Jordan Brangers Won´t Change Anything About His Game as It Is Special And Has Been Effective His Whole Life

Jordan Brangers is a 188cm guard that was born in Radcliff, Kentucky and attended North Hardin High School. He played his professional rookie season in Germany with the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven averaging 12,7ppg, 1,7rpg and 1,9apg while shooting a respectable 34,7% from outside. The club released him at the end of 2018. He began his basketball career with South Plains JC (JUCO) and in his second year played 30 games averaging 16.0ppg, 2.9rpg, 2.3apg, FGP: 44.2%, 3PT: 39.9%, FT: 74.4%. He left school after only two years and could be the first player ever to come out of JUCO and reach the easyCredit BBL. He spoke to about his basketball career.

Jordan thanks for talking to Where are you at the moment and how has your summer been?

I am currently in Miami, Florida working out and playing in the Miami Pro League. My summer has been pretty solid so far just a lot of workouts and trying to get better at a couple things.

It has six months since the surprising release from the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven. Was it at that time a shock or unexpected or was it something that you thought might happen due to the poor season that the club was having?

Honestly, I think it was a little bit of both. Didn’t think they were going to release me, but then did end up letting me go and I would say some of that had to do with the amount of talent we had and just didn’t live up to expectations and won games like we should have.

How tough was it dealing with this experience? How did you deal with it going into the new year and how did you remain positive after having your moments with the club?

It was very tough knowing that playing in the BBL was a big step for me and it could help along down the road and then I ended up getting released kind of blew my spirits up. Just told myself I got to keep working hard and can’t let clubs decision effect how I approach my next job opportunity

In the very short press release by the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven then head coach Dan Panaggio lauded you as being a very talented young player, but criticized your defense. Do you feel like having that flaw was justified for giving you your release?

I don’t think defense was a problem for me playing in the BBL. At the time I felt like they were blaming a couple team issues and problems on me and believe I was the cause for the club losing some games.

The Eisbaeren Bremerhaven were struggling from the start. The club was defending poorly and there were enough other guys that weren’t doing the job on the defensive end. Do you think like the club used you as an escape goat?

Definitely thought they used me as a escape goat. 100% feel like that and with it being my 1st time in Europe I’m sure they thought they could use me and the majority of the problems. Honestly, I don’t think the whole team was defending at all. That’s just my opinion on the situation.

You had great moments on offense like your 29 points against Science City Jena. Despite being a rookie and having to play in Europe and a totally different style, how content were you with your offensive game?

Wasn’t content with my offensive game at all. Although, I had a couple really good scoring games I felt like I 100% could of played a lot better, but being a rookie I didn’t think I got the opportunity to showcase what I could really do.

Your big strength is your shooting, but you have the whole offensive package with the mid range, getting to the hoop and passing. Do you feel like you could show your whole offensive arsenal when you were in Germany or was everyone blinded by your outside shooting?

I’ve got the whole package, but I think everyone was blinded by the shots I was taking and how deep the 3’s were I was shooting. Honestly, I don’t think the BBL has seen someone shoot it so deep like I was doing in a couple years from what I know.

After this experience with the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven, what did you learn about your shot having played at a high level in Europe? Will you change anything up on how you continue to work on continuing to perfect your shot or will you continue to do what you have been doing the last years to be the player that you have been?

I’ve learned a lot of things that I definitely needed to understand about how the game was played over there, but as far as changing the style of how I play I don’t think I will ever change that. I believe my style is unique and it’s been effective my whole life. Playing in Bremerhaven in the BBL my rookie season taught me a lot about playing in Europe and how things are run.

Despite playing only three months in the easyCredit BBL, how do you feel did your game profit best?

Yeah, I think my game fit pretty good. I don’t think I lacked anything and I adjusted to the speed fairly quickly. You know some people don’t really adjust when they first get over to Europe, but I thought I did a good job of that.

You had the chance to play in one of Europe’s top leagues with the easyCredit BBL. What positives do you feel did you get out of the whole experience?

I thought it was positive. I had some really good games over there and I had the chance to play against some really good players and teams. Munich, Bamberg, Vechta, and Etc. But I really felt like the biggest thing that was positive for me was being able to showcase how special my scoring abilities are.

The Eisaberen Bremerhaven had many veterans and guys with a lot of experience in the NBA and Europe. Was there a particular teammate that stood out who helped you in your short time there

You know it’s pretty cool you asked that. Darnell Jackson, Chris Warren, and Elston Turner all helped me out when I was there and basically steered me into the right direction on how to do a lot of things and how playing in Europe works. I’m very thankful they were there when I was there it was a good experience. Also Gilbert Brown helped me along the well as well for his short time there, but we left around the same time.

You’re a guy that has a lot of self-confidence. How confident are you that you will be playing your second professional season

I’m very confident. You know I’ve worked very hard my whole life and I have a lot of confidence in what I can do on the court, but I’ve been very excited and looking forward to what my 2nd professional season brings me.

How have you been keeping busy in the last six months? Has it been mostly about staying in shape and being ready for that next opportunity or did you experience some other things beneficial to your career?

I’ve really just been working out and trying to stay in the best shape as possible. That’s all you can really do at that point, but I know I usually play in a couple Pro Leagues during the summer so that always helps.

On what parts of your game have you been working on most in the last six months? Did you take extra effort in working on your defense so if you get another job in Europe, you will be ready?

I’ve really been working on my passing and decision making. I really think it’ll help me at my next spot wherever I am at. And I really haven’t worked on defensive I honestly think I’m a very capable defender.

Is Germany a place that you would like to return to? If a German Pro A team gave you a chance, would you take back a step or is the easyCredit BBL the main goal?

Yeah, I really liked Germany. Now if a Pro A team gave me shot who knows I might take or might not you never know what will happen. My main goal is the NBA, but if I was to get another shot at the BBL I would love that.

Who was the toughest player that you faced in the easyCredit BBL?

Wow. That’s a easy one. Tyrese Rice from Bamberg.

What is your summary of the 2019 NBA Draft? Were there any surprises and what sleepers do you see coming out of it?

Thought the 2019 draft was a pretty solid draft, but there’s always some sleepers that come out of the draft every year. My sleepers are Kevin Porter JR and Carsten Edwards.

What was the last movie that you saw?

Last movie I saw was ‘Love and Basketball’

Thanks Jordan for the chat.

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