Cameron Hunt´s(TG s.Oliver Wurzburg) Chip Is Huge and Will Remain Until He Reaches The Top

                It is always fun observing the German Pro B with their interesting mix of young talented German players like Len Schoormann, Joshua Obiesie or Ferdinand Zylka to name just a few or the older Germans like Tobias Jahn, Nils Mittmann or Johannes Lischka still lace up their sneakers in their 30´s and then there are the few imports in the league usually young guys just out of college looking to make their run up the basketball ladder. In the last years, the Pro B has seen some real Cinderella stories none greater than Deandre Lansdowne who went from the Pro B averaging22,9ppg and then reached the BBL via the Pro A is balling in Italy today. There also have been other fascinating stories like Kerry Carter who led the Pro B in scoring in 2016-2017 with Leverkusen at 24,8 and then went to the Italy Serie 2 or Kameron Taylor in 2017-2018 who took a step back to the Pro B to then take two steps up to the BBL with Wurzburg and today is a key player for top team Bamberg or last season´s Pro B scoring champ Tucker Haymond who didn´t have it so easy this season sleeping on the floor for a month in Germany, but it all paid off as he signed with Pro A team FC Schalke in mid season. This season´s big Cinderella story could be Cameron Hunt of TG s.Oliver Wurzburg. The American from Duncansville, Texas is currently leading the Pro B in scoring and like so many guys out there has a chip on his shoulder as heavy as a totem poll and it won´t be getting any lighter any time soon as he continues to grind as a professional. “I feel people don’t respect where I come from. As my career continues I want to show people you can become a big time player even if you went to a smaller school”, warned Cameron Hunt. He is a rookie at the moment and at the bottom of the mountain, but in a very good situation with the Wurzburg club as he can shoot out the lights in the Pro B where at times he looks like a man among kids, but at the same time practice with the BBL team and gain valuable experience. “I get the honor of practicing with these guys almost every day and I love it. Competing with these guys has me made a better basketball player. I see myself on a BBL court all the time but will never rush things”, warned Cameron Hunt. The American who lists these 4 NBA greats on his NBA Rushmore with Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O’Neal had an amazing basketball career at Southwestern College KS(NAIA) where he averaged 31,0ppg as a senior, but overall had to watch other kids ball in higher college leagues while he had to pay his dues. Hunt is focused and determined to add to the Duncanville legacy that brought the world the famous football player and Super Bowl champion of the Pittsburgh Steelers Joe Greene or NBA player Greg Ostertag and Perry Jones. “Duncanville will always continue to produce professional athletes as the culture in that city is different than other cities. I would love to become a household name one day like one of those guys so I can continue the Duncanville legacy. I think about my chip every day. As I know many people don’t respect players from the NAIA level. So I am trying to change that every day”, warned Cameron Hunt.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Cameron Hunt after filling the stat sheet with 28 points, 3 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks in a 99-67 win in Frankfurt

                Cameron Hunt who lists current Atlanta Hawk Trae Young as his toughest opponent ever was born on August 25, 1997 in Duncanville Texas and got his first real basketball experience at Ducanville high school. He had a nice childhood as his mother was his natural caregiver and he is thankful that she sacrificed a lot for his well being.  He was very short in high school and wasn´t on the radar of any NCAA schools and only had one offer from Southwestern College KS(NAIA). But being small didn´t effect his work ethic already at a young age as he would go to the gym and shoot at 6 Am before class seeing instant results.  He underwent a growth spurt as a freshman at Southwestern College KS which came at the right time as his career would take off in his sophomore year. As a freshman he averaged : 6.9ppg, 2.4rpg, 2.1apg, 1.4spg, FGP: 37.9%, 3PT: 32.8%, FT: 63.2%, but in his sophomore year his stats exploded to 24.5ppg, 6.4rpg, 3.4apg, 1.4spg, FGP: 58.5%, 3PT: 37.0%, FT: 81.8%. He continued to be a real scoring machine as as a junior he averaged 23.3ppg, 5.7rpg, 3.7apg, FGP: 50.7%, 3PT: 38.0%, FT: 82.4% and as a senior made another step averaging 31.5ppg, 4.8rpg, 6.8apg, FGP: 50.7%, 3PT: 41.8%, FT: 88.6%. He scored in double figures in his last 103 NAIA games and was able to develop nicely at his pace. “Each year as I got older the game was slowing down to me. I was able to read defenses very much easier. I felt a lot of film work helped with this”, stressed Cameron Hunt. He gave the word consistency a new meaning scoring 20 points or more 76 times, 30 points or more 30 times and 40 points or more 6 times. “I feel my best game was when I was a sophomore and we beat a team we weren’t supposed to beat in a conference tournament game. It wasn’t my highest scoring but I did a lot of things to help my team win the game”, stressed Cameron Hunt. Not only in his personal game was he top, but his teams were always contenders as he reached 3 KCAC finals and won the 2019 title and also reached two NCAA 2 Sweet 16´s. “The most enjoyable run was my senior year as we had a great team that defied a lot of odds”, added Cameron Hunt. Usually winning that first title in the third try can be called three is a charm, but in the case of the American it happened in his fourth attempt. “Winning the KCAC title was up there with winning National player of the year. Both of these accomplishments took a lot of work. I would say the KCAC title felt more rewarding because we were able to do it as a team, “expressed Cameron Hunt. He credits a lot of his success to head coach Matt O´Brien who coached him for all 4 years never letting him cheat himself and making sure he got enough sleep. Coach O´Brien didn´t see his greatness from day one, but moreover it took time to see it. “. He always knew I would be a solid player for him, but he didn’t expect me to do the things I did for the team. We still joke about it to this day”, stressed Cameron Hunt.

                Hunt is playing his professional rookie season in Germany with third division club TG.s Oliver Wurzburg and living in a historic city named Wurzburg. The city has a river called Main that goes through the city with a beautiful castle perched high on a high overlooking the city. Hunt couldn´t have asked for a prettier place to live in as a rookie. “I have learned to appreciate the culture in Germany. I’ve been trying to teach myself German as I have learned to love the lifestyle out here”, smiled Cameron Hunt. He is playing a great rookie season. Not only on the stat sheet, but also with the team record is at the top in scoring and second in the Pro B South standings. Last season the club was only in 10th place, but this season has been refreshing as the farm team of BBL club s.Oliver Wurzburg have made a total turnaround. Hunt seems to have brought some of that winning magic from Southwestern College KS(NAIA). “When I got to Wurzburg I just wanted to bring winning habits to the team. The team didn’t make the playoffs last year and I wanted to help change that.  The next goal is a championship”, stressed Cameron Hunt. Big and confident words from a champion, but the team just keeps winning as nobody seems to find a way to beat them.  “I think the biggest secret is we are having fun. We really enjoy playing with each other and I feel that can take us a long way”, warned Cameron Hunt. The team is first in points and assists and second in rebounds and almost half the points on average are made by Hunt and Lithuanian forward Rytis Pipiras. But it isn´t just the two imports carrying the load, but the club has very capable young German role players as well. “ We talk a lot about sharing the ball in practice and I feel we do a great job of that. Rytis is a tremendous player who is very unselfish and fun to play with. Rytis is very strong and probably the fastest player on the team. If I could have one of his skills it would be his athleticism. He makes dunking look so easy  I wouldn’t say it’s just me and Rytis carrying the load as different players have big games on different nights”, warned Cameron Hunt. Even if the team is high in the standings and wants to hold that playoff home court advantage, the club still has area´s where it can improve on. “I think we play very hard on defense which is always good but we can improve on our pick and roll defense. Once that is solved I feel the sky is the limit for this team”, added Cameron Hunt. Usually the farm teams of German BBL teams have an influx of very talented and very motivated Germans. Hunt is teammates with guard Joshua Obiesie who has already played BBL and Fiba Europe Cup at age 18 while other teammate big man Jonas Weitzel could win most improved Pro B Player who averaged 9/6 last season and currently is at 15/6 and appreciates it being able to be their teammate. “The sky is the limit for Joshua. He is only 19 years old but plays like he is much older than that. I think what most people don’t notice is how much fun he has playing basketball. Jonas has been great for us. You never have to worry about how hard he will play because he will always give 100%. He is also improving every day and I feel he has a very bright future”, stressed Cameron Hunt.

                The American who lists Brent Smith, Andrew Hamm, Myron Fisher, Jacob Horsch, and Dj Walla as his all-time best teammates has continued to be a scoring machine as a professional, but despite having that success, it still has been an adjustment learning a totally new kind of game. “The biggest adjustment I’ve had to make so far is the style of play in Europe. It is completely different over here but once I start making quicker reads I will be settled in”, said Cameron Hunt. He compares his game to Golden State Warrior DÁngelo Russell and is the kind of player that can score at ease, but also knows when to find his teammates, but there is another distinctive strength of the NBA player that Hunt enjoys. “I enjoy how D’angelo Russell plays the game at his own pace. He isn’t the fastest but you are going to go his speed when he has the ball. I think what I see the same in our game is we are always looking to make the right play. I really admire that about his game”, stressed Cameron Hunt. It is no secret that he can score at ease, but don´t rush calling him a walking bucket just yet. “I don’t think I am a walking bucket yet, as I have a lot more work to do. I feel scoring comes with also having a good passing game as a threat as well”, stressed Cameron Hunt. Two other strengths of his is seeing the floor well and getting steals. “I am never thinking of pass first or score first. I just feel if I make the correct basketball play every possession the results will be in my favor. I understand I have long arms so I try to use them a lot. If you can disrupt people´s offense your chances of winning increase drastically”, warned Cameron Hunt. He was a solid blocker at 196cm in the NAIA registering 44 in his 4 year career and never averaged more than 0,6 blocks per game, but as a rookie his shot blocking ability has skyrocketed to 1,2 and he currently has 22 blocks. He credits shot blocking as a hidden strength in his arsenal. “I think opponents just don’t realize how long my arms are”, smiled Cameron Hunt. He has taken his fine work ethic from Texas to Germany and his attention to detail continues to develop as well as his game as he learns under German coach Eric Detlev. “Coach has been wonderful. I have told him my personal goals and he has been all for it. He has developed some great players in the past so I take in everything he says to me”, warned Cameron Hunt. A few weeks ago he had the opportunity to relive his home town in the form of an animated sitcom created by the well known Amy Poehler who rose to fame with Saturday Night Live and it will air on Fox. Duncanville will revolve around the life of Duncan Harris, a normal 15-year-old boy, who is always one step away from making a bad decision. Duncan lives with his mom, a parking enforcement officer, who dreams of becoming a detective someday and always has to watch Duncan, his dad, who wants to be the best dad possible for his son, and his sister Kimberly. “I can’t wait to see how the show Duncanville turns out. I think it has a lot of potential and I’m definitely going to watch it now”, added Cameron Hunt in January 2020. One thing is for sure, Cameron isn´t like Duncan, because so far in his young basketball life he has made all the right decisions with going to Southwestern College KS(NAIA) and with TG s.Oliver Wurzburg. Currently he is averaging 21,4ppg, 4,2rpg and 5,0apg while shooting 41,3% from outside. He has scored in double figures in 17 of 18 games including a 37 points and 16 rebounds explosion against Oberaching, 31 points against Baunach and 29 points against FC Bayern Munich 2. He recently was rewarded with a three year contract and can still play up to 5 BBL games this season. For a guy that has had a chip on his shoulder his whole life, it won´t go away now after this huge success with the 3 year deal, but still be there, because he can still get better, develop further and reach higher levels. Sky is the limit for Cameron Hunt.

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