Ron Howard (HowardHoops) I’m Bringing Players To The Best Country In Europe To Possibly Start Their Pro Career

Ron Howard is the CEO of HowardHoops who has been organizing professional games for years for unknown, but hungry professional players seeking that opportunity overseas to make a living playing the game that they love. He had a solid professional career in Europe mainly playing in Germany for teams like Stahnsdorf, Leitershofen, Achersleben and Limburg. He also played in Romania and Bulgaria and played at Cuesta JC (CJCAA), San Bernardino Valley JC (CJCAA) and Mayville State (NAIA). He is preparing two new Howard Hoops tours in Germany on July 28th and in Tunisia in September. He spoke to German Hoops about Howard Hoops.

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Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Ron Howard have a special basketball relationship helping players get signed to pro teams through HowardHoops

Ron thanks for talking to German Hoops. Where are you at the moment and how has your summer been going?

At the moment I’m in Minnesota! 

We last saw each other last a little more than a year ago during the HowardHoops international tour. How have you kept busy in the last year?

Well since I last saw you I’ve transitioned back home to the states. Living in California training and coaching some of the top athletes around California.

You spent the last year in the states and have been religiously training boys and girls all over the place. How did you come up with this after helping organize games in Europe and the states for unknown players and helping find teams for them.

I’ve always trained athletes I’ve just never broadcasted it like I’ve been doing recently. I’ve also built a relationship with these certain players that I train.

You really have been training many boys and girls. How challenging is this to give the correct training methods and have you found any gems yet?

Honestly the only challenging part that I have is making the kids commit to the Working Hard as I like to call it The Grind. Once their committed then its my job from there is to put the correct tools in their game and show them how to play it the right way, because in today’s game this young generation just wants to shoot 3’s and dribble 1,000 times

In the past you trained German Oberliga team ESOC Offenbach. Do you still have duties there or has your player training taken over and left the German gig on ice for now?

I’m Glad you asked about EOSC. Offenbach will always be my duty to continue developing, mentoring & training the youth of Germany they have Malik and Bonga to look up to now

You are the CEO of Howard Hoops and brought it into life in 2015. What makes the HowardHoops experience so special and unique that players won´t find anywhere else?

The thing that makes Howard Hoops experience so special is that I’m actually bringing you to the best Country in Europe to possibly start your pro career. Germany in my eye is well respected safe clean and basketball is rising there.

On July 28 starts the HowardHoops 2 tour which will showcase HowardHoops players battling against German teams. What can we expect from this tour?

We can expect to see 14 hungry players getting after it on both ends sharing the basketball and having fun doing it

You look at so much video and read through countless resumes. How challenging is it coming up with the HowardHoops roster? How difficult was it again this time having to reject some guys who also would have deserved to be on the roster?

This time it was very difficult to reject players. But as I tell them stop waisting your money and time going to camps when you can actually go to the country where they actually are looking for players

You are really branching out and will have another HowardHoops tour in September in Tunisia. How did this tour come about and why did you pick this country?

Yes I will be going to Tunisia this September I’m so grateful for this opportunity I’ve been wanting to Branch and I said why not Tunisia this would be a great opportunity.

You also have been releasing videos called Road Across The Water. How are the preparations for the long awaited HowardHoops DVD?

I’ve been prepping for this an entire year now so I’m in the final stages. The Last 2 Episode will be in Germany for the Tour

You continue to place many guys from the tours to professional teams. Recently Chris Miller extended his contract with Regionalliga team Giessen Pointers. How much of a role model is he for all HowardHoops players?

He is a big piece. I am so proud of him you do not understand the Hard work he puts in the off-season to get we’re he is at today I will train him August 1st when he returns to Germany

Another year has passed since we last chatted in an official interview. What was your biggest highlight in the last year in your work as Ronald Howard the guy who helps young players find that job overseas as well as your work outs with countless boys and girls players?

Big highlights from my Pros I got to see the growth of HowardHoops Ivan Vernon in Grieshiem & Denzel Brito in to top it off with Millers performance championship in Giessen. Although developing my youth girls & boys my major highlight was seeing my freshman PG Kianna Smith from CAL Berkeley play her first collegiate season.

You continue to always come up with new ideas especially when your on the road and always setting new goals. Can you revel some new plans for the future?

I’m working the kinks now closing the deal for The Dominican Republic Tour

What was the last movie that you saw?


Thanks Ron for the chat.

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