Jarvis Davis (Rostock Seawolves) I Wasn´t Dominating Every Single Night like Westbrook So I Have Work To Do

Jarvis Davis is a 25 year old 183cm guard from Columbia, South Carolina that completed his second professional season in Germany and first with the Rostock Seawolves averaging 20,4ppg, 4,4rpg and 3,8apg. As a rookie he played for AngraBasket/Vaquinha (Portugal-Proliga) averaging 25,2ppg, 7,5rpg and 2,9apg. He started his basketball career with Cent.Florida (NCAA) in 2010 an dthen moved to Gardner-Webb (NCAA) and as a senior played 35 games averaging 8.8ppg, 3.4rpg, 1.1spg, FGP: 52.4%, 3PT: 36.6%, FT: 87.1%. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball and his season with the RostockWolves

Jarvis thanks for talking to German Hoops. 2017 has come and we are already into April. Did you set any new years resolutions and if you did have to stayed faithful to them in the first few months?

I mean I wouldn’t call it a resolution. But I had a goal to work my hardest to get better every day individually to make myself better. I feel as if I did so. I did what I could control.

The Rostock SeaWolves closed out the regular season with a satisfying win against Recklingshausen 92-76. How important was it getting this win and going into the playoffs with confidence?

Super important. If we lost, we don’t make the playoffs. We win, we were in. So it was simple, WIN or GO HOME!

The club had their best span during the Christmas holidays having a 4 game winning streak, but since then were up and down having a 3-4 record. What do you believe were the positives and negatives in these 7 games?

We could’ve played better defense. I COULD’VE PLAYED BETTER DEFENSE. We could’ve played better offense, I could’ve been more efficient. But sometimes it not positives and negatives. Sometimes as a team, you just don’t have it. Sometimes you work hard that week, but that team is just better. Basketball isn’t rocket science. You win some, you lose some.

The club got a new coach with German Ralf Rehberger. How do you feel did the team adapt to his philosophy and what do you believe was his biggest strength that carried the team to the playoffs?
We adapted best we could, but he came mid season. So he didn’t bring a lot of “his guys” in. So we did the best we could. Today is April 13 & the playoffs are over for us, but I believe he preached team work and togetherness. He and the staff in my eyes prepared us well for the Karlsruhe but at the end of the day, “Coach AIN’T on the floor, PLAYERS are.” So he can have the best philosophy he wants, you still have to execute at the end of the day. And we didn’t execute. And that’s why I’m at home, in my house right now in SC, answering these questions with King Kong playing in the background.

The team had been inconsistent on the defensive end giving up 80 points or more 10 times, but also had good phases were it defended very well. What do you feel could the team have done better on the defensive end?
Like I said playoffs are over. It’s easy to say, “Oh we going tweak this and do this, and switch this and trap this. Then zone here. But at the end of the day, Defense is about effort. If you give great effort, somehow stuff happens. I don’t know why, but it does. Just to add, I could’ve been way better on the defense end, EFFORT WISE.

Your played your first season in Germany and the Pro B and have belonged to the top point guards averaging 20,0ppg, 4,4rpg and 3,5apg. How would you rate your season?

I mean it was okay. I could played a lot better defensively. Could’ve been more impactful on both ends. But stats aren’t everything. Just because my numbers look good doesn’t mean I’m a top guard in the league. But it doesn’t mean I’m not either. But to rate my season though, it was Good. Just good, I feel like I should’ve averaged 30, 7 and 6. dominating EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, like Westbrook or something. But I didn’t, so I have work to do. But I’m going to get there, you’ll see when we have our next interview.

You have definitely been a scoring point guard, but the club lacked suitable playmaking as it averaged only 13,0apg. Did you feel pressure at times in the playmaking department simply because you had to do so much more for your team to be successful besides scoring the ball?

I’m going say it again. Stats aren’t everything. What ISN’T an ASSIST, is AN ASSIST sometimes. What about when you pass the ball and draw a defender, and your teammate gets a wide open simple two dribble pull-up? That’s a great, simple basketball play. Assist in my world, but in Europe it’s not. Or when you get a steal on the break and your teammate runs out and takes one dribble and makes a layup? The scenarios can go on and on. But to answer you’re question, no I don’t feel pressure because film doesn’t lie, great plays are made all the time. I’m just going say it like this, ” how many assists, passes or great plays have you seen in the sports world that ended with a missed wide open 3, dropped pass in the end zone, etc, etc? DON’T WORRY I’ll WAIT!

You have had some very good shooting games and then some that weren´t as good, but that is normal for any player. What have been your personal biggest concern in your game, your shot selection or taking care of the ball?

Both. I look up to Chris Paul. And he might not shoot well every game, but he damn sure takes care of the ball. I want to be better than him one day. And to get there I have to do both better. That comes from film study. A lot of it. Along with playing the game the right way and trusting your teammates. Oh! & my 2 college coaches Chris Holtmann & Tim Craft, along with my HS coach, John Combs would love this one, “Making the easy play”. The easy play is so overrated, everybody wants to get on Hoopmixtape or BallisLife. Or make a fire highlight tape, but can’t make the easy play. It’s a shame.

Rostock was swept by PS Karlsruhe. What is your summary to bowing out of the playoffs to them?

The season is over but Karlsruhe was decent. No disrespect to them but we should’ve won that series. They were better than I thought but I feel as if I gave them too much credit. Not to toot my own horn but I could’ve made that 35pts, 10rebs and 7 assists into 50, 15 and 10 if I would have played with more poise and been more solid. But I learned from it. Oh yea, shout out to that guy who threw that beer on me after the game too. I haven’t forgot.

You stated in our interview last summer Basketball is 99% confidence and if you don’t have any, you’re in trouble. With what kind of confidence did Rostock go into this series knowing that PS Karlsruhe lost focus in the last month losing three of it´s last four games?

My confidence was high, but it wasn’t on 100 even though my series stats tell a different story. They’ll probably end up winning the league. They had their toughest test in the first round with us. As one of them in an interview after the season. That’s not a biased opinion on my part at all. That’s just a fact .

You won´t see a more athletic front court with Americans Jordan Talbert and Orlando Parker and German Bill Borekambi. They are a very agreesive team that love to crash the boards. What would have been key to have gotten by them?

Athletic?!?! Why do you think they’re so athletic? I’ll just leave that there BUT the keys to the series were being solid over 40 minutes & making them make plays all games. Sometimes that’s all it takes. A lot of guys really can’t make plays if you play solid. They didn’t really have guys who would kill you, but we CREATED a lot of offense for them. Reaching on defense, not holding box outs, ball watching. Simple stuff that’s just effort plays. And WE DIDN’T do that. Which is why I’m sitting at home right now, in the dark, doing this interview because King King just went off 5 minutes ago. It was kind of good too.

Which Pro B player was the toughest to guard this season?

No comment

Klay Thompson recently hit 60 points in 29 minutes touching the ball for only 90 seconds. Where does this performance rank with you?

I didn’t watch the game so I doesn’t rank anywhere with me. Honestly, I really don’t care about his 60 point game, their kids out here starving. People getting shot by cops for no reason. I want to help keep kids off the street so I really don’t care about his 60 point game but I respect it, and I hope he keeps ballin’ because he’s a great player and I respect him. Congrats Klay. Good luck guarding Dame and CJ this series because them boys got that work.

One always talks about Lebron and Curry, but one has to mention Russell Westbrook. He is averaging triple double stats at the moment. Is he stat wise the best player in the world right now?

Once again, Stats aren’t everything. But I will say, he is without a doubt, he is the hardest playing player in the world, which makes him one of the best players in the world. Honestly I feel like one of the best player in the world might be a guy serving 15 years for the armed robbery of a gas station in Texas or some state like that. Lol but yea stat wise, yes he is the best player. Russ is a dog and everybody knows it. Playing hard is his greatest skill.

Draymond Greene recently had a triple double without scoring 10 points or more. Why do you believe has it taken long for someone to do this?

I mean, I don’t, maybe God was like “ayy man nobody ever did this before and told Draymond to go for it during his dream while taking his pregame nap. Or maybe the stat guys at Oracle blessed him, idk.

What was the last movie that you saw?

If you read this entire interview, you know the answer to this question. Have a great day.

Thanks Jarvis for the chat.

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