Isaac Bonga Starts Basketball Cinderella Story Signing With The Los Angeles Lakers

Where the private thoughts of Isaac Bonga were in the last days concerning his future with the Los Angeles Lakers must have been very intense, because if he hasn’t noticed yet that he is living the ultimate Cinderella basketball story then at least his famiy and closest friends and agency Wasserman must have reminded him just how lucky he was. Working out for the Los Angeles Lakers and getting advice from the legend and possibily one of the best point guards to ever play Magic Johnson would get any basketball player on earth jealous, but finding out he could be practicing with the best player on earth and maybe being NBA teammates in the future with Lebron James and learning from Mr triple double Rajon Rondo is something he never would have imagined only a little bit of a month ago. There he was horsing around and having fun with his teammates of the Fraport Skyliners like Quantez Robertson and Mike Morrsion and posing with fans at the official Fraport Skyliners farewell party. In only a short time he has gone from boy to seemingly man as now his ultimate basketball experience is starting with the Los Angeles Lakers. This reality was confirmed yesterday as all this was not a dream as the German 18 year old wonder boy was given a three year deal according to numerous media reports.

There were always numerous NBA scouts and NBA team officials at Isaac Bonga‘s games this season to watch the young phenom do his thing, but when Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka showed up in a nice Lakers long sleeve shirt in May, nobody really jumped to conclusions that Bonga could be drafted by the Lakers simply because there were always so many NBA team officials watching him, but then again one could have carefully come to the conclusion that something was up with Pelink’s visit simply because it is extra special when a general manager of an NBA team comes to watch instead of just an NBA international team scout. Pelinka didn’t let his fascination come out at halftime of the game about Bona’s skill level, but something remained very present in his mind about his game. The 39th overall pick in this years’ NBA Draft, Bonga was acquired from Philadelphia yesterday in exchange for a 2019 second round draft pick and cash considerations. Last season with the Fraport Skyliners, the German played 34 games averaging 6.0ppg, 3.1rpg, 2.2apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 44.4%, 3PT: 33.3%, FT: 90.0%. When the selection was made there was speculation that the German was a draft and stash prospect, but now with this signing, it appears like despite the Lakers looking to win quick with the acqusition of Lebron James, they are looking to develop Bonga in their system. The possibily of Bonga retruning back to Frankfurt seem less likely now as he has the chance to practice regulary with the NBA team while also playing for their G-League team South Bay Lakers. It is fitting and very convenient that the home games of the South Bay Lakers is where the NBA team also practices in El Segundo only a short ride from the airport LAX. Playing with the Lakers G-League team and always being avaliable to pratice with teh NBA team seems to be the best fit now for his NBA career. Bonga is slated to play NBA Summer League in Las Vegas and should play his first game satuday against the Philadelphia 76ers.

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