The Miles 2020 BBL Munich Tournament Diary With Lamont Jones Vol 3

Lamont Jones a 29 year old 183cm guard from Harlem, New York that is playing his 7th professional season and third in Germany and first with the Fraport after having played with MBC and the MHP Riesen. He also gathered professional experience in countries like Japan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France and Montenegro. He began his basketball career at Rice high school and then played 2 seasons at the University of Arizona (NCAA) and 2 seasons with Iona (NCAA). He is conducting a special diary with at the BBL Munich tournament

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Lamont Jones in Frankfurt in 2018

Before we chat about the loss against Ludwigsburg, I have to ask you how are you feeling. You went down against Ludwigsburg. Can you play against Vechta on Thursday?

At the moment I’m not optimistic that I will play against Vechta. I will see how I’m feeling in the morning. I have a lot of pain right now. Painkillers aren’t really helping. I have a bad hematoma. It is the worst pain that I have ever had. I felt like I had to throw up.

You came into the tournament so focused and motivated and had good feelings about the team’s chances. Now your season may be over. How are you doing mentally?

I’m doing good mentally, but it’s a bummer what has happened to me and just very unfortunate. You haven’t played for so long, then you can play again and you get hurt. But I understand the risks of playing. It is nothing that you can control. I’m just going to rehab and understand that it is part of the game and that this happens.

Another tough loss and the third of the season against the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg. Is there a curse on the Fraport Skyliners to close out games?

I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if it’s a curse. It just keeps happening. If you watch the end of the game then you saw Richie Freundenberg defending Marcos Knight very well. Marcos dribbled the ball like 20 times and hit a in your face fade away jumper over him. The ball sat on the rim and rolled it. I was thinking then when are we going to get a break? We watched the tape and Mcquaid wasn’t out of bounds. I thought that he was fouled. Losing like this was a total bummer, but it’s part of the game. We just have to keep chopping away and get a win. The guys did what they could. It was the last seconds and could of gone either way. There was nothing we could do about it.

Does a team need a Bartolo,Tez and Freudenberg on Marcos Knight to totally shut him down or is he really just a perfect 1-1 player?

He is a tough cover and is a bull. I played with him last season and tip my hat to him. For me if there is anyone that I would be ok with beating us then it’s Marcos. I’m very close to him. He is a great person and father. He has put in the work and time to be the player that he is. He was firing on all cylinders against us. He did what Marcos does. He had the hot hand.

I hate asking the question, but what positives could the team take from the loss? How key is winning the rebound battle easily, getting 21-9 assists and shooting 81%-56% from the free throw line? when you still lose at the end?

I felt like we played a great game We rebounded the ball very well which was a key for the game for us. Our spirts aren’t down. Tez found his rhythm. Bartolo was being Bartolo and the other guys like Richie Freudenberg and Gytis Maciulis are also playing well. Akeem Vargas is playing very efficiently. We believe that we can win games and are all locked in

17 year old German Len Schoormann had another solid game with 7 points. Ex Skyliner Adam Waleskowski said months ago that the German was playing well in practice. How have you seen his development and can he be more than a solid BBL player in the future?

Len is young and still has a lot of work to do, but he has a lot of heart. He is always willing to listen. He doesn’t say much, but soaks everything in. This is pivotal in his growth as a player. I think that when he has more experience, he will come into his own and be a force. His development this season has been phenomenal. 

How was the day today? Talk a little about the team schedule today and how the pre game preparation is going against Rasta Vechta?

We had an optimal breakfast. Then we had recovery. Then we had lunch at 12:15 which was followed with a walk through and then a team meeting and film. We capped off the day with a barbeque. Every team has one at some stage of the tournament. 

Rasta Vechta like Crailsheim don’t have as deep a roster as the other teams. What kind of game can we await and what will be key to getting the win?

This game will be a dog fight. All teams want to win. Our spirits are high, Tez is in rhythm and I think that we will play a good game. Keys to winning against Vechta will be rebounding and playing good defense. We also have to continue to believe.

There is a game room in the hotel. Have you checked it out and if so what player has made shown a good figure there?

I haven’t played video games since 1998. I watch people play and many get so caught up with it. I see my brother sit in front of a TV for 16 hours. I don’t knock anyone doing it, but for me it just isn’t appealing. I played video games with my dad when I was very young in our living room. Then when he died, I never played again. It just didn’t feel right. I tried to play Call Of Duty when I was playing in Saudi Arabia, but it didn’t feel right either. I played for 1 day there. It was very short lived. 

Who wins a one on one you or Akeem Vargas?

Me. He is a great defender, but I’m a great scorer. I don’t take many players over me. I played against him the last years and now he guards me every day in practice. I know his tendencies. A one on one would be fun.

Thanks Mo Mo for the chat.

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