Please Help Noah Berge

Sometimes life can be so cruel and when one hears about serious tragedy one tends to stop for a moment and thank God for being blessed to see another day and being healthy. Noah Berge isn’t as fortunate, but he will see tomorrow and the next day, but the bad news is he is paralyzed from the neck down and will never walk again. Yesterday the news broke in Germany that the young German basketball player had been hit by a tram in Jena. A serious operation saved his life, but he won’t be able to walk again as his life took a severe 180 degree turn last week.

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Berge had been an ambitious basketball player that had started his basketball career with USC Leipzig and in the last years had developed his basketball talent further in Chemnitz with the Ninners where he played for their NBBL (U-19) team and also played with the men with the Regionaliga team. Last season he had made the next step in his career and moved to Dresden and played there for the second Regionaliga team and also played for the Pro B team. He was going to start his sport studies in Jena now, but this tragic accident has put a huge hurdle in his life goals. His life has completely changed and now there will be enormous challenges for the young man as well as for his mother who has the sole responsibiity for caring for him and his little brother. There will be huge financial challenges for the family and financial support will be needed for therapy and rehab expenses.

Besides having to cope with these unimaginable pains of wondering how life will be now, the young man still will have additional operations to cope with on his tough road to recovery. One could see right away how much support and love there is for Noah as in no time family and friends began a fundraising campaign. 30,000 Euro are needed for the money to be paid and so far 350 persons have donated getting the total up to 22,489 Euro which was the latest status as of Tuesday night. If you would like to donate some money to Noah Berge or his recovery plan please visit Everyone at wish all the best for Noah and hope that he and his family can be able to somehow master this unimaginale pain and grief with time.

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