The Miles 2020 BBL Munich Tournament Diary With Quantez Robertson(Fraport Skyliners) Vol 1

Quantez Robertson is a 35 year old 188cm guard that has played his whole professional career with the Fraport Skyliners. He is playing his 11th season with the club and his biggest feat was helping the club win it’s third club title in 2016 with the Fiba Europe Cup. He belongs to the BBL identity figures with Rickey Paulding and Per Guenther. He began his career at Laurinburg Prep Institute and then played at Auburn (NCAA) from 2005-2009 playing a total of 126 NCAA games. He and teamed up with a diary form the BBL tournament in Munich. 

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Quantez Robertson at the BCM in Frankfurt in 2018

The Fraport Skyliners finished the Group B phase with a 1-3 record. What is your summary of the first 4 games? What grade would you give the team?

Being that we aren’t at full strength, I would give the team a good C+. We have had our young guys come in and step up. They have gotten more experience in the last games and that will help in the series against Ulm. We have to lock in better on defense. We weren’t physical enough against Bamberg and that is why that game got away from us early. We have to get back to our regular brand of basketball by playing defense first and getting into the open court.

The Fraport Skyliners played all 3 teams in the 3 loses very tough. What do you feel the team learned from their mistakes that will make them mentally tougher for ratiopharm Ulm

I think we have learned to be more focused from those loses. We have to be very focused against Ulm and pay more attention to the game plan. 

The club has had more injury woes and have lost scoring ace Lamont Jones. How is the state of the team right now mentally?

I feel that we are very mentally prepared. Guys know that when their number is called that they have to step up. We know that we all have to step up at both ends of the court and perform at a high level. 

How much of a pleasure has it been playing with Yorman Polas Bartolo? How dangerous do you feel would you and him be on the court now had you been teammates since day 1?

It has been fun sharing the court with him. He may still be a veteran, but he still asks questions trying to understand the little things on defense and how the offense is run. I think that if he had been here since day 1 that it would have been even tougher for teams to play us. Having Yorman, Akeem and me on the wing picking up the full court would have made it more difficult teams to score. 

How much pressure has he taken off you offensively and defensively? Have you been able to focus on some things that you don’t necessarily can during games?

Nothing has changed. I still focus on the same things on offense and defense. Having him by my side has made things better and easier also. 

The Fraport Skyliners now face ratiopharm Ulm who you beat earlier in the season. How important is it knowing you have beaten them going into the series?

We won then, but both teams are different now. Both teams have lost players and gained new players. Anything can happen in the next games. 

What kind of series can we await 36 points will be missing from the win as Jones and kratzer are out. How will Frankfurt advance?

We have to slow down the pace. They like to run. If we can force them into a half court game then we will have better chances to win. 

People always talk about you and Paulding as the main BBL identity figures, but Per Guenther is also one. He has played in ULM since 2008. What does it mean playing against a warrior like that?

It is crazy how people forget him and say that Rickey and me are the face of the BBL. He is a warrior that has shown for years that he can shoot the ball and run a team. I’ll never forget his big shots in Frankfurt in the playoffs. That is what good players do. They hit big shots. I’m looking to get back at him for that. He has been in the league just as long as Rickey and me. He is the face of the BBL just as we are.

Can Leon Kratzer take on an extra load of cheering now that Lamont Jones has left?

Yes he can. He has been our #1 fan since we arrived. He is so anxious to play, but isn’t able to, because he is still banged up. He is our biggest cheerleader. We can always count on him.

You have lived now a week in Munich. Could you ever imagine wearing that traditional Bavarian clothes with the leather shorts?

No, but maybe if it was for Halloween. If all the guys on the team went like that, then I would also.

Thanks Tez for the chat.

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