Chase Adams (Uni Baskets Paderborn) Glad I Can Participate In Basketball Aid And It´s Only Right I Give Back In Anyway

Chase Adams is a 27 year old 188cm point guard from Baltimore, Maryland is playing his second season for the Uni Baskets Paderborn in the (Germany-ProA) this season. He started his basketball career at Centenary (NCAA) in 2006 where he played three seasons and a total of 89 NCAA games. As a senior he moved to Pittsburgh (NCAA). He turned professional in 2001 and played briefly in the ABA and in the UBL before making Germany his home as he played for teams like Dortmund, Bochum, and Science City Jena. He spoke to German Hoops before the game against the Basketball Lowen Braunschweig which is part of the 2016 Basketball Aid international tour that stopped in Paderborn.

Chase thanks for talking to German Hoops. You had a long summer in Baltimore. How was your summer and what did you reflect most about concerning your professional career?

This was most certainly a challenging summer for me training wise pushing my limits. I spent a lot of time thinking about my shortcomings and how I can push through when times get rough.

You will be playing your second season with the Uni Baskets Paderborn. A professional basketball players career might not always be a long affair so one has to appreciate it as much as possible. How much have you appreciated the city of Paderborn and has it become like a second home for you?

I made the decision to come back because I do have that home feeling and I’m blessed they welcomed me back with open arms. The city shows a lot of Love and that propels me to go harder.

The Uni Baskets kept their core of import players from last season and didn´t add any new imports. Will three Americans and a Canadian be enough including the Germans to make an improvement from last season?

Absolutely, we will be a lot stronger having that test season to establish our roles and build a chemistry. We had issues establishing our identity before but now things are coming along, and adding two new pieces to the puzzle will make us solid.

How confident are you that Morgan Grim, Matt Vest and yourself will be able to heighten your game even more this season to gain your team more success than last season?

It’s what we expect and what we demand from each other. Holding each other accountable because we know where we should be in this league, and a big part of our success rides on our shoulders so I know we can handle that pressure.

The UNI Baskets won their first pre-season game against the RheinStars Cologne. How happy have you been with the pre-season so far of the club and where can it still make improvements?

Each week we keeping building so I can’t complain, we are making the right adjustments a lot sooner than we did before. We could always improve defensively in our one on one assignments.

You made your breakthrough in the Pro A last season averaging 11.4ppg, 4.6rpg, 4.1apg, Steals-4(1.8spg), FGP: 40.0%, 3PT: 34.6%, FT: 67.2%. What did you specifically work on most this summer to fill up personal deficitis on the court?

Shot variations and reads off penetration.

What are your main goals as a player this season with the Uni Baskets. In what area´s do you want to make strides in most?

As a Player I want to be more vocal, shooting percentages and Steals.

You can fill up the stat sheet, but is it a goal to become more of a scorer this season?

Yes, I want to do it all

What has been your impression of German Til Gloger who made a sensational debut against the RheinStars with 23 points. Can the ex Maine(NCAA) 203cm forward make an impact this season?

Big Fella is going to do work. I don’t know what he did in college but he is prepared to battle with any/all of the big men in this league. I admire his work ethic and motor but mostly his ability to listen.

On Thursday September 1st, the Uni Baskets Paderborn play a charity game against the Basketball Lowen Braunschweig. The proceeds go to the Basketball aid charity that supports stricken children of cancer. How important is it for you to be a part of this cause?

So glad that I can participate in something bigger than me and if it can save some children’s lives potentially that will truly bring joy to my heart.

How has cancer affected you most in your life? Most players I have spoken to concerning cancer in the last week all mentioned losing a loved one at one time or another. How motivated are you to help battle the fight against cancer?

Well aware of the severity of this disease, it has also haunted my family recently. It’s given me great perspective on my life and how fortunate I’ve been. It’s only right that I give back in anyway I can, no one should have to suffer like this.

How excited are to play against Carlos Medlock? Last season he helped SC Rasta Vechta beat Paderborn twice. He made the step up to the BBL. Do you get even more motivated now to slow him down?

I enjoyed playing Medlock last season, I have a lot of respect for his game and seeing him move up is tremendous motivation for me as well. My mission is to always be the best guard on the floor, so it doesn’t matter who it is, I will always give them my best.

Now that Lebron finally brought an NBA title home, where does this further ring put him in the debate against Michael Jordan as the all-time best ever?

There is no beating MJ, Love Lebron but he will go down as the best all-arounder.

If you had to construct an NBA Rushmore which 4 heads would you choose?

Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James

What was the last movie that you saw?

Suicide Squad.

Thanks Chase for the chat.


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