This Season Chase Adams(Romerstrom Gladiators) Has Experienced The Classic Line If At First You Don´t Succeed Try Try Again

It wasn´t always easy early in the professional career for Chase Adams to find the right opportunities that would help him make steps easier as he had to start very low on the basketball totem pole. After a strong junior year at Centenary Louisiana(NCAA) where he averaged 14.6ppg, 4.2rpg, 4.5apg, 2.7spg, FGP: 43.4%, 3Pts: 39.8%, FT: 70.3%, he took a more difficult challenge for his senior year moving to the better known basketball school University of Pittsburgh (NCAA) where he was teammates with future NBA players like Brad Wanamaker and Lamar Patterson and future BBL players like Gilbert Brown and Gary Mcghee, but couldn´t crack the lineup well averaging only 1,9ppg which surely didn´t help his immediate chances then of signing in a top professional league overseas. Usually guys from the NCAA even with stats like those from Adams can make the Pro A or Pro B in Germany, but instead the American from Baltimore saw his first professional experience in the ABA with the Dallas Impact and then in December moved to SVD 49 Dortmund of the German fourth division Regionalliga where he averaged 21,5ppg and played for peanuts, but at least got a proper introduction to good German soccer with Borussia Dortmund. His way up the basketball ladder continued in the next two seasons as he played with Science City Jena(Pro A) and the VfL AstroStars Bochum (Germany-ProB), but played only a total of 25 games and didn´t make a real impact. After many years of staying focused and hungry in the lab, his career finally took shape in 2015 when he joined the Finke Baskets Paderborn (Germany-Pro) and the rest is pretty much history as he played two seasons there averaging 11.4ppg, 4.6rpg, 4.1apg, Steals-4(1.8spg), FGP: 40.0%, 3PT: 34.6%, FT: 67.2% and in his second season he averaged 11.9ppg, 4.1rpg, Assists-5(5.6apg), Steals-1(2.4spg), FGP: 45.2%, 3PT: 37.6%, FT: 84.2%. In his third year of Pro A basketball he joined the Hebeisen White Wings Hanau (Germany-ProA) averaging 11.6ppg, 2.6rpg, 3.9apg, Steals-4(2.0spg), FGP: 46.2%, 3PT: 41.1%, FT: 76.2%. In three years of Pro A basketball he played a total of 90 games and scored in double figures in 55 games hitting Hanau for 29 points and Baunach for 27 points along the way and established himself as a consistent top point guard in Germany´s second best basketball league Pro A. Last season he moved down to the Pro B to BBC Coburg, but had a stellar season averaging 16.4ppg, 5.8rpg, Assists-4(6.0apg), Steals-2(2.9spg), FGP: 37.9%, 3PT: 38.9%, FT: 87.7% and scored in double figures in 20 of 22 games and scorched the Lowen and Wurzburg for 24 points. At age 31, he is in his prime and ready for a new step and challenge.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber has been covering Chase Adams for many years. This was a post game interview in Frankfurt in 2019

            Last summer he took an interesting, but smart new challenge with the very ambitious basketball project Rostock Seawolves. Only a few years ago, they were competing in the Regionalliga and moved up two leagues to the Pro A and have easyCredit BBL aspirations. It seemed like a fine fit for Adams, but his time there went a lot different than what he envisioned. Chase Adams wasn´t the chase Adams of old, but in reality wasn´t the real Chase Adams. After averaging 29 minutes the last 4 years in Paderborn, Hanau and Coburg, his minutes were suddenly shaved down to 13 and he averaged only 2,8, 1,6, 2,2. Those were just totally uncharachteristic stats for a great player and even left me dumbfounded every Sunday night when I checked the Rostock box score. A good example is Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart who has Adams like stats and if you traded Smart to a team like the Washington Wizards and suddenly his minutes got reduced from 32 to 13. Anything is possible in the NBA or even in the Pro A, but something like that just shouldn´t happen to these type of caliber players. It didn´t take long until Adams and Rostock parted ways. Hearing the news of his release was a tough pill to swallow. “I was heartbroken in so many ways, One of those gut wrenching feelings to say the least, I didn’t expect the club to make such a drastic change so soon. This isn’t the start anyone could have predicted”, stressed Chase Adams. It also didn´t help his cause that the club quickly lost 4 of it´s first 5 games. And as is so often the case, the point guard is the escape goat “Teams will definitely take quick action when things aren’t moving according to their plan. It’s crazy that a narrative can be painted without any explanation and Players don’t have a voice on the matter, regardless of the fact, clubs will do what they feel is best. If given more time I know this story would have turned out differently. 13 minutes is not the vision I had coming here, it made it much more difficult to fulfill my role. Huge wake up call given out to the players and now I think they could take off, the optics unfortunately don’t benefit me”, added Chase Adams. The whole Rostock experience was a tough one, but also a learning experience as he put up the lowest stats since his senior year at Pittsburgh(NCAA) and surely tough for the ego. “Our style of play involved us sharing the ball a lot and we have a lot of talented shooters and scorers. So during my minutes, the focus was always predicated toward facilitating and organization. I offer a lot to Teams On/Off the court; specifically on the court everything I do isn’t always represented on the stat sheet. So, ultimately it did affect me.  Its a challenge to go from 30 minutes average to 13 minutes. I had a more ball dominant role with Hanau and Paderborn, and the style of Play suited my game perfectly. With 30 minutes you can just feel the game out more; making plays to get my teammates involved first and then I turn up when the time calls”, expressed Chase Adams. But a huge victory for him during his short stay in Rostock was that he showed real character in being a true professional despite not playing much and conducted himself always well and was a role model. Because of this, the fans loved him and will always remember him in a special way. “ Without God by my side non of this is possible, so I’m humble and thankful for everything he’s allowed me to experience. All of the trials and triumphant moments I’ve endured in my career have given me the strength I needed to grow as a player, and even more so as a family man. I hope to inspire people through my journey, the passion, all the Hard work I put in, and the sacrifices I made to make my dreams come true. So appreciative to all the fans and family from all over rooting for me to win! They accept me for who I am and it allows me to return the Love. This is all I ever wanted to do and I want to do it right, until the wheels fall off”, warned Chase Adams. After he left Rostock hauled in legendary head coach Dirk Bauermann to help save the season and it would have been interesting if Adams would have gotten more of a fair chance under his guidance? “From observing the games it seems that It would but that’s something I will never know. The team was trying to find their identity for some time, and even with a slow start they still have a chance to make up for what they lost. Had I still been there with minute/role increase I know I could have pushed them over the hump”, stated Chase Adams.

                The American had tough times in Rostock and surely wouldn´t have gotten through the struggles without his loved ones. “1st and foremost my Newborn who gives me so much life everyday and of course my wife who has been with me through all the ups & downs keeping me grounded. I’ve also been fortunate to have an outpouring of Love & support from Family, Ex-teammates, and Fans who have helped me to keep my head held high. All I know is how to Grind and there isn’t any quit in me. I’m still very confident in my abilities and what I can offer a club,” said Chase Adams. But better times were looming on the horizon and less than two months later he had found another opportunity. Not only did he get another chance, but also a second chance in the pro A to show that he really belongs. In December 2019 he was signed by the Romerstrom Gladiators, a consistent playoff team the last years and also in contention this season. He didn´t hang his head in the sand after the Rostock calamity, but with the help of Gerrit Kersten-Thiele from Scorer´s First, he got that next opportunity and gave the classic line “if at first you don´t succeed try try again”.  His season with Trier has been a major turnaround and he couldn´t be more happy about how things have gone. “Major blessing to be here with such a respected organization, they have welcomed me with open arms and they have plugged me into the team and the community as well. It´s been a relief to fall on my feet after what happened and be able to get right back in the mix; I haven’t taken any moment for granted”, said Chase Adams. He has been there only about three months, but has already locked the city into his heart. “Trier is in the Top 3, the location is a super plus. Good food is one of the keys to my heart. I appreciate Trier having nice restaurants and cafes that I can regularly go to for a chill dining experience”, added Chase Adams. When he came to Trier, he joined a winning culture and it continued with his services as the team won 6 of the first 7 games when Adams was in uniform. “You know the saying “play with a chip on your shoulder”? Well I had a Boulder on mine! I had to prove to myself first that the situation prior was a fluke. I came here to bring the spark and I think a lot of success came from our competitive nature in practice”, warned Chase Adams. Sometimes a team goes through a lull where consistency is lost and that is what the team is going through at the moment. “Our bread and butter is defensive pressure, we got away from that a majority of the second half of the season. We just lost sight of what was working, and we slowed down to the other teams speed, which hurt us. In the last game we got back on the horse and got reconnected with our identity. This is a true testament to our team chemistry that we’ve built since the time I’ve been here”, commented Chase Adams.

            Over the years Chase Adams has had many great teammates, but I´m sure that if I gave him a list to make right now listing his 5 best teammates of all-time, Canadian forward Jermaine Bucknor would be on it after only a few months.  “You mean my Brother Buck. This guy is a walking Legend and big time inspiration. He is such a great role model for players, his devotion to the game is unmatched and picking his brain daily has helped me dissect things with a new perspective. It’s been a huge honor to share the court with him, that’s another reason why the season can’t end like this. What he’s been able to do assures me that I can play this game till the wheels fall off and the longevity of your career is based upon how dedicated you are to all the aspects of being a professional. Joining forces with an equally competitive monster is a recipe for success. We definitely share vocal responsibilities. My area of expertise is keeping guys locked in throughout the week and on the game days bringing out the Dog mentality. I want my teammates to know that I’ll go to war for them. Starting with practice and preparation I take it seriously but it’s also about having fun and bonding”, warned Chase Adams. As for the game of Adams, his minutes are 7 more than with Rostock and he is playing very effective averaging 8,6ppg, 3,0rpg, 2,8apg and 2,1spg. “We have a team where everyone is playing around 20 minutes a game with 2 exceptions. 10 mins less than what I’m used to, so with that given I’m not feeling any type of pressure. Still For my own personal goals I want to improve in all those areas. Coach Christian puts a lot of trust in my hands especially in key moments; respecting my leadership and encouraging me to take control. When you see a players capabilities/strengths you have to put them in situations to thrive. He does a great job in creating a construct where we maintain a high level of play for 40mins and within that time he gives us the space to operate the way we know best”, stressed Chase Adams.

            But his happy end to the 2019-2020 season with the playoffs and a possible run to the Pro A title could all be washed up if the league decides to close down operations for this season on account of the world wide corona virus. It has affected world sport. In Germany the DEL(German ice hockey league) have already ended the current season while the easyCredit BBL also closed down shop, the Euroleague also suspended the season and the NBA has suspended play. There have been some games played in the Basketball champions League and Fiba Europe cup without spectators. It has been a crazy and new experience for professional players and this is a time where it is important to have that contact with your loved ones. “Every second of the day there are updates coming in through all media outlets about the virus. At first I didn’t think much of it but as of now I can foresee it affecting us on a larger scale. Family is reaching out constantly asking if we are ok, especially with the spike in confirmed cases in Italy”, stressed Chase Adams. With so much new developments happening by the hour like hearing that French national player Rudy Gobert has been the first player in the NBA to have been infected with the Corona virus and teams Jazz and Thunder are in quarantine, it isn´t always easy to stay focused with basketball, but one has to deal with the reality of the corona virus and be more aware of your surroundings. “It’s been business as usual, just preparing for our next game. Nothing has changed. Important to get educated on what we’re dealing with and how to properly prevent infection. These facts help ease the worry while being cautious when being out in the city. There is a much greater sense of awareness and taking the necessary precautions is a must, I’m not at the point of wearing masks yet, but washing my hands and not touching my face is something I’m extra conscious of”, warned Chase Adams.

            The Pro A league where Chase Adams plays with the Romerstrom Gladiators announced late Wednesday night that the 30th game day this weekend would not be played. With so many leagues closing down in Europe, the signs are going more and more that Chase Adams may have already played his last game for Trier in this season. But in the end, health comes first and he knows that. “At first I was upset about the possibility of not finishing out such a rollercoaster season for me. I’ve quickly changed gears on the matter, rather putting more focus into my family and other things I have going on. All we can do is wait this out for now until we get more information. I would be hurt to the core because there is so much unfinished business that needed to be handled. I guess that makes it easier to stay motivated on sharpening the tools. The corona virus isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, I presume even in places where there are minor cases of infection the leagues will cease further competitions as well”, stated Chase Adams. He also has followed two German easyCRedit BBL teams the Telekom Baskets Bonn and medi Bayreuth play international games before empty arena´s as fans weren´t allowed entrance on account of the risk of infection with the corona virus. Playing a game without fans also gave him some time to reflect about how much of a difference their presence really makes. “Not having spectators present at games can make a difference. The energy a crowd brings to the atmosphere creates all types of pressure, on players, coaches and referees. Eliminating that element is substantially noticeable. I certainly love having fans on both sides but I wouldn’t be opposed to playing without them”, stated Chase Adams. The famous and so enjoyable NCAA March Madness will be played without fans and who knows it might even happen in the NBA. “March Madness is all about school support. There wouldn’t be any madness in March. This goes back to my point about spectators having an impact. The game wouldn’t be the same without all of the school spirit floating around the arena, it’s gives the extra appeal to the entire event. Having no fans at NBA games is something unimaginable. If it comes down to it what can we do but try to enjoy from the comfort of our coaches. That’s what I do anyway all the way in Germany”, stated Chase Adams.

            Even if the season of Chase Adams ends in the next week with no more games, it definitely will have been a very interesting season and time in his life. So much has happened in the last few months and not to forget there was also the very sad passing of Kobe Bryant. I have been giving random professional players interviews concerning their memories of the Black Mamba and of course I couldn´t allow Chase Adams not to give his memories of one of the greatest players of all-time. “During unfathomable moments we try to find reason or explantation, just to draw a blank, with even more disbelief and confusion then we had before. The emptiness that hit me after hearing the news crushed my spirits completely. Kobe was far more than a hooper we wanted to model our game after, he was like family. I think a lot of people viewed him in that light. He would want us to continue his legacy through his mantra, Mamba Mentality. It’s something as athletes we tried to adopt over the years and now we’ve realized its applicable to all people in any field, it’s a way of life. Long before mamba mentality was a thing, I remember in 96 all of the buzz around the HS standout heading to the league, the next Michael Jordan. Watching him take on those pressures and being in a city like LA with the stars, he showed us what grinding for something really looks like. I’m glad to have been able to witness his greatness and instill his values and methods into my life”, warned Chase Adams. Adams took on new challenges in the last months and had good and bad times and also made new learning experiences. He has shown often in his career that when he faltered, he would get up and try try again. If he ever has a situation again where he needs to try try again to succeed, he can take his memories of Kobe Bryant as an extra motivation to keep working hard in the lab to help realize his next goals better.

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