Timajh Parker Rivera(Lok Bernau) I Am Very Selective With My Shots And Will Be More Aggressive As The Season Continues

Timajh Parker Rivera is a 22 year old 203cm forward from Milford, Conneticut playing his professional basketball career with SSV Lok Bernau. He played four years at Towson(NCAA) playing a total of 128 NCAA games and as a senior played 33 games averaging 6.5ppg, 6.5rpg, 1.2apg, 1.2bpg, FGP: 58.1%, FT: 50.4%. He spoke to German Hoops after the 85-76 win against SC Rist Wedel.



Timajh congrats on the big 85-76 win against SC Rist Wedel. The team is now 6-1, but could be 7-0. How much have you personally thought about that annoying three point loss some weeks ago against Rostock that cost you the perfect season thus far?


We do wish we could get that game back but our main focus is our next game.

The first quarter was very offensive for both teams, but too offensive for Lok Bernau. You kept up the offensive pressure scoring 28 points in the second quarter, but limited Wedel to 14 points. What adjustments did the club make on defense to preserve the 53-41 advantage at the break?

It was something we knew we had to adjust to pull away . We focused on being more aggressive on the defensive end and not along them to get up uncontested shots

How proud were of the team in general that you were able to close out the game strong in the second half and keep up your consistent defensive play?

Well it’s always a great feeling to get a win ! Our guys work hard and I’m always proud of them when we have a winning effort

I cant remember German Robert Kulawick ever shooting any worse at 2/13 from downtown, but after this win that was just a small side note, but still how glad are you have this seasoned ex BBLm player on the squad?

He s been a tremendous help! His basketball IQ is very high and he’s well respected within the team. He is a great leader

You had another solid game and as always filling up the stat sheet, but were your two turnovers the only two sore points to your game?

Its never good to turn the ball over and I would have to say my injury in the second quarter was a sore point in the game after getting off to a good start

Lok Bernau is 6-1. What has pleased you the most about the start and what are things that the team can still work on?

We have a long way to go defensively, however I am excited because we have not had one game yet where we are all hot from the field so we have a ways to go

The club is in the top 5 in scoring, allowed points and rebounding. What is the secret to the efficient consistent play of the team in the first seven games?

We are very deep and have a lot of talent. There is no secret now we just have to all apply ourselves on defense

American Pierre Bland is just another of many talented point guards in the Pro B, but he has a 6-1 record whereas the others don´t. What does he have that the other point guards you have played against this season don´t have?

Leadership and a team that is trusting of him. We trust him to make the right decisions

Through six games you are averaging 9.7ppg, 7,5rpg and 2,2apg. How satisfied have you been with your rookie season?

I’m never satisfied ! You will see a better effort from me as the season continues

One thing that stands out is your amazing 75% field goal percentage as you are shooting 22/29. Are you just very critical of your shot selection or could you be shooting more if you wanted to?

I am very selective with my shots and like to attack and create however I will be more aggressive as the season continues.

What do you feel has helped you achieve this spectacular shooting percentage in the early going as you never shot this well at Towson?

Just confidence and my coaches help with training in the preseason

What do you feel are things that you still need to tweak on so that fans can see the perfect Timajh Parker Rivera?

I feel I have to show my athleticism more as well as my shooting touch

You have been a few months in Germany now and I am sure have had your share of trips to Berlin. What have you enjoyed most about Germanys capital?

I love Berlin and the culture is great the shopping and most of all the food

With Curry, Thompson and Durant and the supporting cast, shouldn´t the Golden State Warriors be even better than last year despite a 4-2 start?

No because they have no rim protector now and are loaded with too many options on offense

Does a 0/10 shooting night by Steph Curry prove he is really only human?

Yes everyone has an off night

Kevin Garnett has retired. Where do you feel does he rank in the best power forwards of all-time?

He would probably rank in the top 5

What was the last movie that you saw?

Last movie I saw was Mad Money.

Thanks Timajh for the chat.


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