Trent Weaver (FC Schalke) I Can Guarantee That My Best Basketball Is Ahead Of Me

Trent Weaver is a 22 year old 203cm forward from Columbus, Ohio that completed his rookie season in Europe in Germany with FC Schalke. He got an early taste of being  a professional this year as he played for the Columbus Condors (CBA). Before turning professional he played for Ohio Dominican (NCAA2) from 2012-2016 playing  a total of 108 games. As a senior he played 28 games averaging  15.5ppg, 9.5rpg, 1.2apg, FGP: 52.4%, 3PT: 36.4%, FT: 72.5%. He spoke to German Hoops after the losing to the ScanPlus Baskets in the playoffs ending his season.

Trent thanks for talking to German Hoops. You arrived as a rookie in Germany 7 months ago. Did the season fly by or did it go at a rate that was comfortable for you?

Hey Miles, no problem. My time in Germany seemed to vary in speeds. There would be segments where I would wonder where the month had gone. Then, there would be times where one week seemed like a year to get through.

Your rookie season has come to an end against the powerful offensive minded team ScanPlus Baskets. How disappointed are you that there could be no upset?

Elchingen was a pretty solid opponent throughout the series. We gave them far too many opportunities that they took advantage of. We were unable to push through these circumstances. I’ve played long enough to understand that if you don’t match the other teams intensity and take away their strengths, your chance of winning isn’t great.

FC Schalke as a team was never able to find a way to stop Taevaunn Prince. Do feel as though the series could have been won in the first two games had you defended him better as a team?

It’s difficult to tell. He played pretty well, but they had other players step up in their roles. Their role players were a large reason for their success against us.

FC Schalke allowed 78 points per game this season, but 84 points in the ScanPlus Baskets series. Why do you feel were you as a team unable to defend more consistently?
We had too many lapses, too often. Whether it was from miscommunication or simply not understanding what the opposing players were trying to. In a tough series, it’s important to play with an elevated sense of urgency on the defensive end.

In the do or die game, the ScanPlus Basktes got help from other players besides only Brandon Lockhart and Taevaunn Prince. How key was their team basketball in game three besides securing the rebounds better and coughing up the ball only 8 times for the win?
This was huge. Anytime you can have players that aren’t your “go-to” guys step up in a series, often gives a team more energy and greater confidence.

After playing only 11 minutes combined in game one and two, you finished the season strong with 11 points and 10 rebounds. Despite the season ending was this a type of tiny consolation for your books in that you finished solid with your game?
In my opinion, the last game barely scratched the surface of the numbers that I know I’m capable of consistently putting up. It was nice to end the season on a solid note, but the best is yet to come.

If you had to pick one teammate who you felt improved the most this season who would that be?
Courtney Belger. During our preseason games, he was already playing really solid. He was searching to figure out exactly his role and what was expected from him. As we began playing more and more games, his confidence grew tremendously and was playing with a chip on his shoulder. He put up very good numbers, along with posting quite a few really phenomenal individual performances. For those that know him, his success is no surprise due to his hard work and dedication to becoming great.

Would it be fair to say that American Courtney Belger was the team´s MVP? He vastly improved his stats in the Pro B over last season where he was more a focal point to this season where he had much better teammates. Can he make the next step to the Pro A?

Absolutely. Like I previously stated, CeeBee’s work ethic got him to where he is now. He was put into a situation where he was expected to score and put up numbers. I am sure he will take the next step.

In our last interview three months ago after a win against Bochum, you stated that you have to play more to your strengths on a nightly basis. Do you feel like you could do that in your last 11 games?

With the minutes that I received, I did my best and tried to help the team during my time on the floor. Even when things got a little frustrating, I believe that I did a pretty good job at remaining level headed. This is a part of growing during the rookie season.

You finished your rookie season averaging 9,6ppg, 5,0rpg and 1,0apg. How content were you with your season?

Again, I can guarantee that my best basketball is ahead of me. Although these stats are relatively solid, more is demanded from myself. With this being said, this summer I will be working to hard improve my weaknesses and fine-tune my strengths.

I felt that you were a very efficient player for only the 17 minutes that you played. Had you averaged 30 minutes, you would have been at 20/10. Do you feel like you were as efficient as you could be?

There is no doubt that there are aspects of my game that need improvement. I feel that at times I could have made slightly better decisions. Overall, with the hand that I was dealt, I did a pretty solid job with efficiency.

How do you feel did head coach Raphael Wilder help you most with your game in your rookie season?

I am thankful that Coach Wilder gave me the opportunity to be a part of such a great basketball club. The experience was invaluable and will help further my career.

What is the next step for Trent Weaver? Would you like to stay in Germany or explore another country next season?

This is yet to be determined. I have no problem staying in Germany. The country is nice and a safe place to play. The competition is pretty solid throughout the country. However, I would not at all be opposed to experiencing a different country.

What was your coolist experience in Germany as a rookie that you will never forget?

Our home crowd was one of the best in Pro B. We always played well at home, with huge wins against some of the top teams in the north (Bernau, Iserlohn). Also, experiencing the unique atmosphere at away games was always exciting.

What summer plans do you have? What place would you like to visit with your extended summer vacation that you have never been to before?

The main plan is to work on all areas of my game. I want to continue becoming more of an outside threat and increase my ability to take guys off the dribble. I have never been to California or Boston. Visiting these cities may be in the summer plans.

Draymond Greene recently had a triple double without scoring 10 points or more. Why do you believe has it taken long for someone to do this?

There is so much emphasis on scoring. A lot of the time that is all guys focus on. Green is the type of player who prides himself on doing other things to help his team be successful. He really wouldn’t care too much if he were to score 2 points or 20 points. Every team needs players like him.

Devin Booker lit up the Boston Celtics and was only the sixth player to ever have done that in the NBA. Did it surprise you that it was him and not someone else as there are other guys that come to mind that could probably have done it before the talented 20 year old?

I think Booker’s performance took the world by surprise. Obviously, the guy is an extremely talented scorer. With his confidence, along with the ultimate green light, he created history. I predict a few all star appearances in the coming years.

Who will reach the NCAA Final 4 and win it all?

Due to timing differences, I cheated a little bit on this question. I see that it’s come down to North Carolina, South Carolina, Gonzaga, and Oregon. North Carolina will be cutting down the nets.

UCLA has some very talented freshman with one being Lonzo Ball. That guy has put up amazing stats as a freshman. Is he the real deal? How much potential does he have in your eyes?

The kid can flat out play. However, I am still not convinced that his game will immediately transfer to the NBA level. Down the road, he has a chance to be a phenomenal piece.

What was the last movie that you saw?

The Shallows.

Thanks Trent for the chat.

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