Tony Hicks And Terrell Harris Were Vital For Chris Frazier finding His Old Self In Ways Where He Couldn’t Have Done on His Own

Chris Frazier is a 28 year old 182cm shooting guard that hails from Heidelberg, Germany, but also has the American citizenship and finished his fifth professional season and second with the Rostock SeaWolves averaging 2,5ppg, in 6,8 minutes per game. Last season he helped them reach the Pro A averaging 9,9ppg,1,2rpg and 1,6apg. He started his basketball career at TV Schwetzingen (Germany-2.Regionalliga) before moving to the States to play at Dubuque (NCAA3) from 2010-2014 playing a total of 107 games and as a senior played 26 games averaging 13.7ppg, 2.5rpg, 1.7apg, FGP: 43.8%, 3PT: 42.0%, FT: 88.0%. He came back to Germany in 2014 and played with the Otto Baskets Magdeburg (Germany-ProB) playing 20 games averaging 16.1ppg, 4.5rpg, 1.7apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 45.0%, 3PT: 37.1%, FT: 80.6%. In the 2015-2016 season he made the jump to the BBL playing for the Crailsheim Merlins (Germany-BBL) playing 13 games averaging 2.3ppg. In the 2016-2017 season he played for the Artland Dragons (Germany-ProB) playing 25 games averaging 13.0ppg, 2.3rpg, 1.4apg, FGP: 54.9%, 3PT: 39.7%, FT: 79.4%. He spoke to after the 2018-2019 season.

Thanks Chris for talking to Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you?

Hey Miles it’s nice to link up again. I am currently still in Rostock training and getting ready for whatever comes my way next season. The basketball life of course is always a blessing.

Congrats on a very successful season with the Rostock Seawolves. If you could describe the most special quality there is in the Rostock Seawolves culture what would it be?

Appreciate it. The quality that Rostock has more than any club that I’ve been apart of so far is that they really treat you like family here. If there is a problem it gets resolved ASAP.

The Rostock Seawolves played the Hamburg Towers tough, but lost 3-1 in the quarterfinals. How disappointing was this playoff series loss and do you feel like there was much more for the taking to have been successful than what the reality showed?

Hamburg beat us that’s that. We know and believe that we could have beaten Hamburg, they just had more experience in certain situations. At the end of the day they won fair and square!

In all three loses to the Hamburg Towers, Rostock was outrebounded and shot poorly from outside. What other factors contributed to not allowing you to get by this team?

It was nothing that they did that kept us from winning. It was all on us. Like you said shooting was a problem that series. If we make more shots we win those games. On the boards they just wanted it more than we did. Self inflicted

The club started up and down, but then had it’s best stretch from mid December to March winning 10 of 11 games. What was the team doing best there that allowed them to be so strong?

At that time we were playing our best defense. We went on a crazy run because we were just so aggressive on the floor. That just made certain teams uncomfortable.

You have seen a lot of arenas in your life, but there is only one Stadthalle Rostock. Describe a little why the atmosphere there made it so special to play there this season?

Our fans and the atmosphere is like no other in Germany. There might be a couple of Bundesliga teams that might be louder than our fans, but win or lose I’ve never seen the support that Seawolves fans give to the organization.

What do you feel was the club season highlight? Possibly sweeping Heidelberg or beating top team Chemnitz by 20 points?

To be honest I think it’s when we beat Hamburg in the playoffs. We might have lost that series, but I believe from that point on people will always have the Seawolves on their minds because this club is just getting started on building something special.

Let’s talk about your teammates. Yannick Anzuluni was back in Rostock for his second tour of duty and is one of those players that has had to climb the basketball ladder from the bottom. What made his game so special and was it easy to recognize that he lives and dies for the Seawolves?

Yannick is a special kind of talent. I say that because it seems half the time like he is not even trying, but at the end of that game has 28pts 9reb 4stls. Yannick will for sure go down as one of the best Seawolves player to come through here.

How much of a pleasure was it being teammates with Tony Hicks? What was your fondest memory with him and how much did you appreciate his playmaking?

Tony helped me in ways where I don’t even think he realizes it. Going up against players like him and Terrell Harris helped me find my old self in ways where I couldn’t have done it on my own. They both brought the best out of me every day in practice. Fondest memory too many he was our leader on the floor and took over when he needed too.

The club had three guys that averaged double figures in scoring including American Terrell Harris. How quickly did it take you to notice that there aren’t many more fierce competitors than him around?

Like I said above. Terrell brought out the best in me. We battled everyday and I can say that he hast brought my defensive level up to where it should be. He is easily top 3 shooting guard in the ProA .

How did you experience the development of German Tom Alte. He had played BBL, but had his Pro A break through with Rostock. What did you appreciate most about his game and can one define him as saying that he lives on the rim?

Tom is a talent that people need to watch out for. He is super athletic, he can score where ever. As soon as he finds that ‘dog’ in him and plays with an aggressive, but smart way, he will be a force to deal with. Great guy with a bright future.

Excluding Tom Alte, which other German player do you feel developed best from the German players?

Darian Cardenas. He is another young German talent that a lot of people overlook. He had a break through this season and I believe that he will only get better. Watch out for him in the near future!

Let’s talk about your game. After averaging 31 minutes and helping Rostock reach the Pro A, this season you averaged only 6,8 minutes. Was this the toughest season in your career?

I won’t lie. It was hard and head scratching. I know I could have helped the team more than I did, but I still appreciate the chance Rostock gave me. Coach gave me my chances and I took full advantage of every moment.

Did this season bring back memories to your BBL season with Crailsheim? You definitely deserved more minutes. What factors do you believe led to you not getting more minutes?

It reminded me a little bit of Crailsheim except in Crailsheim I broke my foot and it was hard to get into the rotation. This season I honestly don’t know why I didn’t receive more minutes. When I came in I actually did a lot for the minutes that I did play, but Coach had a different vision which required me to take a role that I had to accept and battled every day to get the guys ready.

How tough is it to develop in general when your getting less minutes. What positives can you take from the season concerning your game?

It was hard because I didn’t want to accept it and I battled every day to gain more minutes with little success. What I can say is that I am a way better defender now than I was last season thanks to Terrell.

In the summer of 2018 in our last interview you stated this would be a make or break season. How do you feel will you bounce back from your second Rostock season best?

I said that and I meant it, but the season didn’t break me. I saw and viewed the game differently this year and took a lot for myself to improve in the summer. I can’t remember the time where I’ve been this motivated to get started for the new season.

Who was the toughest player that you battled in the Pro A this season?

Toughest player I battled this season was Terrell Harris.

What is the next step for you? I can’t imagine that you will stay in Rostock? Would another Pro A team be a goal or possibly going to another country or would a top Pro B team with ambitious for the Pro A get your attention?

Haha a lot of people say they can’t imagine me staying here, but we will see how the future plays out. Everything is open for me. I would stay and prove that I belong, I’m open to any Pro A teams and Pro B teams that want to seriously do something. Wherever I can get a chance to prove myself all over again.

On what things will you be working on this summer to continue to keep improving as a player and keep moving up the basketball ladder?

My all around game and my body. I guess I’m to skinny to play in the Pro A so I guess it’s time to put on weight.

If you had to pick your personal favorite starting five of teammates over the years which players would you chose?

PG (Matt Reid) SG (Terrell Harris) SF (Shy Ely) PF (Greg Graves) C (Adam Chubb)

It’s still so early, but when all is said and done could Luka Doncic be one of the greatest Europeans that ever played in the NBA?

If Luka does anything like his rookie season throughout his career he will easily be the 2nd best. There never be anybody better than Dirk.

What was your reaction when you heard that Lebron James named himself the greatest of all-time?

Lebron James is the best all around player of all time, but he isn’t the GOAT if that makes sense. He was brave to say it, but he saw what happens this year.

Charles Barkley recently proclaimed that Tom Brady Is more of a GOAT than Michael Jordan. Do you share his opinion?

Chuck is just mad that him And MJ aren’t friends anymore.

If Tom Brady does win a seventh Super Bowl where will he stand with the greatest athletes of all-time?

No. MJ would still Be the greatest athletes to ever play a sport.

What was the last movie that you saw?

Jurassic World

Thanks Chris for the chat.

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