Kruize Pinkins(Hebeisen White Wings) I Won´t Force Any Three´s But If They Are There Then I Will Take Them

Kruize Pinkins is a 23 year old 201cm forward from Marianna, Florida that is playing his second professional season with the Hebeisen White Wings. He started his basketball career at Chipola (JUCO). He then played at USF (NCAA) from 2013-2015 and as a senior played 32 games averaging 13.9ppg, 5.5rpg, 1.4apg, FGP: 52.1%, 3PT: 39.0%, FT: 65.0%. As a rookie last season with the Hebeisen White Wings he played : 29 games averaging 13.1ppg, Reb-3(9.1rpg), 1.1apg, FGP: 49.8%, 3PT: 20.8%, FT: 68.9%He spoke to German Hoopsafter the big 71-65 win against Crailsheim.





Congrats Kruzie on a big 71.65 win against top team Crailsheim. In the last weeks it has been a short rotation equals win. Have the Hebesien White Wings proved in the last weeks that a team doesn´t necessarily always need that deep team to win?


I dont think that is the case. We know that we need everyone in order for us to be a great team. Im just ready for everyone to get healthy because we need each person on this team. Rather its them playing 15 mins or its 30 mins. It could be the difference.

How much has Jordan Wild´s struggle with the health of his father sparked the team in this phase?

It has motivated us a lot. We always say that we are doing it for Jordan and his father. He is a big part of out team.

Crailsheim had the six point advantage at halftime, but that didn´t faze Hanau regrouped in the third quarter scoring 24 points having the 56-53 lead after thee quarters. What did head coach Simon Cote tell the team to do better in the third quarter?

He Just told us that it was a six point game and that we didnt play as good as we were capable of and that we needed to pick up our defense we picked up the defense in the second half.

The Hebeisen White Wings held the lead in the fourth quarter as you continued to play tough defense. What was key in the crunch-time for getting the win?

It was just a matter of possesions and which ever team got defensive stops and made shots was going to win and we did both and was able to get the win.

How has the short rotation sparked the team in that even late in the game where the strength might not be as much as earlier in the game to come out and just continue to be tough and make plays?

We just knew from the begining that it was going to be a tough game so we just stuck with it and kept fighting.

You had another huge game with 28 points and 11 boards. Has your mentality to your role changed any in the last weeks on account of the small rotation?

 No my mentality hasnt changed. Its still the same. My shot was falling and my teammates just kept finding me on the court.

Your three was falling as you netted three. The most that you have made as a professional. How happy were you that you took five three´s and will this be a trend you could enjoy on a game basis?

It was good that my three was falling and it really opend up the rest of my game but Im not going to force any threes, but Im just going to take what the defense gives me and read and play and if the threes are there then I will take them.

Hanau has a three game winning streak in the last weeks with a short rotation and have won seven of the last eight games. How much of a winner mentality has the team developed in the last eight games that will continue to carry over through the rest of the season?

We work so hard at practice so it makes the game fun and we really enjoy playing with each other but we just have to stay hungry and not be satisfied and keep working to get better each week

How vital has the arrival of Sherwood Brown been? What does he give to the team that it didn´t have before?

He was really big for us. A lot of the things that he did wont be on the stat sheet but he plays really hard and he got us a lot rebounds and hustle plays.

What have you learned to enjoy most about his game in the first few days that you have seen him play on the court?

 He plays really hard and is a great rebounder from the wing position. Brings good energy to the team.

What have you learned to appreciate most from assistant coach Joey Cantens who came from Indiana, PA (NCAA2).

 He is always working. We can call him anytime of the day and he’ll stop what he is doing and come put you through a workout or what ever you need. He really knows the game and has helped me a lot.

The next game is against Paderborn. What will be key to getting the win and do you expect to play with another small rotation or could somebody return?

We just have to go and play harder than them and make sure we are playing good defense and we give ourselves a good chance to win. Im not sure if Paul and Brian will be back this week.

Kelvin Martin has retired at age 33 after having some very productive seasons with the Sacremento Kings. What was your impression of his game and are you surprised he retired so young?

 He was a great scorer and could really shoot. I didnt even know he retired. Im pretty sure he had a good reason but he had a great NBA career.

Thanks Kruize for the chat.


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