Tim Oldenburg Retires From Basketball Moving To The Police Force

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Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Tim Oldenburg after he produced 18 points and 15 rebounds in a 79-66 victory against Leipzig in 2015

It really didn´t matter if the Fraport Skyliners Juniors won or lost, Tim Oldenburg was always prepared to give his five cents after a game about what happened on the floor no matter if he had just survived a double OT loss, hit the floor 25 times all battered and still gotten up or been a spectator at the end of the bench trying to get through an injury. Oldenburg is a 25 year old 202cm forward/center that has decided to hang up his jersey and concentrate on his 9-5 job at the police force. The German came to the club in 2009 and first played with  Eintracht Frankfurt (Regionalliga), but witnessed his first Pro B minutes in the 2010-2011 where he played 12 games. In total he would play 7 Pro B seasons, but also a BBL game, one Eurochallenge game and two Fiba Europe Cup games. Oldenburg was so much more than just a good basketball player, but a guy that had a great charachter and was a role model for everyone.

“The development that Tim took with us is exemplary. As our captain he was a great role model for the young team. The way he was able to successfully have a police education shows his great charachter and the opportunities that we offer players in our program. Whenever he was needed for our BBL roster, he was there. You were able to throw him into cold water. We wish him all the best from our hearts with his career as a policeman and are sure that he will leave his mark the same way he did with us. We are now looking for the next Tim Oldenburg that will be able to play professional basketball over many years, but where education stands in the focus. This has been an important building block in our youth program for years and that is why we have decided to give 2-3 scholarships per year”, stressed Fraport Skyliners CEO Gunnar Wobke.

He started his basketball career in 2007 with Usungen and helped Eintracht Frankfurt win the 2010 U-18 German title where he beat future NBA player Dennis Schroeder and Daniel Theis. In his seven years in the Pro B, Oldenburg played a total of 136 Pro B games. His best statistical season was the 2013-2014 season in the Pro B where he played 23 games: averaging 10.8ppg, 4.1rpg, FGP: 59.3%, FT: 76.2%. His second best statistical season was in the 2015-2016 season where he played 23 games averaging 9.3ppg, 5.2rpg, 1.1apg, FGP: 57.2%, FT: 68.6%. His best games in the Pro B where against Dresden and Nordlingen with 24 points a piece, 21 points against Leipzig, 19 points against Speyer, and 18 points against Leitershofen, Leipzig and Leitershofen. “It was hard for me to make this step after 8 years here with teh Fraport Skyliners and Einztracht Frankfurt. I had said 5 years ago taht after I ahd finished my Police education that I would make a decision. For many reasons, I have decided to end my professional basketball acreer. I want to thank the whole team, coaches, players and employees of the club that I got to know over the years. A big thanks goes to Jonas Thiele, Yannick Krabbe and the whole Fraport Skyliners e.V team that I was with since teh 2011-2012 season. I also want to thank SID who was always tehre for me as a player and is now as a personal friend. I took a lot with me the last years and had some successes. From winning the U-18 title to being 2016 Pro B finalist, I saw how the youth program improved and brought top talents to the professional area. I also have a special thnaks to Eric Detlev where we almost always kept the team away from the playdowns and almost made it to the top of the Pro B. He was one of the forrunners for a wonderful system where pro basketball and the youth area came together. He invested a lot so the palyers could achieve all they could and that showed in the game resultsWhen I look back, I didn´t regret any of my decisions and would recommend every young talent to go to Frankfurt. Even if my decision wasn´t easy, I look ahead. I am looking forward to start a own small family and to develop further in my job and take more responsibility. I don´t know how much basketball will accompany me now, but thanks to the office team of the Fraport Skyliners e.V , a part of the old floor will be my companion. I also would like to thank the fans for their faith and remain like that for the future top talents. They will be carried from you so that they can get to the top”, stressed Tim Oldenburg.

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