Virgil Matthews (BV Chemnitz) I Was Playing Awful In The Preseason So It Just Felt Good To See The Ball Go In

Virgil Matthews is a 33 year old 188cm guard from Federal Way, Washington that is playing his tenth professional season and third with BV Chemnitz. Last season for BV Chemnitz he played 33 games averaging 12.6ppg, 6.1rpg, Assists-2(7.6apg), 1.6spg, FGP: 55.5%, 3PT: 34.5%, FT: 75.2%. He played at Montana (NCAA) and in his senior year played 31 games averaging 10.1ppg, 4.6rpg, 4.0apg, 1.7spg, FG: 49.8%, 3PT: 48.4%, FT: 76.1%. In 2006-2007, he turned professional and came to Germany and played for KICKZ Muenchen Basket (Germany-2.Bundesliga) playing 29 games averaging 18.0ppg, 6.1rpg, 5.2apg, 2.6spg, 2FGP: 57.3%, 3FGP: 31.8%, FT: 66.5%. In 2007-2008, he played for Tacoma Jazz (IBL). In 2008-2009, he returned back to Germany and played for Schwelmer Baskets (Germany-Regionalliga). In 2009-2010, he played for Olympia Reign (IBL) playing 28 games averaging 23.1ppg, 7.2rpg and for Seattle Aviators (NABL).In 2010-2011, he played his first season for Erdgas Ehingen playing 32 games: 11.6ppg, 5.3rpg, 3.6apg, 1.5spg, FGP: 57.6%, 3PT: 29.4%, FT: 71.3%. He would play until 2014 with Ehingen playing 126 games with three seasons in the Pro A and one in the Pro B. He spoke to German Hoops after the season opening win in Erfurt against Gotha.


Virgil thanks for talking to German Hoops. The new season kicked off tonight with a road win against Gotha. What do you believe is most fascinating about this derby?

Gotha fans have their own way of supporting their team and they are very loud and do a good job. Combining that with the great fans of Chemnitz makes a great derby.

Congrats on the exciting 74-72 victory. What a great start to the new season with such a close finish. Is this a further token how competitive the German pro A will continue to be this season?

I think the Pro A is always pretty competitive it doesn’t get the credit it deserves I think, but yes I think this season will be very competitive.

Gotha scored 21 points in the first quarter, but Chemnitz came roaring back heightening their point production with 22 and defended better letting Gotha only 14 points. What do you believe was the biggest difference at halftime between the two scores besides the 40-35 score?

I think we just got settled in a bit the big stage is always something new for guys and it takes a minute to get back to being who you are and I think we did that after going down early.

BV Chemnitz had started off very well in the third quarter and had a double digit lead , but led only 58-52 after three quarters due to being held scoreless in the last three minutes. Are these the type of phases that can be avoided as the season carries on and the team knows it´s self even better on the court?

There will always be runs in games we have to make sure to continue to make good plays when teams make runs, which will in turn get us good shots and hopefully help us set up defense on the other end which should help make an 8-0 run to an 8-4 run which is a big difference.

You had 11 of the 17 BV Chemnitz points in the third quarter. Did coach Pastore give you more of the green light or did you feel the need to step up more?

Coach never tells anyone not to shoot. I just made my first shot out the half and so I felt good and was open so I shot. Everyone on our team can help in multiple ways at that time I guess scoring just fell my way, not usually my thing to score big but it happens.

After Sam Parker hit a huge three pointer to cut the BV Chemnitz lead to 71-70,BV Chemnitz held their nerves and won the game with Carter and Ziegenhagen free throws, What biggest asset on the defensive end got you the win in crunch time?

Just sticking to the game plan and they missed shots, I mean they had an open look to win the game sometimes you just got to be lucky.

What was your overall impression of team Gotha that reached the semi-finals last season. They have big ambitions in Gotha. In what direction is this team going and where will their journey end on the court?

They are a good team, but so are we so I hope that showed last night, we have our own aspirations and goals too we just focus on us.

BV Chemnitz Kept Gotha to 72 points. Do you see BV Chemnitz being able to win many games this season when you keep opponents to 75 points or under? Is Chemnitz a team that offensively will be able to score 80 points a game?

I think 70 is always a good defensive goal so they were over that. We have a talented team though so we will see how many teams hold us under 70 so we feel good when we hold teams to 70.

You led BV Chemnitz with 22 points and was the most effective player on the court. Your obviously a veteran that has known for years when you need to score and when playmaking is needed mostly, but could scoring be needed more this season from you in the BV Chemnitz offense?

I felt I was playing awful in the preseason so it just felt good to see the ball go in. I think some games the team will need me to score, others just to lead, others to facilitate, I just do whatever is necessary.

Your 33 now. Is your biggest goal this season to win the Pro A title?

Haha my goal is just to make it through the season. Kidding the goal is always a title.

Last season you had a triple double against the Bayer Giants Leverkusen and just missed one with 11,9,17 against Nurnberg. Do you think that you might get one this season with the continued style that you play on the court?

Its always possible, but I hope we won’t need me to do that much, because our team is very good.

What has been your impression of American Chris Carter who was always a scorer at Florida Tech(NCAA2) and last season in the Ukraine. Do you see him continuing to be a scorer and carrying the team as a scorer?

Chris has been great I think we play well together and I think the sky is the limit for him and he will definitely be one of the people carrying the team this season.

Talk a bit on new Germans Malte Zigenhagen who played in the BBL and Stefan Wess that won 2 Pro B titles with Oldenburg. Will these guy be consistent contributors in the Pro A this season?

We expect them to they both are more than capable of being contributors to BBL teams so we expect them to have significant roles here in the Pro A.

Now that Lebron finally won the NBA title with his home twon team Cavs, where does he stand in the debate with Michael Jordan as the alltime best?

He’s right there with him. Lebron is something we will never see again the way basketball is going.

What was the last movie that you saw?

Last movie I saw was War Dogs.


Thanks Virgil for the chat.


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