Hans Beth Lives For Bringing Awareness To Basketball Aid

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Miles Schmidt-Scheuber doing play by play commentary in english at the 2016 Gezeiten Haus Cup in Rhondorf in support of the 2016 Basketball Aid international tour.

After two playoff appearances in a row and the Fiba Europe Cup title last season only the third club title in the 18 year history of the Fraport Skyliners, this rapid success of the team could have kept a good majority of fans content this season as that third playoff showing didn´t happen as the season was at best average. There weren´t too many highlights to remember this season for the 2004 BBL winner that one will take into dream land when one is stuck on the German autobahn in the dog days of summer wanting to reach Salzburg, Austria in time for afternoon coffee and fluffy Nockerl at Cafte Mozart. Some things that stand out was the impressive rookie season of American Shavon Shields, the AJ English buzzer beater in Tuebingen, the magnificent 35 point performance and 8 crushing dunks by Florida native Mike Morrison against Pinar Karyisaka in Champions League action or the signing of another young gun for Gordon Herbert´s stable with 18 year old Richard Freudenberg who looks a tad like the young version of Zack Morris aka Mark Paul Gosselaar from 90s American TV show Saved By the Bell.  So with one game remaining on the Fraport Skyliners schedule against 8 time BBL champion Alba Berlin in the Fraport arena one has little to look forward except for observing a good hard fought game and seeing some last great plays this season like Quantez Robertson feeding a Mike Morrison for the felt like 1000 alley-op of the season or asking a Nils Giffey in warm ups for the 20,000 time what it was like playing together with Kemba Walker at Uconn and where he stores his 2 NCAA rings. Not only what is on the court is worth observing, but also people who are roaming the Fraport arena. In Los Angeles you have Jack Nicholson courtside wondering when his Lakers will ever be good again, in New York it can be Spike Lee wondering who will be in the tabloids first the next morning him or Carmelo Anthony and in Frankfurt you have Hans Beth. Beth may not be as prominent as the Hollywood actors, but in the Fraport arena everyone knows his face as he is at every game sitting a few rows up behind the scorers table and is always flashing that charming smile and never seems to lose his dapper look and still has the combined look of James Bond star 007 Roger Moore and Dynasty star John Forsythe minus the grey. Beth shakes almost as much hands during a game as Don King does in any Boxing ring from New York to Tokyo and Fraport Skyliner CEO Gunnar Wobke and is always ready to bring further awareness to his baby Basketball Aid. This Saturday he will be talking to numerous people and could be bringing further life to the Basketball Aid international tour something he has been supporting and been in charge of the last years.

Beth is one of those guys that is involved in so many projects that one could easily call him a workaholic. During the day he is an investment consultant and financial analyst which has been on his resume for 30 years, but somehow manages to fill the 24 hour day with so many other things. Besides having been a head coach for multiple decades in places like Mainz and Hanau to name a few, he has been very much involved with society as well helping the less Privileged in the basketball world trying to find employment. He is a professional speaker for companies, universities, and associations on topics such as securities & capital market but also team-related matters such as important factors for team success. In between he is always thinking about and continuing to live for spreading the project of Basketball Aid. Basketball Aid was born in 2007 and their goal is to support children that are stricken with cancer combined with helping the sport of basketball become more known in Germany in a country that is dominated by football. Another goal of Basketball Aid is to simply to be able to win as many people as possible as ambassadors and with their help gather donations for the sick kids and help organize events that will help bring awareness for the project. The members of Basketball Aid continue to grow from year to year as in 2009 it was a mere 20 persons and in 2014, it had grown to 500 members. Basketball Aid is supported by well known German basketball figures like Stephen Arigbabu, Pascal Roller, Marko Pesic, Jan Jagla, Steffen Hamann, and Johannes Herber..Hans Beth has been an important figure for years as he brought the Basketball Aid tour to life in 2014 and it has been a work in progress and growing each year. The tour helps in many ways in that it brings fans early pre season basketball where the entry fee goes to Basketball Aid to help cancer stricken kids as well as any further donations given. At the start of the Basketball Tour a few years ago, he built a traveling team of fresh and less known players that were looking for basketball jobs like a Karl Moore who was discovered and been a professional in Germany the last years to fulfill their life long dreams of playing the game they love for a living. Last year the tour was another success as Beth once again did the organizational work and was able to manage to bring fans 9 games that featured German BBL, Pro A and Pro B teams as well as the Luxemburg national team. The big highlight was raising 30,000 for Basketball Aid and other highlights was the Gezeiten Haus Cup in Rhondorf that featured 4 games on a weekend as well as the game between the Fraport Skyliners and RheinStars Cologne that was played on the Wiesbaden Army airbase. What better way for new Fraport Skyliner American Shavon Shields not to experience a minor culture shock landing in Germany, but being among American citizens upon arrival as he was escorted from Frankfurt airport to the game on the Wiesbaden airbase. The 2016 Basketball Aid tour was a giant success and many more are planned in the future.

Beth continues to live for Basketball Aid and continues to also build a healthy relationship with the Fraport Skyliners as both are seeking to continue to bring awareness to the growing project Basketball Aid. Hans Beth has had a growing relationship with Fraport Skyliners CEO Gunnar Wobke and the club over the years and recently the Fraport Skyliners and Hans Beth came together in cooperation with TSC Mainz and Theresianum that is the sport program for tennis and basketball for the Mainz Children cancer station. The life of a young child stricken with cancer is very difficult and they have to refrain from so many wonderful things in life that healthy kids can do. So in order for kids to get away from the daily examinations, operations and other non-enjoyable hospital functions, why not spice up a child´s tough life with sports. For the longest time, it was thought that cancer stricken kids and sport don’t match and is more of a risk, but recent studies have proven that that isn´t  a fact, but untrue as exercise can actually influence the cancer recovery process in a positive way. Beth the chairman of the Basketball Aid international tour had the idea last year to support the children´s cancer station in Mainz by offering tennis activity through the guidance of the TSC Mainz sport club. Recently at a home game against the Telekom Baskets Bonn, the Fraport Skyliners invited the cancer stricken children and their families to get that special basketball family atmosphere feeling in the Fraport arena and it was announced that the cancer stricken children would be offered tennis and basketball training on a regular basis and would be guided by licensed coaches from TSC Mainz and the Fraport Skyliners. This new project between Beth and the Fraport Skyliners has already brought 6,000 Euro for the coaching budget. The Fraport Skyliners have shown that the future of the youth in basketball is important for them and with their 140 weekly basketball clinics that they have offered care for the development of basketball among the youth and also want to help support the cancer stricken children have a better life with sport.

Beth has many projects running at the moment and besides the current project with the Fraport Skyliners and Basketball Aid with the Mainz hospital and giving cancer stricken kids the chance to play tennis and basketball, he also continues to organize and coordinate the next Basketball Aid International Tour for 2016. He will be traveling back to the States in July to continue to work on shaping the next tour which will take place at the beginning of September. Beth is already in talks with various BBL teams like the Fraport Skyliners and already has a well-known mid-western NCAA school that he hopes will be able to take part. At the same time, he will also be present at the 4th annual Elite pro Camp in Hannover, Massachusetts which is about an hour south of Boston and only a short ride to the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. There Beth will serve as a coach together with many other well-known coaches including Chris Rojik who balled at Holy Cross and had a 13 year professional career in Germany where he played 7 successful seasons with the Dragons Rhondorf and concluded his career in 2010 with the Deutsche Bank Skyliners Pro B team. At this camp, Beth will help unproved players looking to improve their skills in hopes of landing that professional job somewhere as well as making further contacts with basketball persons. Even though Beth is currently constructing his 2017 Basketball Aid international tour, he already has his thoughts on the 2018 Basketball Aid International tour where he has a serious big name NCAA school all ready to be reeled in like former president George Bush senior did fish during his fishing tournaments where he caught a 135 pound tarpon once. On Saturday fans will be closely scrutinizing guys like Isaac Bonga against Alba Berlin wondering if Gordon Herbert will give him 30 plus minutes, hoping for unending Quantez Robertson NBA show time highlights and witnessing some last AJ English bombs from the parking lot as the ex Iona(NCAA) standout as according to sources could be playing in Spain next season. But somewhere in the Fraport arena Hans Beth will be strolling around with that big golden smile shaking hundreds of hands, but more important also could be putting the beginning touches of landing that giant coup for the 2017 Basketball Aid International tour as he lives to bringing awareness to Basketball Aid.


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