormann, Begue and Samare. Can the last 2 players find a role next season in the BBL?

It all depends how our team is structured for next season to how much of a chance those 2 will play. Maxi and Jordan showed even in the few minutes that they played that they can do some good things. Len has come a long way with us this season and will find his spot on the team next season. He will play Pro B and dress with us. Just how many BBL minutes he will get next season, I don’t know, but he showed this season that he can play good minutes. I think for him to become a good point guard, ball handling will be key. The point guards in the BBL are tough that can handle the ball well and play tough on ball defense. As soon as he can get his handle tight and better, than he will be ok in the BBL.

When you stood face to face with Zach Ensminger, what memories arose with his did Chris who you battled against early in your career?

I didn’t even know that that kid was Chris’s son until the end of the game. Akeem Vargas asked me after the game if that was Chris’s son. I said to Akeem, ‘you know it looks like Chris’. He is a short kid compared to his dad who was like 210cm. The kid played tough though. If he is anything like his dad in terms of how he approaches the game then he will be a pretty good player. 

You scored 10 points and scored in double figures in 5 of the 7 games and filled the stat sheet as usual. How do you summarize your own personal Munich series?

I could of done better on defense. Defense was the main thing even if I did score in double figures in 5 games. As a leader I’m expected to score, but at the same time am also expected to play good defense. I wasn’t the defensive player that I needed to be to help us win more games. I wasn’t vocal enough, couldn’t fight through screens enough and didn’t get into the passing lanes the way I would have liked to. 

What was your personal Munich summary for the league and club and what was your favorite moment?

Munich was a very good experience. We hung out as a team more together. We relaxed and were able to play games. I think what was great about this trip was that we all were able to get to know each other better than we would have had we not come. Especially we were able to get to know the young guys better, because they weren’t always with us during the season. My highlight was playing table tennis against the young guys. I beat them. 

It wasn’t a great season for the Fraport Skyliners. What is your season summary and what was your biggest moment?

I felt that despite the circumstances and the cards that we were dealt, we fought hard and played as hard as we could. 

At age 35 how do you go about doing your off season work outs? How are they different from 10 years ago when you got into the league?

I have to make sure that I run more. It is a lot easier to get out of shape than getting back into shape. I also have to keep doing my basketball things and do weight lifting. 

Do you keep in touch with Isaac Bonga? How have you been following his NBA career?

I really haven’t talked to him so much since he went to the NBA. I wished him a happy birthday on Social Media, but that’s it. I don’t have his new number and haven’t been able to stay in touch. I think that Washington is a better fit for him than are the Lakers. In Washington he gets to play while in L.A there are to many veterans. 

What is something you hope on doing again at home that you couldn’t do the last months because of COVID-19?

I want to go on vacation. I’m supposed to go to Barbados for my anniversary. I’m confident it will happen.

Thanks Tez for the chat. 

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