Tre Bowman (The Biggest Challenge Last Season Was Figuring Out How To Remain Aggressive At The Right Time

Tre Bowman is a 24 year old 196cm guard from York, Pennsylvania that completed his second professional season and first in Germany with the ETB Wohnbau baskets Essen. Last season as a rookie he played for Zornotza Saskibaloi Taldea (Spain-LEB Silver): 26 games: Score-3(16.0ppg), 3.5rpg, 1.5apg, 1.3spg, FGP: 52.0%, 3PT: 30.8%, FT: 82.4%. He started his basketball career in 2010 with Penn St. (NCAA) where he played 16 NCAA games. He then transferred to Iona(NCAA) and played there from 2012-2014 playing a total of 64 NCAA games and as a senior played Iona (NCAA) played 32 games averaging 13.9ppg, 4.5rpg, 1.3apg, FGP: 52.3%, 3PT: 40%, FT: 79.0%. Currently he is averaging 14,5ppg, 3,7rpg and 2,3apg for Essen. He spoke to German Hoops at the end of the season.

Another season is in the books as you completed your second professional season in Germany with the ETB Wohnbau Baskets Essen. After a long season how did you feel physically and mentally compared to your rookie season?

I felt really good. I trained my body hard in the offseason to prepare for a long season so mentally and physically I felt good

It was a tough season for the ETB Wohnbau Baskets as they finished in 14th place, but remained in the league. How tough was the season in general for you compared to your rookie season where you reached the semi-finals of the playoffs with Zornotza Saskibaloi Taldea (Spain-LEB Silver)?

It was very tough. Nobody likes losing. Being that we had a good enough team to make the playoffs I believed it was very disappointing.

It was an overall tough season for the club. If you look back at the season, what factors would you say were vital for the club not being able to win more games?

We let a lot of close games slip away. Some games that we should of won we didn’t. I think the biggest factor was getting stops on the defensive end and that was something we struggled with all year.

The ETN Wohnbau Baskets Essen had problems putting points on the board and averaged only 69 per game. You were the only player that averaged double figures points. Was the scoring talent missing on the team?

We had a lot of capable scorers. Just about everyone on that team I believe can average double figures. I just think that it comes down to the flow of the game and knowing when you should be aggressive. Scoring was a small issue but Defense was our biggest.

After a successful rookie season, you went through growing pains in your second season. What do you feel did you learn from your first season in Germany on the court that will make you stronger as a player?

I learned how bad it feels to sit at home and watch the playoffs and not be a part of the post season. As well as learning different new things about the game. This season will motivate me all off season and make me come back even stronger next year.

Would you say that you, Stan Brown, John Loyd and Gary Johnson had a special bond? What things will you remember from these players that you will take with you?

For sure. We were all very close. I will miss everybody from that team. For sure, Gary taught me a lot about remaining calm and knowing when to attack and when not too. His leadership skills are something that I will take with me. As far as Jay and Stan, I will remember all the times we hung out off the court and played the game and went out to eat, ect. Those are my friends for life.

You were at the top of the scoring leaders in the German Pro A. How would you rate your own season? Were you content with your overall play?

To be honest, I know that I should have done better. I tied for first place in scoring but that’s not good enough for me. Looking back there were a lot of games that I should of played better and after watching the film and seeing what I did wrong I am sure next year I will improve even more.

You were a very consistent player scoring in double figures in 24 of 29 games. What do you believe was the biggest challenge for you playing in the German Pro A last season?

The biggest challenge for me was figuring out how to remain aggressive at the right time. Pro A is a very good league and sometimes the other team had a very good defensive strategy against me and I struggled with figuring out how to remain scoring at times. So that’s one thing I will work on for sure this summer.

Will your 0 point goose egg game against Science City Jena be added motivation when your training this summer to continue to improve your game and get better?

FOR SURE! The first game I played them I played the worst game ever. I was so frustrated after the game I couldn’t make nothing. The 2nd game I scored 17 I think, but that goose egg for sure adds a lot of extra motivation to my summer grind!

What one piece of advice did you take to heart most from experienced American Gary Johnson?

He told me to keep working hard in the off season and that I can do anything I want as long as I work hard for it.

What is the next step for Tre Bowman? Do you see yourself continuing to play in Germany or will you see a change of scenery?

At this point, I am not sure where I will end up. I love playing in Germany. The goal for me is to move up to a first league so the BBL may be a option and if not then I will be playing in another country I think.

If you were to construct a NBA Rushmore, which 4 NBA heads would you make?

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Stephen Curry

What is going to be a place that you will try to visit this summer where you necessarily haven´t ever been to in your life?

 I want to take a trip to Puerto Rico. Always seen pictures and it looks so beautiful so hopefully I get to opportunity to go.

What was the last movie that you saw?

 Ride Along.

Thanks Tre for the chat.


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