Current Basketball Affairs With Pete Strobl Episode 6

Pete Strobl has been around the European basketball scene for 20 years having had a stellar professional basketball career and was an assistant coach for German easyCredit BBL team ratiopharm Ulm last season. He recently was named head coach of the Basketball Lowen Braunschweig. He played at Niagara (NCAA) from 1997-2000 and then had a 9 year professional playing career that took him to countries like Germany, Austria, France, Ireland, Iceland and Switzerland. He founded The Scoring Factory in Pittsburgh and wrote a must read book called Backspin. He is a very interesting basketball mind that doesn´t shy away from speaking his mind especially on Twitter. German Hoops and Pete Strobl will team up every month talking basketball with the title “Current basketball affairs with Pete Strobl. You can follow Pete Strobl on twitter @petestrobl

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Pete Strobl

You almost beat Munich, are you satisfied with where your team’s progress at this point?

Absolutely not! Munich is an amazing club and the reigning champs. They deserve a lot of respect for what they’ve accomplished. I’m proud that we played a very solid game after recovering from a rough start, but at the end of the day we lost the game. I should make it clear that I’ll never be totally “satisfied” even after a win because there’s always something that we could have done better. We’re building something special here in Braunschweig and developing our overall winning mentality requires a high level of focus and determination so we constantly improve. We want success and we’re willing to sacrifice and work for it on a daily basis.

Does Braunschweig have a chance to be a consistent contender in the BBL?

Yes would be my concise and confident answer. Nonetheless, there are a lot of factors at play in order to make our vision here a reality. I know that we’ll be judged in the future for our accomplishments today, but we can’t spend so much time dreaming in the future that we skip over the necessary day-to-day grind required to lay the foundation for future success. I’m extremely optimistic and we know that we’re heading in the right direction. As long as we control that which is within our grasp, I have no doubt that Braunschweig will become a basketball powerhouse.

How would you describe your overall coaching style and philosophy?

I’ve heard from my coaching peers that I have a reputation for details, player development, brutal honesty, positive energy and communication. As a former player I was able to experience and compete against a lot of different styles and strategies. I’ve absorbed different aspects over the years that best fit my own personality. On one side that means aggressive and active defense so the other team has to really work to get good shots, but on the other side we create and make the extra pass to find our most open shot. I’m very demanding of our players, but I also allow a high level of freedom. I want to develop high-level players that can read the game and have the confidence to create like an artist.

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