Current Basketball Affairs With Pete Strobl Episode 4

Pete Strobl has been around the European basketball scene for 20 years having had a stellar professional basketball career and was an assistant coach for German easyCredit BBL team ratiopharm Ulm last season. He recently was named head coach of the Basketball Lowen Braunschweig. He played at Niagara (NCAA) from 1997-2000 and then had a 9 year professional playing career that took him to countries like Germany, Austria, France, Ireland, Iceland and Switzerland. He founded The Scoring Factory in Pittsburgh and wrote a must read book called Backspin. He is a very interesting basketball mind that doesn´t shy away from speaking his mind especially on Twitter. German Hoops and Pete Strobl will team up every so often talking basketball with the title “Current basketball affairs with Pete Strobl. You can follow Pete Strobl on twitter @petestrobl

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Pete Strobl in Frankfurt in 2019

Tell us about some of the changes in your basketball life since last time we talked?

There have been some huge changes since we spoke last. I’m excited about the opportunity to be the Head Coach of Basketball Löwen Braunschweig. I’m a big believer in goal-setting and then systematically working toward ensuring that goals actually come true. Being a part of Ulm was wonderful and we made a lot of great memories there. But as the playoffs wound down for us, I knew I was ready to take the next step in my coaching career. I had grown to have a desire to lead a group with my own style and philosophy. Sometimes you have to literally speak your dreams into existence and I’m very honored to be in a position now to put my stamp on a program. 

You have signed several German prospects recently, is that a part of your philosophy?

Developing players and in particular German prospects is a very big part of my overall philosophy. I’m not sure people even realize how much talent is coming up through the ranks right now in Germany. There’s been some great work done on the youth levels the past few years by a number of clubs, and there are some talented guys just waiting for a chance to show what they can do. I simply want to help them, and our club, take the next step. I plan to push these guys closer toward their personal potential while providing a solid platform for them to shine on the brightest possible stage. We’ve already signed some players I’m really excited about and expect for them to become household names in our league!

What can the league expect from Braunschweig this season?

A team that plays together and competes with fire, energy and heart. We’re going to put players in a position to demonstrate their individual abilities in a “team first” environment built on a culture of trust and support. Players who work hard and demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow will earn the freedom to play beautiful basketball in arguably the best league in Europe. I love what we’re doing and have enjoyed every step of the process thus far. We’re building for the future and we have big plans for how we want to develop over the next several years to truly establish Braunschweig first as a consistent playoff contender, and next as a representative of the BBL on the international stage.

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