The Miles 2020 BBL Munich Tournament Diary With Quantez Robertson(Fraport Skyliners) Vol 2

Quantez Robertson is a 35 year old 188cm guard that has played his whole professional career with the Fraport Skyliners. He is playing his 11th season with the club and his biggest feat was helping the club win it’s third club title in 2016 with the Fiba Europe Cup. He belongs to the BBL identity figures with Rickey Paulding and Per Guenther. He began his career at Laurinburg Prep Institute and then played at Auburn (NCAA) from 2005-2009 playing a total of 126 NCAA games. He and have teamed up with a diary form the BBL tournament in Munich. 

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Quantez Robertson in the streets of Frankfurt celebrating the 2016 Fiba Europe Cup win

Being captain of a BBL team isn’t an easy job. What do you tell the fellows after a 40 point loss?

I told the guys after the game that we have to continue to stick together, stay focused and prepare for the next game

You have played many games in your professional career. Does this 40 point loss to ratiopharm Ulm belong to the worst in your career?

No actually it isn’t. This loss against Ulm was my second worst loss in my career. You might remember my rookie year in the finals against Bamberg. We lost by 45 points in Bamberg. It was pretty bad.

In a very tough loss like this, how much blame do you give yourself? Does a loss like this make life very tough for you for the next 48 hours as you try to come up ways of being better the next time?

No, but I know that I have to be a lot better on defense in the next game and help my teammates also be better. We have to be concentrated on defense at all times. We know that our offense will come. We missed many open shots and that effected our defense. Defense is what gets our offense going. Giving up so many points like we did isn’t a normal thing for us.

Frankfurt gave up 36 points in the first quarter. You told me before the game that the team had to be more focused and stick to the game plan. As a great and top defender how tough is accepting a defensive loss like this?

The first quarter showed that we didn’t play any defense at all. Ulm is a team that can score and we weren’t able to limit their possessions and let them get into the open court and let them hit open shots.

Frankfurt was killed in the pick and roll and gave up way too many free throws. What do you expect of the team defensively on Friday?

I expect us to come out more aggressive on defense without fouling. We have to help each other out better and most important make sure we communicate better. We didn’t communicate well enough to beat Ulm. 

The Fraport Skyliners have to win by more than 40 points. How do you prepare for a game like this when you have absolutely nothing to lose?

We have to go out and get a win no matter by how much we win by. We want to end the season on a good note. To beat a high scoring team by more than 40 points is tough. It doesn’t matter if we win by 5 or 10 points at least we can end the tournament with a win. 

You stated in the halftime interview that the team didn’t play with heart. Do you think the team will be able to do some successful soul searching by Friday and show a respectable effort?

Yes we will. All the guys feel bad about how they played and losing by so much. We know that we have to compete a lot better than in the first game. We will give it our all. No matter how much a guy plays, we will give it our best.

Do you get extra motivated playing against a guy like Archie Goodwin who played in the NBA for years. What makes it so tough to control him and do you watch extra film on a guy like that?

No I don’t watch extra film on players. I just watch team film that we all watch. I am motivated to play against anyone no matter if he played in the NBA or not. I’m always motivated to compete against good players. Goodwin is very good at driving. We have to stop that and letting him get into the open floor. 

How do you see the other match ups? Who will advance between Alba Berlin-BG Goettingen, Brose Bamberg-EWE Baskets and FC Bayern Munich-MHP Riesen?

I think that Alba Berlin will advance, but it won’t be easy. I think that Oldenburg and Bamberg will each win a game, but Oldenburg will win by more and advance. I believe that the Munich-Ludwigsburg will be a hard fought game. A real nail bitter, but Munich will pull it out. 

It seems like it has been ages since you were teammates with Danilo Barthel. He showed against Ludwigsburg that whenever Munich needs a bucket, he is the man.

He has developed very well since leaving Frankfurt. He plays really well with his back to the basket, makes good plays, get rebounds, makes put backs and can score when he needs to.

With some teams having left the hotel do you see a more serious atmosphere with how players are conducting themselves?

I think that the whole atmosphere in the hotel is still free spirited. Guys are still talking to each other like at the start. Many guys are also in the game room. But when we are on the floor, it is business. Everyone is cool with it. That is what we are here for. We are all competing for the title, but we are all hanging out. It is still relaxed. 

Did you get to know any player better in Munich? You had ample time and so many players to choose from.

I spoke to some guys like Rickey Paulding. We chatted and laughed a bit. But I was trying to get to know our 2 new guys and try help with team chemistry since we didn’t have much time together.

Do you feel like the younger generation are able to see that Michael Jordan is the real GOAT after watching the documentary ‘The Last dance’ or are the majority still believing it’s Lebron?

The younger generation know who Jordan is, but are still leaning to Lebron. They have seen Lebron play in person while only seen videos of Jordan. But I think that the younger generation knows deep down that Jordan is the GOAT. 

Do the Fraport Skyliners have a better chance of winning against ratiopharm Ulm Friday or your buddy Mike Morrison making 1 three pointer next season?

We have a better chance of winning. I don’t give Mike much of a chance of making another three. He is always practicing the three, but he won’t shoot it.

Thanks Tez for the chat.

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