It´s Donut Time Again As The Dragons Rhondorf Wipe Out BSV Wulfen 120-86

The new NBA season has been in progress already for more than a month and with Luka Doncic seemingly registering a triple double almost every game, the weeks have flown by and so have they for the Dragons Rhondorf as it seems like ages since they last lost a game. They last lost a game on October 3rd on the road to Ibbenburen and since then have exploded in the Regionalliga West with a lethal 7 game winning streak. Their offense continues to be their big weapon as they scored more than 100 points in 5 of their 7 wins, but their defense is still a work in progress, but with continued tweaking during the week improving even if the points allowed in games is still high. The Dragons Rhondorf entered the contest against BSV Wulfen with a 10-3 record and rested in third place while the guests came into the game near the bottom with a 5-8 record in 12th place. They began the season well with 2 wins in their first 3 games, but then suffered a severe drought losing 7 of 8 games where they suffered some misfortune losing three games by 5 points and less. They found back on the winning streak currently having a 2 game winning streak. Fans were excited for another import duel. In the last game, Americans Adam Pickett and Curtis Hollis combined for 50 points and in this battle Bryant Allen entered the game averaging 21ppg and both Americans put on a show combining for 48 points, but the Dragons Rhondorf offense was too consistent and overpowering winning 120-86. It was another normal day at the office for the Dragons Rhondorf as their offense was on fire scoring 34 points twice in a quarter. After the big win Curtis Hollis reflected on the huge win. “We played well together and did a good job limiting them to one shot per possession. A big focus this week was on transition and we got a lot of easy baskets. We didn´t do so well on limiting their offensive rebounds. We have to do a better job boxing out.”, commented Curtis Hollis who produced 21 points, 11 boards and 4 dimes.  BSV Wulfen weren´t at full strength as Hauke, Bellscheidt and Peters were missing due to illness as were 30 points. Despite not having three players, Missouri native Bryant Allen didn´t make any excuses. “I thought that we played well for the numbers we had. We fought the whole game. We knew that it would be a fight. We stuck together through adversary. You have to stay together through tough times and not point fingers. We wanted to push the ball and try to rattle them a bit and try to get as many offensive rebounds to get extra possessions”, added Bryant Allen who produced 27 points. Curtis Hollis made the 100th point and had to treat the team to donuts. It was the sixth time in the 8 game winning streak that the Dragons had eclipsed the 100 point mark. “This is the first time that I have to get donuts. We usually serve the donuts when all are there. We eat them as soon as we get them. It is weird and i´m a bit surprised that it took so long for me to score the 100 points this season”, expressed Texas native Curtis Hollis.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Curtis Hollis after dropping 21 points and getting 11 boards in the 120-86 win

                Scoring clinics have been on the menu in this huge winning streak for the Dragons Rhondorf and it was no different on this night as they stormed out on a quick 9-2 run. As usual the Dragons had a solid balance in their scoring spree as 37 year old Anish Sharda began the scoring attack with a left handed lay in, Killian Binapl and Jure Besedic scored with lay ins and Hollis made a dunk on transition. Scoring easily all day on the penetration was something the Dragons Rhondorf did taking advantage of the absence of 34 year old German Michael Hauke. The Dragons Rhondorf continued to attack the Wulfen basket as Besedic took advantage of the Hauke absence scoring twice in the paint extending their lead to 13-4. Allen hit a trey, but the Dragons Rhondorf´s offense was working like a clock work s as Hollis fished himself getting an offensive rebound and made the put back and 37 year old Spaniard Enric Garrido Foz added a trey as did Sharda for the 22-12 advantage. There was also an interesting play where it looked like Hollis went for the shot, but it was an airball which Binapfl caught and tapped in. “It was a little of both with a shot and pass. I went for the shot and in the last second saw him and passed it”, stressed Curtis Hollis. Allen was making big shots as was 19 year old German Alexander Winck to keep Wulfen not to far away. Rhondorf continued to plug away at the Wulfen zone getting added production from Hollis and Binapfl from downtown as the Dragons Rhondorf led 34-20. “Rhondorf played a lot faster, attacked more, had more emotion and were more physical. Key in their success is Enric Garrido Foz who is a real point guard that knows what he is doing”, added Telekom Baskets Bonn head coach Thomas Paech. The Dragons Rhondorf shot 63% from the field and 57% from outside and had 8 rebounds and 2 turnovers while BSV Wulfen shot 57% form the field and 40% from outside and had 7 rebounds and7 turnovers.

                In the second quarter the Dragons Rhondorf kept the comfortable lead, but couldn´t break away quite yet. The Dragons continued to spread the ball around as  they got buckets from Foz, a trey from Jonas Falkenstein and a hook shot form Marek Kotieno for the 41-24 advantage. One player that was really involved with the BSV Wulfen offense was 19 year old German Alexander Winck. He played with a lot of self confidence and was trying to fill the offensive void of Hauke and did a good job scoring baskets, rebounding the ball and creating for his teammates. He finished with 20 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. “He is our x-factor can guard the positions 1-4. He is young and works very hard. I push him every day for him to be the best that he can. He has a lot of potential. Sky is the limit for him”, stressed Bryant Allen. Both teams would cruise on little runs, but the Dragons Rhondorf maintained the double digit lead. After a Wulfen 5-0 run where Thorben Vadder scored on a 25 footer and German Jonas Kleinert nailed a trey to cut the Dragons lead to 42-29. Rhondorf then went on a 11-4 run to extend their lead to 53-33. In the run, the Dragons Rhondorf got a three from Anish Sharda, a lay in from Hollis and three baskets inside by Kotieno. BSV Wulfen ended the second quarter with a 9-2 run to get back into the game trailing at the break only 57-44. In the run, the guests received back to back three´s from Allen and Wink connected on a pretty high rainbow three pointer to trail only 57-44. “We weren´t switching and blowing defensive coverages. We weren´t locked in”, stressed Curtis Hollis. The Dragons Rhondorf shot 58% from the field and 50% from the three point line and had 20 rebounds and 5 turnovers while BSV Wulfen shot 48% from the field and 41% from the three point line and had 20 rebounds and 9 turnovers.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Bryant Allen after dropping 27 points in the loss

                In the third quarter the Dragons Rhondorf were able to heighten their offense and lead by as much as 32 points. The Dragons have so many weapons where almost any player can go off. One player who has demonstrated his keen ability of scoring in bunches is Killain Binapfl. He scored 9 points in the first four minutes showing his versatility hitting from outside inside and on transition. BSV Wulfen was forcing things at times which led to turnovers and they had huge difficulty to execute and hit shots. The Dragons Rhondorf also got production from Jonas Falkenstein who´s three pointer was on fire as he hit three and Beseidc also scored as did Hollis who nailed a trey. “Jonas is an unreal shooter. He is our second or third best shooter. His confidence is growing each game”, warned Curtis Hollis. The game had many beautiful plays , but one of the nicest one was a lay in by Hollis who was fed perfectly by Kotineo in the post who was double teamed, but found the American for the easy bucket. After three quarters the Dragons Rhondorf had the overwhelming 92-64 lead. “Foz is huge when he comes in. He gets everyone involved. He has so much experience and brings so much to the table. He is always helping the young players”, stressed Curtis Hollis. “We got a little tired. When your tired, you have to turn on your brain and think and make things easier. We got lazy and they kept pushing and wore us down”, warned Bryant Allen.  The Dragons Rhondorf shot.65% from the field and 61% from the parking lot and had 29 rebounds and 10 turnovers while BSV Wulfen shot 45% from the field and 40% from the parking lot and had 28 rebounds and 14 turnovers.

                In the fourth quarter the Dragons Rhondorf continued their scoring clinic as BSV Wulfen lost energy, but continued to fight. The Dragons Rhondorf began with a 8-3 run to extend their lead to   100-67. In the run Hollis and Binapfl did all the damage as Hollis scored from outside and inside and the German continued to do damage in the paint. The game was as good as decided, but that didn´t mean tat BSV Wulfen couldn´t attempt a comeback. BSV Wulfen went on a 10-2 run to cut the Dragons lead to 102-77. In the run the guests got two three pointers from German Steffen Piechotta.It is an advantage when you have such a lethal offense as the Dragons do, but the defensive work continues to be a work in progress as they still allow too many easy baskets and can´t rebound consistently. The runs of both teams continued as one team would get hot and the other cold. Now it was the Dragons Rhondorf turn again as they went on a 12-2 run to extend their lead to 113-79. In the run, it was Killian Binapfl again who gave the term scoring in bunches a new meaning as he scored three baskets. David Falkenstein also scored. With the gamed decided, the last two minutes showed two teams trading baskets as Kotieno scored twice and David Falkenstein scored again while Piechotta scored the last 5 points of the game. “At the end the starters were out. The bench tried to keep the same intensity. They aren´t used to it and are still trying to adjust to it. But they did a great job”, stressed Curtis Hollis. “We kept fighting. It would have been easy to sink our heads, but we didn´t. We kept communicating and fighting until the end”, stated Bryant Allen. The Dragons Rhondprf were led by Killian Binapfl with 31 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists. Curtis Hollis added 21 points and Mark Kotieno 19 points and 9 rebounds while Jonas Falkenstein added 15 points while BSV Wulfen was led by Bryant Allen with 27 points. Alexander Winck added 20 points and Steffen Piechotta had 15 points . The Dragons Rhondorf shot 65% from the field and 56% from outside and had 39 rebounds and 11 turnovers while BSV Wulfen shot 41% form the field and 37% from outside and had 42 rebounds and 17 turnovers.

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