Antoine Myers Is A Ruthless Scorer But Learned Early On That If He Didn´t Defend He Wouldn´t Play

Quantez Robertson and Antoine Myers have been playing in Germany for many years, but they are in two different worlds. Robertson who is called Tez by everyone is a Fraport Skyliner lifer that has called Frankfurt his second home since 2009 and balls in the first division easyCredit BBL and makes in one season what Myers might make in 6-7 years of playing Regio ball. Myers played this season in the fourth German division Regionalliga for Citybasket Recklinghausen. But they do share some similar qualities in that they are both guards and hail from the United States. Robertson grew up in Cincinnati and now calls Alabama home where tranquility dominates the countryside while Myers comes from Baltimore, Maryland.  Another thing that both guys share is a passion and great talent for playing defense. Robertson has belonged to the best defenders in the BBL year in and year out and could of made the NBA had he only been rated on his defensive game. Myers on the other hand already showed his potent defensive qualities in the NCAA with Troy and has continued it at the professional ranks in Germany and the ABA in the States. One thing that does separate both apart is the offensive qualities that Myers possesses at the lower levels Pro B and Regionalliga while Robertson couldn´t match his offense at the BBL level, but probably would be a totally different offensive player at a lower level. Robertson has become a Skyliner and BBL identity figure while Myers continues to grind and continues to come back every year with a job somewhere. Myers is a ruthless scorer, but he learned at a young age the importance of defense. “Growing up in Baltimore I was always told if you don’t defend you won’t play I always took pride in playing defense that was one of my ways of effecting the game without scoring and I enjoyed doing it at Troy U. My game has grown a lot overseas as far as defense making better reads being in the right spot and containing my assignments for that game”, stressed Antione Myers. He has continued to carry that mentality of defending well into his professional career. At the moment the American can´t overwhelm opponents with his game as the coronavirus whipped out his season. “I´m very disappointed because I knew we could make a deep run in the playoffs. I know the hard work that our team put in but some things you can’t control”, stressed Antoine Myers.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Antoine Myers after he dropped 29 points in Rhondorf in a losing cause

Myers is a 29 year old 191cm guard that was born in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up there. He began his basketball career at Forest Park and then played at Notre Dame Prep in Fitchburg, Mass. He has been one of many guys that had to start at the bottom playing JUCO ball at Pensacola State College for two seasons. He was able to grow in his two seasons there on and off the court from workouts and games to the academics. He then had absolute no adjustment period in the NCAA playing at Troy for his last two seasons averaging 8.0ppg, 2.8rpg, 2.6apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 44.8%, 3PT: 33.3%, FT: 60.9% and 12.1ppg, 5.4rpg, 2.6apg, FGP: 52.2%, FT: 66.3% as a senior. He always had a chip on his shoulder and that is still the case today which led him to nonstop hard work in the lab. Back at Troy(NCAA) he benefited highly from his head coach Phil Cunningham who paved the way for him being able to pursue a professional basketball career. He remembers exactly how Cunningham helped groom and prepare him for a professional basketball career “The endless hours of work and preparation of being perfect with everything that I do. I picked up on a lot of his habits at Troy because I was willing to learn and get better as an individual”, warned Antoine Myers. As a junior he scored in double figures in 13 games and had some huge games against Arkansas State netting 21 points and hit W Kentucky for 20 points, but he also remembers his senior year with a lot of fondness. “My senior year was filled with a lot of great games, that year was special because of the number of seniors we had. Senior night had to be one of the best performances I’ve put on all year with a win to finish out strong”, added Antonie Myers.

            He began his professional season in 2014-2015 playing in Germany for Citybasket Recklinghausen (Germany-ProB). He didn´t need any real adjustment time and played 25 games averaging 13.8ppg, 4.1rpg, 2.0apg, 1.2spg, FGP: 48.2%, FT: 73.9%. He scored in double figures in 17 games including a 33 point explosion against Braunschweig, 27 points and 10 boards against Rostock, 24 points against Dresden and 22 points against Herten. It isn´t always easy for Americans to make a smooth transition from the states to Germany on and off the court, but Myers was able to even if he remembers some difficulties at the start. “The distance away from home wasn’t a problem for me because I was always away from home so it didn’t bother me at all  I think the wakeup call when I realized some games even if I’m playing well there’s a chance that I wouldn’t play much due to the rules in Pro B. It took me awhile to adjust but when I adjusted I played fine”, stressed Antoine Myers. After a season in Germany, he returned home to play for home team Baltimore Hawks in the ABA. But a year later he was in good old Germany again lacing up the sneakers for RSV Eintracht Stahnsdorf (Germany-ProB). He played another solid season playing 20 games averaging 15.4ppg, 3.8rpg, 2.4apg, FGP: 52.8%, 3PT: 33.3%, FT: 69.2%.He scored in double figures in 16 games and had some fine games in victories over Schalke scoring 25 points, 24 points over Rostock, 21 points over Wolfenbuettel and 20 points over Rist Wedel. But one game he won´t ever forget was near the end of the season where he exploded for 32 points on 14/19 shooting, but loosing a nail bitter against Lok Bernau the farm team of BBL powerhouse Alba Berlin. “The game was intense and very close from beginning to end. The atmosphere was great and this could be one of my best games because I was in a zone and felt like I couldn’t miss this game”, added Antoine Myers. After improving his game in his second season in Germany, one might of expected him to remain to keep making a name for himself, but instead he returned home again this time for 2 years. He probably wouldn´t have minded to have returned back to Europe in 2017, but his two years at home were well thought out. “I actually had some family issues going on at home so I decided it was best that I stay home where I’m close to my family throughout those years”, aid Antoine Myers. Even if the ABA is a semi pro league, the American didn´t see his time there as wasted time with the Baltimore Hawks. “It was a great experience. I got the chance to stay home and use the ABA as an outlet to develop and work on my game. Some positives about it is that you play against overseas guys all the time as some are just coming home mid-season and some didn’t leave yet because of some reason but it’s an up and coming league with a ton of talented players”, warned Antoine Myers.  

            The American who lists Kyrie Irving has his most difficult opponent in his career returned back to Germany in 2019 and returned back to an old stomping ground playing for a second tour of duty with Citybasket Recklinghausen (Germany-Regionalliga). This time the team played one step lower in the Regionalliga. The Baltimore native helped lead the club to a fifth place in the Regionalliga standings. This will be a season he will surely always remember, because it was the season that left many question marks as to where the club would have finished had the Coronavirus not struck. “This season we had our ups and downs but we continued to show progress throughout the 2019-2020 season that’s why I liked our team. My teammates continuously worked hard and improved game by game. We showed that we can play with any team when we decided to play”, expressed Antoine Myers. The club was up and down on the defensive end allowing 81 points per game but in the last three games allowed only 75 points per game. As the playoffs were drawing near, the defense suddenly was playing better. “Throughout the year we had goals for defense every game and we tried to set goals for limiting teams to give us another chance to win games the closer playoffs got we locked in more and more”, said Antoine Myers. Sometimes it´s the games where a guy doesn´t score 33 points, but the game where he scores only 12 points, but fills the stat sheet and helps beat the top ranked team RheinStars 68-67 that are the most memorable. Even though Myers is that ruthless scorer, he had no last second scoring heroics in this upset win, but got the game winning dime to German big man Salman Manzur who netted the game winner. He also will always have fond memories of being teammates with German Christoph Bruns who was already there in his rookie season and was reunited again this season. “It felt like we have been playing together for years even though we haven’t been teammates for fours year. I still knew where he liked the ball and how to get him open for easy shots so me coming back this year was actually easy to adjust to”, commented Antoine Myers.

Even if he played a league below the Pro B, he had his finest season stat wise in Germany in the Regionalliga with Citybasket Recklinghausen  averaging 20,2ppg, 6,2rpg, 4,3apg and 2,0spg in 33 minutes per game. But when your always trying to be perfect averaging 30,0ppg probably wouldn´t have satisfied him either. “This year I wasn’t content at all I was always trying to get better and win I was looking for different ways to challenge myself each week to improve I wanted to be a perfectionist knowing that is impossible because we as people make mistakes everyday but that’s what kept me going everyday trying to be perfect”, said Antoine Myers. The ex Troy(NCAA) standout who lists Jordan, Lebron, Kobe and Magic as his personal NBA Rushmore is definitely a guy who strives perfection especially when his first triple double in Germany in a 73-70 win over Wulfen where he steered home 14 points, 10 boards and 10 dimes wasn´t his best game. “It was very special knowing it was my first triple double after the game my teammates were like you finished with a triple double, I was like no way I was truly surprised but probably not one of best games in Germany”, smiled Antoine Myers.  Even if he made more strides as a scorer in his third season in Germany, his offensive scoring game still seems a bit one sided as he has only attempted 28 three´s in his 3 seasons, but he has put working on his trey and making it more a part of his game on his agenda for his summer work outs. Wherever his next destination will be, be it being in Germany or elsewhere, he will set new goals this summer to improve on his last season. “Each year I set goals for myself to improve in every category. If I avg 3 rebounds the next year I needed 5 same thing with scoring and etc. Today I understand a little more then when I was a rookie. The game has slowed down a lot for me now”, added Antoine Myers.

            But at the moment, basketball has been put on hold as the whole world tries to get through this Coronavirus crisis. The American was focused on his game and leading his team Citybasket Recklinghausen into the playoffs, but then suddenly the Coronavirus hit and he had to put basketball to the side and experience a new way of life even if it was wanted. What began to unravel in March surprised him just as it did the world, but what more could he do then stay composed and get used to the situation and cope as best he could. “I knew it was serious because no one really knew anything about it but I didn’t think it would have this big of an effect on the world . My last weeks have been up and down worried about my family and friends hoping everyone stays healthy while all of this is going on and yes, they’ve been very concerned especially with the spike of confirmed cases lately”, stated Antoine Myers. This whole Coronavirus has made him more aware about how to handle himself in public and despite having his season cut short, he agrees 100% that it is the absolute best measure for everyone now. “Taking the necessary precautions is a must while this is going on, washing my hands and staying away from my face and unclean areas and large areas of people is something I’m extra conscious of . I think it’s best for the players not to play at this point it’s about the protection and health of the players as well as the staff and coaches”, warned Antoine Myers. The American has a lot of time now as do so many other athletes around the world and of course a lot of time to keep asking him the same question over and over “what would have been” concerning the end of the season. “It was definitely a tough way to end the season knowing you had a goal a vision for something and for it to end before it started, I was upset at first but being healthy and safe always comes first when it’s dealing with something of this caliber spreading across the country so fast. Right now, I would love to continue playing somewhere else but staying healthy and being with the family is more important right now”, warned Antoine Myers. The American now will be keeping in shape as best as he can and thinking about what the next step in his basketball career will be. “I will be resting and recovering and picking up on some new reading it’s been a long season so I want some time to recover mentally and physically right now as well  I’m not sure at the moment but I want to be in the best situation where I can develop and get better”, stressed Antoine Myers

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