Yannick Anzuluni (Phoenix Hagen) I Have Never Been So Excited To Start A Season In My Life

Yannick Anzuluni is a 28 year old 205cm forward from Ottawa, Canada that also has the Congo citizenship. He signed back in Germany with BBL team Phoenix Hagen and recently finished his sixth professional season with Umea BSKT (Sweden-Basketligan) playing 32 games: Score-5(17.5ppg), Reb-4(8.6rpg), 2.3apg, Steals-1(2.4spg), 1.0bpg, FGP: 51.4%, 3PT: 38.0%, FT: 84.5%. He played at Houghton(NAIA) from 2006-2010. He played his first two seasons as a professional with Quebec Kebs (Canada-PBL). In the 2012-2013 season he played for the Solarto Eagles Magdeburg (Germany-Regionalliga)21 games: 17.5ppg, 11.0rpg, 4.2apg, 3.0spg, 1.2bpg, FGP: 50.2%, 3Pts: 27.4%, FT: 80.2%. In the 2013-2014 season he played for Pyrinto Tampere (Finland-Korisliiga): 1 game: 15pts, 5reb, 1ast, 5steals; Baltic League: 20 games: 8.0ppg, 5.2rpg, 1.0apg, FGP: 57.6%, 3PT: 34.4%, FT: 63.2%, played mostly at Pyrinto Tampere II (Finland-1st Division): 28 games: Score-1(24.4ppg), Reb-3(13.9rpg), Assists-5(3.4apg), Steals-1(2.6spg), FGP: 54.1%, 3PT: 38.2%, FT: 80.9%. Two seasons ago he played with the Rostock Seawolves playing 32 games: Score-3(21.0ppg), 8.1rpg, 4.2apg, Steals-1(3.2spg), FGP: 51.6%, 3PT: 31.2%, FT: 80.0%. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.


Yannick thanks for talking to German Hoops. Where are you at the moment and how has your summer been?

Hey Miles I´m doing well thank you, I am currently in Toronto,Canada and my summer has been great catching up with family and just training every day and enjoying the Euros.

Your back in Germany. Congrats on signing with Beko BBL team Phoenix Hagen. You played two seasons in Canada, one in Finland, one in Sweden and two in Germany. You will be starting your third season in Germany. Do you see Germany as slowly becoming a second home for you?

I think its a little more than a second home now, I’m living there every other year so if Canada is 1A then Germany is 1B.

After playing in lower leagues your whole professional career, you now have made the jump to the Beko BBL. I am sure that making the choice was an easy one as who wouldn´t take this opportunity. What sold you best on joining Phoenix Hagen?

Yeh it was a very easy choice but I heard so many great things about Phoenix Hagen from one of my former assistant coaches who grew up in Hagen and some of the current players in the BBL like Jermaine Anderson.

Have you had any talks with head coach Ingo Freyer? If yes did you notice that you both speak the same basketball language?

No I have not had the chance to personally speak with coach Freyer yet but from what I have heard from the people who know him and spoke to him him and I definitely have similar basketball minds and speak the same basketball language.

You paid your dues for 6 years playing in lower leagues. How excited are to be able to play against the best in the Beko BBL?

I have never been so excited to start a season in my life and I am always excited to start new seasons, it just feels great to see all the years of hard work paying off and finally getting to play against the best competition in Germany.

How confident are you that you can make an impact in the Beko BBL?

I’m very confident that I can come in and help my new team in any way possible and help them achieve as much success as possible.

When you look back at your last season with Rostock two seasons ago, does that seem like a long time ago? How confident have you always been about being able to one day play in the beko BBL?

It doesn’t feel so long ago because I kept in touch with Coach Basti and some of the players all of last season. Like we talked about in previous years my ultimate goal as a basketball player was to play against the top competition possible so I’ve been working hard all those years for this opportunity and it has finally come so  yes I was always confident that one day it would happen.

It doesn´t happen often in German basketball that a player goes from the Regionaliga to the Beko BBL, but it does happen from time to time. You will be teammates with one of the best point guards in the pro A last season with Richard Williams who also made the jump from the Regionaliga to the BBL with Vechta and Frankfurt before coming to Hagen. What got you this far besides just a lot of hard work and dedication?

My faith has always been my driving force, always believing that by working hard and being dedicated God would put me in the right situation. Also having some good people around me who have given me great advices throughout the years.

What do you feel will be your best quality that you will be able to give Phoenix Hagen on the court this season?

 I think my versatility is my biggest strength being able to play and guard multiple positions will be a good asset for the team.

Last season you played with Umea BSKT (Sweden-Basketligan) playing 32 games: Score-5(17.5ppg), Reb-4(8.6rpg), 2.3apg, Steals-1(2.4spg), 1.0bpg, FGP: 51.4%, 3PT: 38.0%, FT: 84.5%. You had very strong seasons the last three years prior to Sweden in Magdeburg, Finland and Rostock. How do you feel has your game developed since your season with Rostock?

I feel like physically I am a lot bigger and stronger than I was in Rostock and my understanding of the game has also improved and I´m able to combine my physical skills with some good basketaball IQ

Do you feel like your leadership qualities rose last season because you were the oldest on the team. Was that a strange experience for you?

 It was definitley a shock because I never been in a situation like that before but it was great because I had no choice but to learn on the go which really helped me understand what a good leader should be.

Was your 39 point and 17 rebound effort against Eco Orebro your best personal game last season or did you have a better one?

It was my best game not just because of the stats but also because it was the last game of the season which we had to win to stay in the league.

On what things are you working on most now so you will be 100% ready to be able to battle against the best big men in the Beko BBL?

I’m pretty much working on everything, my ball handling, shooting, finishing, getting stronger and so on.

How does a normal work out day look like for Yannick Anzuluni on and off the court in the summer of 2016?

I wake up at 6am grab something to eat then I go to the gym, I start with 30 minutes of biking then its on court training for about 1:30 then some good stretching, then back home grab some food, relax and conditioning workout in the afternoon. Couple times a week I have pick up games with other pros.

If you had to construct your own NBA Rushmore and chose 4 NBA heads which best four would you pick?

 Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Kobe Bryant

Now that Lebron finally brought an NBA title to the Cavs where does this further NBA title put him against the best that ever played the game?

Well now he is definitely in the discussion with the Larry Birds and Kobe Bryant´s but he is still nowhere near Jordan

What was the last movie that you saw?

99 Homes.

Thanks Yannick for the chat.


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