Trent Weaver(FC Schalke) We Need The Mindset That We Are The Aggressors From Start To Finish


Trent Weaver is a 22 year old 203cm forward from Columbus, Ohio that is playing his rookie season in Europe in Germany with FC Schalke. He got an early taste of being  a professional this year as he played for the Columbus Condors (CBA). Before turning professional he played for Ohio Dominican (NCAA2) from 2012-2016 playing  atotal of 98 games. As a senior he played 28 games: 15.5ppg, 9.5rpg, 1.2apg, FGP: 52.4%, 3PT: 36.4%, FT: 72.5%. He spoke to German Hoops after the tough 81-71 loss against Bochum.




Trent thanks for talking to German Hoops. A tough 81-71 loss in Bochum. How tough was it losing again after having won a game twice this season and then not being able to extend a new winning streak to two games?

Hey Miles, the loss to Bochum was definitely a tough one. Especially going into halftime with the lead. We need to do a better job as a team to pull out these difficult, but winnable games.

FC Schalke had the 37-35 lead at the break. Why wasn´t any team able to break away from the other in the first half?

Both teams came out ready to play at a high level. We were able to string a few strong offensive possessions together, while coming up with multiple key stops on the defensive end. Bochum was also prepared and went on a small run to keep it tight throughout the first.

How devastating was the Bochum 7-0 run at the end of the third quarter which gave them their first real big lead of the game and set the tone for the fourth quarter?

It was difficult only because we ourselves were not properly executing on either end of the floor, and they were able to take advantage.

Bochum had the momentum in the fourth quarter and why was FC Schalke unable to get over the hump and make the game more interesting in the last 10 minutes?

We let Bochum take advantage of our teams multiple turnovers and missed opportunities.

Bochum didn´t shoot that much better than FC Schalke and you dominated the boards, but were the seven extra possessions of the opponent one of the main keys for them getting the win?

In such close games, every possession is important. The more possessions a team has, the more chances they have to score. However, with the possessions we did have, less turnovers and higher quality shots are crucial.

You had your best game of the season with 26 points and seven rebounds. How much of your performance can you truly remember and enjoy after a loss like that?

It was nice to display a little of what I am capable of, but there are a lot of things that I will continue to work on as the season progresses to become consistently effective.

FC Schalke is 2-4 now. Where are the main area´s in the game of the team that nneds to be improved quickly?

Consistency. We need to do all of the little things that make sure that we are prepared accordingly for the opponent. Also, entering with the mindset that we’re the aggressors from start to finish.

The scoring and defending consistency haven´t meshed so far this season. How difficult is it to find a clear defined line where the team will be able to execute better at both ends of the court?

We have very good basketball players on the team. It starts with being confident in not only ourselves, but the abilities of our teammates. And again, consistently being prepared and aggressive is key.

The team only has three consistent players scoring in double figures. Is there a little depth missing on the roster?

We have enough firepower to work with and be a very successful basketball team, from shooting, rebounding, to lockdown defenders. Asserting roles and understanding the strengths and weaknesses is important for us to get on the right track.

How confident are you that scoring will become more consistent considering the team has guys like Marco Buljevic, Dorian Mcdaniel and Nikta Kharchenkov who have performed at higher levels?

These players are very solid and seasoned veterans. They have had much success in their careers both individually and with the teams they have played for. I am confident that they will continue to work hard and get better to further elevate all aspects of their games.

You are a rookie coming from Ohio Dominican (NCAA2) and have needed no real time to adjust to the Pro B. What if any has been the biggest adjustment coming from the college ranks to the professional ranks?

Along with slight rule changes, the style of play can be much different. There is a small learning curve that had to take place.

Is the Pro B level a bit higher than the NCAA2 level or would you see them at the same place?

There were many very talented teams that I played against throughout my four years at ODU. Each level has its places that defeats the other. There are obviously more experienced opponents at the PRO B level.

On a team that has many snipers, is your outside shooting taking a break this season or do you see yourself getting that part of your game involved more?

With so many other great shooters on my team, I find open shots during games. I am working daily to improve my midrange and three point shot. These are aspects of my games that I am expected to excel at.

How happy have you been with your game so far this season and on what area´s do you still need to work on at the moment?

I have shown flashes of the player that I know I can be at this level. However, all areas of the game can always be improved, especially making smarter decisions in the post and off the dribble jumpers.

How much have you been able to appreciate the FC Schalke football team in your first few months in Germany?

The atmosphere surrounding the football team is very special. With nightly practices, it can be difficult to catch many of their matches. I try to keep up with scores and stats as much as I can.

Kevin Garnett has retired. Where does he rank in the list of the all-time best power forwards of all-time in t6he NBA?

The guy is one of the greatest to ever do it. His killer mindset and desire to succeed, combined with such a unique skillet, made him almost unstoppable at times. Easily top 5.

What was the last movie that you saw?

Man on the ledge.


Thanks Trent for the chat.



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