Enis Murati (Austrian National team) If We Stay Concentrated For All 40 Minutes We Have Enough Quality To Beat Anybody In Our Group

Enis Murati is a 28 year old 194cm guard that plays fort eh Austrian national team and will play his 10th season with Allianz Swans Gmunden (Austria-A Bundesliga). Last season he took a short break from this team and gained new experience with Stella Artois Leuven Bears (Belgium-Scooore League) playing 30 games averaging 15.9ppg, 3.2rpg, 1.7apg, FGP: 56.2%, 3PT: 44.2%, FT: 86.5%. He has won 4 titles in total with Allianz Swans Gmunden. He spoke to German Hoopsbefore the 2017 European qualifying game against Germany in Bamberg.


Enis thanks for talking to German Hoops. A tough 75-61 loss against Holland After the first day where Austria beat Holland in a hard battle, would you still have thought that the Dutch could win 3 in a row and be the #1 team after four matches?

We knew from beginning on that the Dutch team is a very good and dangerous team, with a lot of quality so it doesn’t surprise me so much.

Just like the first game, the second encounter with the Dutch was a tight battle in the first half with Holland having the slight advantage 39-38. The turning point came in the third quarter where the Dutch held Austria to 7 points. What was vital for Holland keeping your point total down and what adjustments did the Dutch make on defense?

 I think, we couldn’t just catch the rhythm in the offense and they translated every one of our offensive mistakes into the fast break which gave them a lot of easy points.

The rebounding was a problem as the Dutch outrebounded you 40-27. Was effort on the boards and just wanting it more than the Dutch a reason for not being able to escape with a victory? Austria still has valuable size on the boards despite the absence of Jakob Poelti?

Holland is the best rebounding team in our group. I think it’s not the wanting but furthermore the lack of focus on that their whole team rebounds well.

This season the Austrian national team continue to be a tough team to play and continue to fight to qualify for the European championships like they have the last years without luck of qualifying. With two games left, the club has a good chance. Team Austria has had many players from the last years and continue to build good team chemistry. How has the team developed in the last three years to now have that chance to finally qualify for a Euro?

The whole team developed very well in the past three years. Every player had a chance to become more experienced and we all know each other well playing together in the clubs or from the youth national teams. So that really helps us a lot to have a great chemistry on the court.

Team Austria has it all in their own hands. They have probably one of the biggest games in years and Germany also is looking at one of their biggest games in years and thankfully for them it´s in Bamberg where it is always hard to play. Are you slowly getting motivated for this big battle?

We are very motivated for this game knowing the importance of it.

What is wrong with team Germany. They could easily be 1-3 now as Austria had them at the brink of elimination and then lost to Holland and a 3 OT loss to Denmark. Germany may be without Dennis Schroeder and now Tibor Pleiss, but surely still have ample weapons. Is Germany underachieving this summer?

Well, I cannot say what is wrong with Germany, but I can say that every team in our group is playing good quality basketball where you cannot underestimate anybody.

How much is that 61-59 loss to Germany still in your head and the missed three pointer by Anton Maresch? Did it take a while to digest the loss for the team?

We didn’t have time to digest it so much because we had to focus on the next game but we analyzed it very well and we will be well prepared for Wednesday.

This game was pretty evenly matched in the stats with the shooting and rebounding similar, but especially in tight games one or two turnovers more can cost a game as Austria coughed up the ball two times more. What will be key in Bamberg for getting by Germany?

We have to stick to our plan, fight and keep up the intensity for all 40 minutes.

Austria has an easier schedule than Germany and has it in their own hands. If they can beat Germany by more than two points and beat Denmark, they will qualify. How confident are you that in the next week, team Austria will be successful and win 2 games?

If we stay concentrated for all 40 minutes, we have enough quality to beat anybody in our group, which we have showed already.

Last season you had a solid season with Stella Artois Leuven Bears (Belgium-Scooore League) playing 30 games averaging 15.9ppg, 3.2rpg, 1.7apg, FGP: 56.2%, 3PT: 44.2%, FT: 86.5%. This season you have returned back to Basket Swans Gmunden (A Bundesliga). Did you miss the Kaiserschmarrn from Gmunden?

 Absolutely and not only Kaiserschmarrn but the Schnitzel even more!

You are 28 years old now. Would you say you have reached your prime yet and what gives you more joy of playing professional basketball than say 5 years ago?

Yes, I think that I am getting into my prime and as long as I love the game of basketball and feel passionate about it I will play it. That’s how I also felt five years ago too.

What was the last movie that you saw?

 Lights out!

Thanks Enis for the chat.


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