The Miles 2020 BBL Munich Tournament Diary With Lamont Jones(Fraport Skyliners) Vol 1

Lamont Jones is a 29 year old 183cm guard from Harlem, New York that is playing his 7th professional season and third in Germany and first with the Fraport after having played with MBC and the MHP Riesen. He also gathered professional experience in countries like Japan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France and Montenegro. He began his basketball career at Rice high school and then played 2 seasons at the University of Arizona (NCAA) and 2 seasons with Iona (NCAA). He will conduct a special diary with at the BBL Munich tournament

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Lamont Jones in the Fraport arena in Frankfurt

How have the first days been in Munich for you. Does the Munich Quarantine have that room service feeling that you didn’t have in Frankfurt?

I wasn’t in quarantine in Frankfurt. It has been a different feeling here. The food isn’t the same. I remember the hotel from other visits. The service is nice and I feel comfortable. It is really beautiful here and we have all we need. You can get massages when you need to and we even have a game room, but I haven’t seen it yet. I hope the breakfast get better. I need bacon with my eggs. But other than that I haven’t had any complaints. This has a bit of that NCAA tournament feel, but it’s actually more like an AAU feeling.

How were the last days of practice in Frankfurt. What was your impression and what did you like most about the team’s progress?

I felt that we competed well in the last days and learned a few new things. We also got the new players better integrated and familiar with our system. We are a hungry bunch. Important has been the acquisition of Yorman Bartolo Polas. He has given us that extra umpf. We will be a tough bunch. I’m really excited to play. 

You lost the first game against Alba Berlin by 34 points. How is this situation different to if you were facing them without the COVID-19 period? Do you feel like this will be a totally different kind of atmosphere?

If this was the regular season and there had been no COVID-19 then the atmosphere would be a lot different. That first game against Alba was tough. We had had injuries and played them out of the gate. I’m really excited to go against them now with our 2 new players. It is always good to play against my homey Peyton Siva. I’m looking more forward to playing against them now than if it was the regular season.

What kind of game can we await? How confident are you that Frankfurt will give a better defensive performance than in the first meeting?

I’m 100% confident we will have a better defensive effort than the first game. We still are one of the best defensive teams in the BBL. Add Bartolo, Tez and Richie Freudenberg blocking shots from the weak side, I feel that we will be a lot better equipped to play them and handle what they throw at us.

After seeing your teammates in practice in the last weeks, what player do you see being able to make an impact in the tournament?

I love Richie Freudenberg’s hunger. The hunger he has now is something I haven’t seen since I got here. I’m also very excited to play with Bartolo. His toughness reminds me of a guy I played with from back home. I’m really happy to be on the court with him now instead of being elbowed and being chased around for 40 minutes like in the past. I feel he will make a big impact in this tournament. 

Funniest teammate experience since being in Munich?

I’m not sure that we have had one yet, but it will still come.

First meaningful conversation you have had in the hotel with a non Skyliner?

That was with Peyton Siva. We have known each other since 7th grade. We grew up playing against each other. The years after we built this connection that we still have today. Our conversations today center mostly around family, but we spoke about how this tournament reminds us of AAU ball and the Las Vegas circuit. He said that in about 1-2 weeks, the atmosphere will be a lot different. Now everyone is running around laughing but soon people won’t be talking to each other anymore. I told Peyton that I see the atmosphere changing a lot sooner. By this Thursday the mood will be a lot different. Guys will be more serious as the games become more meaningful.

How would win a one on one in the Iona practice facility tomorrow and on the playground in New York you or Sean Armand?

Me. No question about it. Sean is my guy, but the big difference is that Sean is a shooter and I’m a scorer. One on one is my thing. Sean is back home relaxing now and hasn’t played in a while. A one on one would be a lot of fun with a lot of trash talking. I always take myself. 

Thanks Mo Mo for the chat.

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