Curtis Hollis´s dream Is To Play In The NBA But Handling The COVID-19 Virus Is The Most Important Task Now

 Curtis Hollis a 21 year old 198cm forward from Arlington, Texas that played his first season overseas and first in Germany with the Dragons Rhondorf averaging 22,4ppg,8,2rpg,3,8apg and 3,1spg. He left the club to go back home on account of personal reasons. He began his career at Mansfield Summit High School. In 2017-2018 he played with Hutchinson CC (JUCO) playing 34 games averaging 6.9ppg, 3.3rpg, 1.4apg, FGP: 50.0%, 3PT: 27.0%, FT: 66.3%. In 2018 he played in Lavar Ball’s new league with the Houston Ballers (JBL) playing 7 games: Score-5 (29.3ppg), 11.3rpg, 5.3apg, 2.6spg, FGP: 46.0%, 3PT: 21.2%, FT: 71.8%. He spoke to before entering the 2020 NBA draft about the coronavirus and his upcoming plans

Mies Schmidt-Scheuber and Curtis Hollins in the Dragon Dome in Rhondorf 2019

Hi Curtis where are you at the moment and how is your current mood despite the world turmoil at the moment because of the out break of the Corona Virus?

Wassup Miles! I’m currently in Dallas. My current mood is a little in the air. I’m not really sure how to feel it’s been a wild past month though to say the least.

When you first heard about the Corona Virus did you ever think that it could have such an effect on the world?

Not even close. I just thought everybody was overreacting at first.

How have you experienced the day to day life in Texas during the Corona Virus outbreak? How badly is Texas effected compared to other places in the States?

Texas isn’t as bad luckily but it’s not the best either. We actually just went into a state emergency and now have a curfew to be home by midnight.

Did you become more aware about how you handle yourself in public in terms of shaking hands and not being in the line of fire with somebody coughing?

Yes I did. I just give out fist pumps but I’m not around too many people so I don’t have to worry too much about that.

Basketball leagues have shut down all over Europe and in other places of the world. Did you have contact to some of your ex teammates of the Dragons Rhondorf to get updates about what they were going through?

I haven’t got the chance too I talked to Marek because his birthday was the other day but other than that I haven’t reached out yet.

Before leagues were shut down there was a BCL game in Bonn against AEK Athens and a Fiba Europe Cup game in Bayreuth without spectators. What is your overall opinion of playing a game without fans?

I’m not too sure because I haven’t been through it but it would be pretty weird in my eyes. The fans make the game exciting.

What have you learned about these tough times that has made you stronger as a person?

Just to always be aware of everything and to make sure your hygiene is always top notch.

The whole world economy is going to be affected including German basketball leagues all over the world. How worried are you about the future of professional basketball. The next season will have many changes. How are you handling this mentally now not knowing what to expect?

I’m not too worried. Professional basketball will always be there! Mentally not knowing is for sure a weird spot but I’m thinking positive and just hoping this ends sooner rather than later.

You have been home for about 2 months now. How has your training been before Corona and how has it been since? Have you had to make adjustments in how you train or have you been able to keep your routine going?

Yes I have been training! It was 5 days a week 3 times a day. I had to switch everything up because they closed everything now I can’t even get in the gym. So I’ve just been working out at home to stay in tune and in shape.

Talk a little about what kind of training you have done? What have you been concentrating on in the weight room and what kind of basketball drills have you been concentrating most on the court?

The weight room just every part of my body. I know getting stronger is something I need to be really focused on so I’m diving head first to put on weight. On the court just a little bit of everything as well. A lot of catching and shooting making sure my shot is the same every


You were drafted by UBA team Dallas Heat as the 4th pick in the first round. How can one rate this league? There are so many professional leagues in the States. Is this a semi pro league?

It’s a semi pro league yes. I’m not playing in it this year. Last year I played to stay in shape and work on my game against older guys but the UBA is nothing I take serious or anything like that. I just played for fun.

Are you expecting NBA work outs as soon as some normalcy comes from the coronavirus?

Yes sir I am. The COVID-19 virus is a very serious matter, that is affecting millions of people and leagues all across the world. Obviously, my dream is to play in the in NBA, but the COVID-19 virus, and how to handle it, is the most important task right now. I’ll be ready when the Draft process begins, and I trust my team will have everything else ready for me once that process begins.I should have a lot lined up so hopefully everything works itself out.

I had heard that NBA teams have you on their radar and had watched Rhondorf games. Can you confirm that there is interest and have you been in talks?

Yes I can confirm my agent has been working very hard me over the past year behind the scenes, & there is lots of interest. I have been working hard on & off the court. The NBA has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, so it would be a dream come true to get drafted and compete in the NBA.

What other goals do you have now in the next months? Everything is difficult now with the Coronavirus as the future is very clouded. What are you going to try accomplish in the next months despite all the obstacles of the Corona Virus?

Put on some weight get to 200 & just try to keep working as much as I can! Also stay healthy and try to make sure to stay safe.

You have probably seen many beautiful places in your basketball career, but how did the city of Rhondorf grow on you?

It grew on me pretty well. It’s a very nice city and Calm. I loved it

Luka Doncic had an amazing sophomore campaign. Is he a top 3 NBA player now?

Top 3 could be a stretch but man he is extremely good. I’m so glad he’s in Dallas on the Mavs!

How bitter is it that the NCAA March Madness has been canceled? This tournament for some kids is the greatest time of their lives. What advice would you give that senior who worked hard for 4 years and would have had his one and only chance now?

No tournament has been unreal. It’s sad! Some advice I would give the seniors is don’t give up & keep working. There are a lot of opportunities out there so don’t give up.

What was the last movie that you saw?

The Blind Side.

Thanks Curtis for the chat.

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