The Miles Basketball Minute With Curtis Hollis Volume 6

Curtis Hollis is a 21 year old 198cm forward from Arlington, Texas that is playing his first season overseas and first in Germany with the Dragons Rhondorf currently averaging 20,5ppg,7,6rpg,31apg and 2,9spg. He began his career at Mansfield Summit High School. In 2017-2018 he played with Hutchinson CC (JUCO) playing 34 games averaging 6.9ppg, 3.3rpg, 1.4apg, FGP: 50.0%, 3PT: 27.0%, FT: 66.3%. In 2018 he played in Lavar Ball’s new league with the Houston Ballers (JBL) playing 7 games: Score-5 (29.3ppg), 11.3rpg, 5.3apg, 2.6spg, FGP: 46.0%, 3PT: 21.2%, FT: 71.8%. He and I will team up every week to talk basketball in the Miles basketball minute.

Curtis thanks for talking to Congrats on a huge 104-80 win against Recklinghausen. The team has a 3 game winning streak. Do you ever spoil yourself after a win with a dinner or something else or are you the kind of guy that is happy about a win but quickly looks forward to the next game?

Nah I don’t spoil myself. It’s just another game! A win is always good but we have a bigger goal so it’s on to the next.

A big win where the offense really stood out again and the team had 27 assists. Talk a bit about the game and what other keys there were for getting the well deserved victory?

We played well together and got stops defensively any time we do that we’re very hard to beat!

American Antoine Myers was a force with 29 points. As a young buck do you take notice of certain things that he does on the court that may help you in some way in your game?

Yes I did definitely. He helped me while we were playing actually on reads and different stuff like that giving me pointers. I really appreciated that from him. He’s really good as well

The defense allowed 80 points. What kind of steps does the defense continue to make now another week goes by as everyone continues to gel better on the court?

I still feel like that’s too much. But we’re getting better figuring out our help side defense and limiting teams to 1 possession.

Head coach Yassin Idbihi inserted 12 guys. What has been his secret to keeping everyone relaxed and happy with the minutes that they get?

I mean we all know he knows what’s he’s doing. He’s playing to win so whatever he does rotation wise and stuff like that we trust him and know he’s making the right decision.

Another big offensive production by the Dragons Rhondorf. How much easier has the big rise in the offense done for you not having that pressure to need to score more It seems like you don´t have to score as much as in the first weeks

I agree. People have been coming along and getting more comfortable so it’s definitely taken some off me and I don’t have to do as much or take as many shots like you said. That’s been great! We have a talented team so when we play together everybody gets to do their thing

With so many offensive options now, how has that given you freedom to use other parts of your game to help the team be successful?

It’s given me freedom to pass and get others involved. Really help them get as comfortable as they can and making sure I get them shots where they like it in their spots. So that’s been good for me as well.

Just on steals and defense and turnovers how do you value your performance against Recklinghausen with 5 steals and 2 turnovers?

Pretty good. Could have had more steals but overall not bad. Like I always say about turnovers those aren’t a big deal for me. I see it as me being aggressive so it happens.

The teammate spotlight this week is on German big man Gabriel De Olveira. With 16 points and 4 rebounds in 18 minutes. What has impressed you most about his game and do you think that he will be a solid free throw shooter by the end of the season?

He’s a monster. So athletic, knows how to finish around the rim and can really rebound the ball! He’s on a double license with the BBL for a reason. I hope he becomes a fantastic free throw shooter because like I always tell him, that’s the difference between 18 & 25. Making all your free throws.

The NBA season started last week. What is your impression of the Los Angeles Lakers. With Lebron James and Anthony Davis two top players in the NBA. But they also have a nice supporting act. Will this team function? How far will they go?

The Lakers are really good, AD & Lebron are amazing of course but I feel like they are missing a scorer. They can’t do it by themselves come playoff time.

Halloween is coming up this week. How did you celebrate Halloween as a kid and what was your favorite costume you wore and favorite candy that you got?

I just went with my friends neighborhood to neighborhood and got all the candy so I could eat it the next day at school. Haha nothing too special. My favorite candy had to be the jolly ranchers.

Thanks Curtis for the chat.

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