Will Kameron Taylor Smile Again Or Will The Dragons Rhondorf Season End Abruptly in Wolfenbuettel?

  • With the clock winding down and a few minutes to play and the Dragons Rhondorf down by 11 points, it got untastefully quiet in the usual boisterous and electric Dragon Dome as fans were not wanting to believe that the game was going down the basketball drain, but basketball reality was rearing it´s ugly head into their Saturday night entertainment and playing spoiler. The Dragons Rhondorf had been like a fortress at home losing only two games at home in the regular season to Giessen and the ScanPlus Baskets and when it counted most in the playoffs, they were unable to get the job done in their own comfortable living room losing game one 83-76 to MTV Herzoege Wolfenbuettel and now had eight long days to recuperate, play long mental games, devise a game plan and win a do or die game in Wolfenbuettel next weekend. To make the whole situation even worse, but in a way the sudden and scary injury to Tom Alte with seven seconds remaining stole the Dragons Rhondorf fans from the pending miserable game one loss as their disappointment from the game quickly shifted 180 degrees as sheer horror entered everyone´s mind as the talented German big man lay helpless on the floor to the side of the basket in tears and massive pain as minutes went by and he didn´t get up. He had battled Rhondorf guard Viktor Frankel-Maus for a rebound and came down on his foot and twisted it. The ex TV Langen forward finally did get up and was helped by players and team helpers to the bench where his suffering continued while nobody cared anymore for the last seconds of the game. It was an unwanted and unneeded ending to a long and dreaded day for the Dragons Rhondorf as they have their backs to the wall and have to travel to northern Germany to save their season and let it continue. Even if the status of Tom Alte was unknown 15 minutes after the end, he was somewhat smiling again as he was helped by Ole Angerstein and another teammate to the bench. Everybody hopes that Alte will be ok, but from the look of his injury, it seems like his season is history. The question now for all Dragon Rhondorf fans is, will Kameron Taylor smile again, or will his season abruptly end next weekend in Wolfenbuettel.
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    Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Kameron Taylor after his buzzer beater against the Fraport Skyliners Juniors

  • Usually after games this season in Rhondorf, Kameron Taylor had poured out that incredible winners smile that could lite up even the darkest rooms in broken down housing areas in the Bronx, New York and when he is at his basketball happiest, his radiance can be as bright as a store window at FAO Schwarz during the Christmas time. But when a Kameron Taylor loses, he can become as stern as that police cop who stops you and has no expression when the driver tries to be funny in the most unwanted of situations expressing “where were you hiding”?  After the game one loss, Taylor was like that cool, but angry looking cop minus the sunglasses. For a guy like Taylor who is used to winning and has been a huge factor in the success of the Dragons Rhondorf having to lose game one the way he did must of already created unbearable unending thoughts in his mind minutes after the buzzer sounded. But to credit his immaculate character, he didn´t shun the press and head into the locker room like a spoiled seven year old kid who didn´t get the right gift at Christmas, but hung around as I finished interviewing Demetrius Ward and waited patiently until he got the second round of drilling from me. His mind probably went over the 40 minutes in the five minutes while he was waiting for me and when it finally was his turn, he answered all questions patiently and as always with a lot of class. One could easily feel in his tone that he was a mix between disappointed and raging mad. “We were unable to get stops the whole game. They got too many easy baskets. When we did get stops, we couldn´t execute on offense. We tried to be aggressive, but they got in the lane too much getting easy baskets”, stated Maryland native Kameron Taylor. Those were crystal clear words from Mr Triple double Taylor who produced back to back triple doubles at home this season against BBC Coburg and the Dresden Titans. Those words were about as direct as they could ever come from the American as he obviously was disgusted by the team performance and probably would have loved to have played a rematch right then and there, but he will have to wait a long week before he can battle in game 2 in Wolfenbuettel. All Dragons Rhondorf fans hope that Taylor will flash that gregarious smile again next Sunday so they can witness a do or die game three in Rhondorf.
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    Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Pro B top guards Demetrius Ward and Kameron Taylor after combining for 39 points in game one in Rhondorf


    So what were the keys to victory for MTV Herzoege Wolfenbuettel and what went wrong for the Dragons Rhondorf? The two main factors were having their EasycRedit BBL license players on board who combined for 40 points and Kameron Taylor being put out of his comfort zone. The four Germans Lars Lagerpusch, Luis Figge, Tom Alte and Constantin Ebert were simply an annoying energy bunch that kept coming at them all night long. The Dragons Rhondorf really had their hands full trying to stop the nonstop aggressiveness of Lars Lagerpusch who´s 207cm is difficult to contain. The Dragons Rhondorf are already a very athletic team, but with a Luis Figge you have an even more athletic player that hurt Rhondorf inside, Tom Alte also threw athleticism at Rhondorf all night long living on the rim and his shot blocking capabilities always had the Dragons on alert as no offensive possession was easy not even their beloved transition play. Constantin Ebert was without a doubt the X-factor on the night. He may only have had nine points and five assists, but he made their offense flow all night long and always put the Dragons Rhondorf reeling on defense when he was in attack mode as his finishing or kick out passes led to automatic points or him getting a hockey assist. Not to mention American Demetrius Ward who had a hot night with 22 points on 6/9 shooting from outside. These five players combined for 72 of the 83 points. Had they been without 1 or 2 BBL license players, the game would have been very different. At first glance, the stats of Kameron Taylor of 17 points, 13 boards, six assists and four steals would have been a career game for 80% of the players in the Pro B game, but if you know Taylor he wasn´t satisfied with his game. Even if he had scored 40 points and lost, he would have been moping after the loss. Granted Taylor was all over the court, filled up the stat sheet like usual, but he couldn´t play his game. MTV Herzoege Wolfenbuettel focused on him limiting him only two 12 shots and making everything difficult for him. He did a good job finding his teammates, but the club shot only 32% from outside and they had enough open looks that just didn´t want to fall. The question is will they fall better on Sunday in Wolfenbuettel?

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    Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing MTV Herzoege Wolfenbuettel´s guard Demetrius Ward after dropping 22 points in a game one win at Rhondorf 83-76

  • The Dragons travel to Wolfenbuettel this weekend with their backs to the wall with a do or die game while MTV Herzoege Wolfenbuettel have less pressure and just have to continue to play their game. Head coach Thomas Adelt will prepare this week with the knowledge that Wolfenbuettel will have their BBL license players on board again as Braunschweig play Saturday at home and the Pro B game 2 is on Sunday. The only good news for the Dragons Rhondorf will be that Wolfenbuettel will be without Tom Alte who suffered a severe injury in game one. Despite the game one loss and sour outlook for game two, the Dragons Rhondorf have to keep their spirits up as they didn´t play a bad game in game on.e Despite the size and length advantage that MTV Herzoege Wolfenbuettel has, they were outrebounded by Rhondorf 36-34 and held their own on the offensive glass losing by a slight margin of 11-9. Both teams shot pretty even, but Rhondorf had four more turnovers which gave Wolfenbuettel four extra possessions. This won´t be a blow out win for MTV Herzoege Wolfenbuettel, but the Dragons Rhondorf won´t lay down and die. They will come at MTV Herzoege Wolfenbuettel with all they got. Key will be the boards again as Rhondorf has to match the intensity and aggressiveness of their opponent and just want it a tick more than them. The Dragons Rhondorf have to play smart heads up defense and not get hit with early fouls which put them near the limit early in two quarters and limited their aggressiveness down the stretch. The team will need that rim protector in Brandon Watkins to be a beast and also get help from German Alexander Moeller and most importantly stay away from early foul trouble. MTV Herzoege Wolfenbuettel played smart team basketball and had great ball movement. The Dragons Rhondorf should really mix up their defensive sets and continue with their press and try to find new schemes as Wolfenbuettel did a pretty good job against it game one. The Dragons Rhondorf are a totally unselfish team that strives to play team basketball,  but are also inspired and energized when Kameron Taylor can play his game. He is the leader on the court. If Taylor is being denied shots then his teammates have to do an even better job getting open and hitting shots early on. Taylor never got into his offensive groove in game one and will have to in game two early on for his team to be successful. It has been a great season for the Dragons Rhondorf, but in their minds long from really over. It has been a MVP season for Taylor and he wants that title as badly as his brother James Robinson wants that Basketball Champions league title. Taylor still has to settle a score with Pro B north top point guard Demetrius Ward as he was cooking after the loss. He remained disciplined and uttered this friendly warning. “It was fun against Ward. I can´t wait until next weekend”, stressed Kameron Taylor. Taylor wants to continue the Pro B season as long as possible and keep long lasting memories for the Dragons fans. He will get that locker next to Josh Mayo soon enough after the Dragons Rhondorf season ends. Now it´s time for business and all anybody wants to see is Taylor returning home Sunday night with a smile and another chance for a win at home in the Dragon Dome on Tuesday.

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