Three´s Rain From The Sky As The Dragons Rhondorf Destroy FC Bayern Munich 85-64

Last season FC Bayern Munich were whipped in the Dragons Dome 87-63 and if one really wanted to stay on the safe side kept their distance not only from head coach Oliver Kostic, but also from assistant coach Demond Greene who were furious after the lack luster performance in the second half of the game. It really didn´t matter where Greene played in his professional basketball career if it was Wurzburg where he played with a very young Dirk Nowitzki before going to the NBA or in Leverkusen, Berlin or Bamberg, he was always a winner winning a BBL cup and silver with the German national team in 2005 at the European championships. So losing a game like that really hurt as he is in the stages of building his coaching resume as he is the head coach of their U-19 youth team that won the 2017 German title last season. FC Bayern Munich is a club that is used to winning and have a giant reputation of being the finest sports organization in Germany, but even if they aren´t the football department and only FC Bayern Munich 2, starting the season at 0-3 has been a disappointment especially where the BBL team has started out so well and have a good chance to dethrone Brose Bamberg this season. The Dragons Rhondorf have had their best start in five seasons since the 2012-2013 season where they won their first 11 games and this season won their first three games in fine fashion beating Wurzburg and Dresden on the road and disposing of the Bayer Giants Leverkusen easily in their living room. This was a game that Dragons fans had a whole week to look forward to and dream of another win like last season as the club has gelled very well in the first weeks with the potent offensive scoring of Kameron Taylor, electric playmaking of Viktor Frankl-Maus and solid play by the German role players that have stepped up when needed. FC Bayern Munich entered the Dragon Dome focused and motivated, but also in desperate need of getting that first victory of the season, but were denied again losing their fourth game in a row as three´s were raining from the sky as they were destroyed by the Dragons Rhondorf 85-64. Head coach Oliver Kostic has to slowly be concerned with the untypical funk that his team is in and how he is going to get them out of it. The Dragons Rhondorf played a very solid game for 40 minutes with only a few lapses as FC Bayern quickly fell behind and never recovered. After the big victory team star Kameron Taylor was relaxed and described why the team won, but when heard of the good start 5 seasons ago wasn´t shy to proclaim big goals after only 4 wins. “Having high energy is always key for us in winning. When we have high energy then good things happen, but when it´s down bad things happen. This way we control our destiny. We defended very well and once again took a lot of pride on ball pressure and keeping our man in front of us. We hit our shots today, attacked well and overal we played good team basketball. When you get easy points off your defense then the set offense becomes easier. We feel that we can go unbeaten this season. We want to win every game, win the title and move up to Pro B”, warned ex Seton Hill guard Kameron Taylor. It took a while for FC Bayern players to depart from the locker room and wonder if the bus ride home would be an eternity, but when they finally did top German player Karim Jallow reflected on the loss. “As soon as we realized our game wasn´t working early, we fell apart. Every guy tried to do their own thing and we had too many turnovers. One could say that it was one of those days where nothing worked, but then again we haven´t won a game yet and can´t make excuses. Rhondorf did a good job making shots. We have to find a way together and that starts on the practice court. We have two home games against Coburg and Schwelm and have to be better prepared”, warned Karim Jallow.

picture perfect 1819

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Dragons Rhondorf guard Kameron Taylor after leading his team with 17 points past FC Bayern Munich 2, 85-64

1,010 fans showed up on a balmy autumn night to check out the mighty FC Bayern Munich and no fans were disappointed. FC Bayern Munich had the first lead of the game at 1-0 with a Marvin Ogunspie free throw, but would never lead again as the Dragons Rhondorf started to take off and didn´t land until the 40 minutes were over. Ogunsipe was the only solid Munich player in the first minutes as he was aggressive getting to the rim while his teammates were half-hearted on the court which Rhondorf took advantage of as quickly three´s were raining from the sky as ex Telekom Baskets Bonn forward Thomas Michel connected as did top German pro B points guard Viktor Frankl-Maus and ex Speyer forward Yannik Kneesch as FC Bayern Munich fell behind quickly 11-3. Rhondorf was defending aggressively and did a great job limiting the play of Jallow and Bosnian talent Amar Gegic. Rhondorf continued to play with great passion continuing their great run scoring eight points and extending their lead to 19-4. Rhondorf did a great job on the offensive glass as Michel made a tip in and Frankl-Maus connected on his second trey. What made this huge lead even more difficult to believe was that no points had come from top scorer Kameron Taylor who left the floor after a minute with two quick fouls. FC Bayern Munich was fortune that 27 year old experienced German big man Tobias Korndoerfer nailed a trey, but that come back was short lived as Taylor came back on the floor and made seven unanswered points with a trey and lay in for the 26-7 lead. FC Bayern Munich was very lucky that ex Nordlingen guard Georg Beyschlag connected on a long three with a second remaining and got fouled making the free throw as Rhondorf had the commanding 26-11 advantage after one quarter. “FC Bayern Munich is a talented team, but we did a good job playing together. We fought hard and played good defense. The coaching staff prepared the players very well for the Munich plays taking away many options. Even with Taylor out for a long time, one could see that the team was working and could compensate his absence”, stated Dragons Rhondorf CEO Alex Dohms. The Dragons Rhondorf were shooting 47% from the field and 50% from outside while FC Bayern Munich was shooting 23% from the field and 29% from outside. Rhondorf had command of the boards 11-7 and only suffered one turn over while FC Bayern Munich had five turnovers.

In the second quarter FC Bayern Munich started off better finding their key players better, but halfway through the Dragons Rhondorf countered with a run going into the break with a 21 point lead. Jallow finally connected on a trey and found his touch last summer shooting 44% from outside at the U-20 European championships in Greece and wants to rebound from his 24% shooting from last season in the Pro B. 24 year old 206cm center Nemaja Markovic who played 62 Regionalliga games with FC Bayern Munich from 2013-2016 f made a tip in as FC Munich quietly had snuck on a 9-2 run starting with Beyschlag´s four point play from the end of the first quarter cutting the Rhondorf lead to 28-16. Gegic and Jallow were more aggressive and were rewarded with two easy baskets in the paint cutting the Rhondorf lead to 33-21. FC Bayern Munich was finally playing with heart something that had been hidden in the first quarter. However after a few minutes of losing intensity, the Dragons Rhondorf found back to their team play going on a 14-4 run to extend their lead to 47-25 as all of a sudden the game was a serious rout again. In the run, Rhondorf was fortified by Canadian energy bundle Kevin Thomas who made a beautiful spin move by Ogunsipre for an easy bucket and then scored in the paint again while Valentin Blass scored 8 unanswered points as he nailed two treys and then made a steal in the back court and went coast to coast to coast for the easy lay in and Yannik Kneesch made a lay in. After Jallow and Beyschlag traded buckets, Michel ended the second quarter with a huge three as FC Bayern Munich was staring at a nasty 50-29 lead for Rhondorf. “We continued to play well and were hungry even after Munich came back. We never lost control, but kept the lead. Blass hit big three´s and we communicated well on defense and had good rotations. This all something that one couldn´t have necessarily awaited so soon in the season since we had many guys practicing with BBL team Bonn, but that shows how well this team is functioning”, stressed Alex Dohms. The Dragons Rhondorf were shooting 50% from the field and 50% from the three point line while FC Bayern Munich was shooting 37% from the field and 21% from the three point line. Rhondorf led the rebound battle 22-14 and had five turnovers while FC Bayern Munich had nine turnovers.

In the third quarter the Dragons Rhondorf did a great job leading by as much as 27 points, but FC Bayern Munich never gave up cutting the lead down to 16 points after 30 minutes. The Dragons Rhondorf got on the board first with some fancy passing as a one touch pass became the extra pass enabling Michel to hit a trey. The three´s kept raining as Kneesch drilled home a trey and then came the play of the day as Frankl-Maus flicked up the perfect alley-op pass that Taylor slammed home showing just how athletic the Maryland native is as FC Bayern Munich had their biggest deficit of the contest at 60-33. However FC Bayern Munich didn´t let this seemingly gigantic lead seem out of reach stepping up their defense and just going from play to play and quietly on a 17-6 run to get back into the game trailing only 66-50. Gegic was dangerous at the start of the run getting two steals and finishing once. After having only five turnovers in the first half, they coughed up the ball five times in the third quarter which helped bring FC Bayern Munich closer. Ogunsipe hit a three while Gegic showed how you do it Balkan style making a nifty shovel pass to Beyschlag from the three point line cutting the Rhondorf lead to 63-41. 2017 NBBL champion Nelson Weidemann had been stone cold in the first half with zero points, but then gave scoring in bunches a new meaning as he scored seven unanswered points as he nailed two three´s as all of a sudden FC Bayern Munich had breathing room again and were back in the game. “We did a good job staying composed knowing that if we kept our high energy we wouldn´t let up. We controlled their energy not letting it disrupt us”, stressed Kameron Taylor. “We started to defend better and get good stops. We were more calm on offense”, added Karim Jallow. The Dragons Rhondorf were shooting 47% from the field and 42% from the parking lot while FC Bayern Munich was shooting 45% from the field and 33% from the paring lot. Rhondorf kept control of the boards 27-21 and had 10 turnovers while FC Bayern Munich had 13 turnovers.

In the fourth quarter FC Bayern Munich made one more run early, but the Dragons Rhondorf slammed the door in their face with another run which they never recovered from. FC Bayern Munich started off the fourth quarter with a 5-1 run to cut the Rhondorf lead to 69-55 as Weideman got free scoring with his quickness and left hand while Beyschlag connected on a 15 footer. However the Dragons Rhondorf then decided the game with a brutal 14-0 run to extend their lead to 81-55 and would never look back again. Frankl-Maus started the run with an easy lay in as there was no defense to combat him, the two North Americans Taylor and Thomas harmonized well as the latter was fed by Taylor for an easy back door lay in and Michel dropped the 12th Rhondorf three pointer of the game. Three Taylor free throws, a Thomas tip in and Kneesch jumper added to the misery of the opponent. FC Bayern Munich just collapsed in this phase as they lost total concentration and a Jallow airball his third of the game spoke volumes for the kind of the day the Bavarians were having. “I am not in rhythm. I have only been training with the BBL team and I left on a train at 6am to come here today. But that is no excuse. I have to find a way to get into the team rhythm. I tried to take responsibility, but it didn´t work. I will be only training with the Pro B team this week so I hope to get better integrated”, stressed Karim Jallow. FC Bayern Munich head coach Oliver Kostic knew that game was decided and let some of their NBBL players play with Niklas Kropp, Daniel Zdravevski, Matthias Grant and ex Fraport Skyliner Jim Gietz. All three kids scored as did Ogunsipe as FC Bayern Munich closed out the game nicely with a 9-4 run, but it was all too late as their fate had been decided long before. “We didn´t get tired at the end. We got too comfortable and started to let up a bit. We have to learn that we can´t let up like that especially later in the season. Then there will be no time for letting up”, warned Kameron Taylor. “We cut the lead down to 12 points, but then right away started to throw the ball away again as we got nervous. This can happen to a young team, but not so much”, warned Karin Jallow. The Dragons Rhondorf were led by Kameron Taylor with 17 points. Thomas Michel added 16 points while Valentin Blass contributed 14 points and Yannik Kneesch 12 points. FC Bayern Munich was led by Marvin Ogunsipe with 14 points and Georg Beyschlag and Nelson Weidemann chipped in with 10 points apiece. The Dragons Rhondorf shot 47% from the field and 39% from outside while FC Bayern Munich shot 43% from the field and 26% from outside. Rhondorf won the rebound duel 36-30 and had 15 turnovers while FC Bayern Munich had 21 turnovers.

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