Basketball Aid Supports Cancer Stricken Children And Physical Activity


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The BASKET AID charity game in Heidelberg in August 2017: From left to right: Martin Lautenschläger of the MLP Academics, Fran McCaffery(head coach Iowa) and BASKETBALL AID International Tour chairmen Hans Beth



When a child is stricken with cancer, a first thought may be that a continued life can only occur in the hospital, but that isn´t correct as there is so much more value to life. There was always that misconception that children, cancer and sports can´t mix, but that is false. The notion that cancer stricken children can´t do sports something that they had always done before isn´t correct, but it is actually possible. Studies have shown that that children continuing to take part is physical activity can have a positive impact in fighting cancer. BASKETBALL AID International Tour, in cooperation with the ISSW and the NCT, supports the sports program at the oncology station for children. BASKETBALL AID International Tour chairmen Hans Beth supports the children’s cancer station at the University Hospital in Mainz and now additionally the children’s oncology station in Heidelberg. Beth believes very strongly that physical activity is very important for children stricken with cancer. BASKETBALL AID have come up with a plan that will allow cancer stricken children to take part in sport activities at a regular basis especially basketball. The sessions will be held by Simon Feisst, who is part of the ISSW (Institute for Sports and sports science).


Last August a charity basketball game was held in Heidelberg, Germany organized by the BASKETBALL AID International Tour and the MLP Academics Heidelberg where the BASKETBALL AID allstar basketball team that consisted of many German professional basketball players took on the well known American NCAA team of the Iowa Hawkeyes. 5000 Euro was raised on this night as many of the clubs sponsors helped raise the money as well as entrée fees. On this night there was also a Maik Zirbes Jersey that was auctioned off that had signatures of all the current German national players. BASKETBALL AID International Tour chairman Hans Beth looks back at this event and the continued support as very positive. “„I’m very happy that we have managed to collect 5.000€ to support the sports session for the kids and give them an opportunity get active and play basketball. Maybe for some of them it will be a new hobby and a passion as well.“ Martin Lautenschläger of the MLP Academics was is also thrilled about this new step. “The organization and support for the BASKETBALL AID International Tour has been a heartfelt wish for us. Additionally to the fact that our supporters saw a very competitive game, we are pleased that the money will be used to start such a wonderful project. We will follow this project closely in the future.“  Dr. Joachim Wiskemann, NCT Heidelberg, group „Movement & cancer also looks positively towards the future. “We have started with physical activities back in 2009 at the oncology station for children, back then for patients with bone marrow transplantations. With this donation, we want to focus on children that have completed the therapy and want to get back to their normal, active life.


Contacts Chairman BASKETBALL AID International Tour 2017 Hans Beth Mobil 0049 (0) 1467151 234 73 404 Mail Skype hans.beth1 Web english: Managing Director Public Relation Malte Pohl CURUBA Media / Thomas Schaarschmidt Mobil 0049 152 249 03 734 Mobil 0049 172 341 84 69 Mail Mail



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