Chris Iles (Citybasket Recklinghausen) I Am Always Hard On Myself Feeling Like I Can Always Do More For The Team

Chris Iles is a 27 year old 180 cm guard that is playing his second professional season and first with  Citybasket Recklinghausen (Germany-ProB. Last season as a rookie he played with BBC White Devils Cottbus (Germany-Regionalliga) playing 24 games: 23.8ppg, 5.8rpg, 4.6apg, 2.5spg, FGP: 45.3%, 3PT: 35.0%, FT: 78.3%He played two years at Nicholls St. (NCAA) playing a total of 61 NCAA games and in his second season played 30 games averaging 8.5ppg, 1.7rpg, 3.6apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 37.1%, 3PT: 36.1%, FT: 77.8%. He finished his college career at Xavier (LA) (NAIA). He spoke to German Hoops after the tough 77-66 loss to RSV Stahnsdorf.

Chris a tough 77-66 loss to RSV Stahnsorf which was the eighth loss in a row. Have you ever experienced a losing streak like this as a player in your career?

Hi Miles, thanks again for reaching out to me for the interview. No, this losing streak is one of the toughest things I have had to endure in my playing career. In college, I was always on a winning team.

City Basket Recklingshausen were down at halftime 35-29. How happy were you with the play at the mid way juncture of the game with a team that had lost the last seven games?

Although we were still in good shape to pull it out, I felt we missed a lot of easily shots and had some ill-advised turnovers.

Stahnsdorf went on a game changing 16-0 run in the fourth to decide the game. What disappointed you most in this run about the club and what it couldn´t get accomplished on the court?

What disappointed me most was our inability to bounce back from a small run that turned into a big run for the opponent. We didn’t get the key stops we needed.

How costly were those 15 offensive rebounds that Recklingshausen gave up? Is rebounding a continued work in progress for the team?

Giving up that many offensive rebounds is extremely costly for us. That is one of the stats that decides close games. Yes, rebounding definitely is a continued work in progress for us.

The great thing about the Pro B is that one can make the playoffs with a lousy record. Obviously the playoffs aren´t the biggest focus for the team, but just getting that win. Do you feel that having the inability to win at the moment has become a mental issue for the team?

Well, the inability to win at the moment is a mixture of things. At the end of October, we were 2-4 and just got a huge away win in Wedel, which is very tough. With team chemistry building we felt hopeful for the next games. Within that same week, we lost 3 out of 4 import players. This was a major blow to our team and it has been an uphill balance since then, both mentally and learning how to play and perform together as a team again.

Scoring and giving up points has been a big problem this season as the team is near the bottom in each category. What area on defense does the team need to improve most on?

Based on statistics, our team needs to improve on every aspect of defense!

The next game is against Bochum whom you lost to 95-58 earlier in the season. Recklingshausen were outrebounded. What will be key in getting the win this time?

It is so mental with our team in terms of competing. We lost to Iserlohn by 40 and then played them again 2 games later and only lost by 6. LOL so the key is to believe we can win!!

You came from the Regionaliga as did head coach Mailk Berger so you know what he is going through moving up a level. But seriously is moving up a level as a player a harder adjustment than it is for a coach?

I can’t say which is harder. It all depends on the situation in my opinion. Coach is a good guy and he always gives 100% in preparing us for games.

How important has it been for you having American Dallis Johnson as a teammate. He came from the Regionaliga like you and made the jump up to the next level. How have you helped each other get used to the Pro B and not forget how fortunate you are to get this opportunity?

Dallis and I have grown become really good friends since the time we arrived here in August. We both are thankful for the opportunity, and we know how blessed we both are. We had great chemistry on the court. It was a huge blow to the team when he got injured and had to sit out. I know he will bounce back from this minor setback.

How important was a guy like German Christoph Bruns for you getting adjusted to the Pro B this season. What was the most important thing that he passed along the way early in the season to you?

Kiki Bruns was definitely important for my adjustment. He showed me the ropes when I first arrived. I think the most important thing he passed on to me was just how the Pro B works overall. Game style, tactical things, game atmosphere, etc.

You are leading the team in scoring, assists and steals and have needed no real adjustment this season. What was the biggest adjustment on the court early on?

The biggest adjustment for me was/is counterattacking what the other team does to contain me. Whether it’s a double team, face guard, etc. Since I proved myself in the league early on, teams have really been keying in on stopping me the last 8 or 9 games.

You are having a very good season in the Pro B. When you look back to when you came in is the level and how you have rose to the occasion been that what you expected.

I’m honestly not satisfied with my performance lately. I can do so much more than my stats show, even though my stats are very solid. Late November, I fractured my finger and have been constantly battling a nagging ankle sprain that somewhat hindered my performance, but I am really just trying to give my team everything I’ve got. We fight ‘til the end.

Despite your good season, it is the point guard that runs the team and is looked upon as the guy who is able to lead or not. How hard has it been for you seeing all your hard work on the floor not translate to more wins for the club?

It has been very hard, Miles. Having to work so hard, and not have the wins to show for it is the most frustrating thing, because that is all that maters at the end of the day. As the point guard I am always hard on myself feeling like I can always do more for the team.

Your turnover average of 3,7 is high but not uncommon for active point guards that are all over the floor and playing 30 minutes. How do you believe is the best way for you to cut down on turnovers?

Unfortunately these turnovers come due to the fact that since I am always in attack mode trying to make something happen for my team. Although I have a high assist average, I think the best way for me to cut down turnovers is just to take my time a little bit more and read the defense to see what they give me.

What did you appreciate most this Christmas season in Recklingshausen. Was there anything that was different than what you saw in the east last season in Cottbus?

I really like the feel of Reck City overall during the holiday season. I love the people here. I did not really get to explore Cottbus as much as I do here in Recklinghausen. I was mostly in Hamburg last year during the Christmas season enjoying the Christmas market.

Lebron finally brought an NBA title to the Cavs. Where does he stand at the moment in the never ending debate with where he stands as the best of all-time?

In my personal opinion, there is Michael Jordan and then there is Lebron James at number 2. Michael Jordan is hands down the best ever to me.

Where do you rank Kevin Garnett with the best power forwards that ever played the game?

KG is definitely one of the top 3 power forwards to ever play the game.

Klay Thompson recently hit 60 points in 29 minutes touching the ball for only 90 seconds. Where does this performance rank with you?

This performance was definitely up there in the ranks. Its tough to stop him when he gets going, especially on a team like the Warriors where everyone is a threat.

One always talks about Lebron and Curry, but one has to mention Russell Westbrook. He is averaging triple double stats at the moment. Is he stat wise the best player in the world right now?

Stat wise, yes I would say he is. What he’s doing is amazing. I think what James Harden is doing with the Rockets is also puts him up there at least as a top 5 player in the world right now!

What was the last movie that you saw?

The last movie I saw was Prince of Egypt on Netflix with my daughter.

Thanks Chris for the chat.


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