The Miles Basketball Minute With Curtis Hollis Volume 16

Curtis Hollis is a 21 year old 198cm forward from Arlington, Texas that is playing his first season overseas and first in Germany with the Dragons Rhondorf currently averaging 22,4ppg,8,2rpg,3,8apg and 3,1spg. He began his career at Mansfield Summit High School. In 2017-2018 he played with Hutchinson CC (JUCO) playing 34 games averaging 6.9ppg, 3.3rpg, 1.4apg, FGP: 50.0%, 3PT: 27.0%, FT: 66.3%. In 2018 he played in Lavar Ball’s new league with the Houston Ballers (JBL) playing 7 games: Score-5 (29.3ppg), 11.3rpg, 5.3apg, 2.6spg, FGP: 46.0%, 3PT: 21.2%, FT: 71.8%. He and I team up every week to talk basketball in the Miles basketball minute. 

Thanks Curtis for talking to Congrats on the big 102-84 victory over the Brington Ballers Ibbenburen. How good does it feel to be 2-0 in 2020 and how important was the break for the whole club?

It feels good to be 2-0 winning is always good. The break was very important for the club. We got to get away for a few weeks and refresh so that was good as well.

What were you thinking at halftime when the team had put up 64 points which was almost as muchas you scored in the loss in Ibbenburen in 40 minutes. Were you surprised of how Ibbenburen played or was it just one of those days where nothing worked the way they wanted to?

I was thinking we have to finish out the game 1 half means nothing. I wasn’t surprised We are a really good team we can do that to people. We just have to trying to put full games together.

Alex Dohms said that head coach Yassin Idbihi changed up some things during the break on the defensive end. Talk a little about the adjustments that have been made and how it has helped the Dragons game?

We just tried to mix it up on defense. We are playing stuff a different way to see if it works better. It helps our game because teams are seeing a new look so it’s tough to adjust for them.

With two wins in 2020, how are the Dragons Rhondorf a better team now then they were before Christmas?

We just try to get better every day. We have the talent people know that. We just have to put it all together.

Anish Sharda had a game to remember with 21 points, pin point passes a buzzer beater and scoring the 100th point. He scored 28 points earlier in the season, but was the last game against Ibbenburen his best game this season?

I guess you could say that. I saw he missed 1 shot maybe? You know Anish is a vet he gets it he understands so I’m never really surprised when he plays well.

What was your impression of Marco Porcher Jimenez who scored 25 points. The way he played with confidence reminded me a bit of your game:

He was good. Could shoot and was aggressive.

The next game is against BBG Herford who you lost to 97-91 earlier in the season. How excited are you for getting revenge and what will be key to getting the win this season?

I am Very excited for this game but focused. This is another big game for us back to back so we have to be ready. A key will be we have to stop them in transition.

You came into the game shooting over 40% from downtown. How peeved off are you going 0/4 and will your shoot more this week so you get back on track in the game against Herford

Not that much bothered. Just going to keep working and keep shooting they will fall.

With the presence of Gabriel De Olveira back in the paint, how much easier does he make your game especially on the transition?

It makes it easy for me because he opens up so much. Sets good screens and in transition he really runs the floor so I try to find him as much as I can.

Recently Luka Doncic had 9 triple doubles while the rest of the NBA only had 8. What kind of a value does this have at this stage of Donic’s career?

A lot of value. He’s a star!! Crazy what he’s doing.

An NBA expert that I can’t remember who it is recently said that as soon as Luka Doncic gets selfish on the court, his game is really going to get scary. Do you agree with that?

Yes. The Mavericks need to put some pieces around him so he can’t get doubled every game then he can really start killing.

What was the last movie that you saw?

Malcolm X.

Thanks Curtis for the chat.

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