Drew Brandon (I Have A Lot Of Work To Do This Offseason To Become The Player I Want To Be)

Drew Brandon is a 24 year old 193cm guard from Corona, California that completed his rookie season  in Germany for the Bayer Giants Leverkusen. He started his basketball career at Sierra College Calif. and then moved to E.Washington (NCAA) in 2013 finishing his career in 2015 and as a senior played 34 games averaging 9.7ppg, 6.9rpg, 4.7apg, 1.8spg, FGP: 49.5%, 3PT: 24.7%, FT: 81.0%. He spoke to German Hoops after the season ended.

Drew thanks for talking to German Hoops. Where are you at the moment and how has your summer been?

Welcome anytime thanks for the interview, I am back in Southern California at the moment. My summer is going good so far thanks for asking

Your season ended at the end of March. Has the time from then until now felt like an eternity or has the time away from games flown by?

When season first ended in March time was moving so slow because your still thinking about all the things you could have done better to help extend that season but as the weeks go by you get into a workout routine to get yourself ready for the next season days are starting to fly by.

You played your rookie season with the Bayer Giants Leverkusen that finished in 15th place with a record of 7-23 and had to move down to the Pro B. How was the overall experience as a rookie playing for a losing team?

First very thankful to the Giants for giving me my first opportunity in Europe, our record did not show how good we were or could have been, but I gained a lot of experience which will only help me in the future.

Was it losing four of the first five games of the season that kind of set the tone of how the season would go?

No I wouldn’t say it set the tone, even though you would like to start the season with a strong start record wise, we always kept a positive attitude that we could turn the season around. We ended up having to play catch up in the second half of season.

After the great OT win against Hanau, it seemed like that might turn the tide of the season, but instead the team lost 10 games in a row after that. What do you feel did you learn from this tough season that will help you in your development as a player in the future?

Yeah after that win we lost some really close games to some of the top teams of our league but it just makes me want to work so much harder this offseason, so if I find myself on a team that is going through a tough situation like that, I could change the game enough to turn it around

You played 30 games averaging 10,4ppg, 5,8rpg and 4,3apg. How would you rate your rookie season as a professional?

I don’t have a rating to put on this season. I just know I have a lot of work to do this offseason to become the player I want to be.

On what things will you focus on working on this summer to help improve your game?

I didn’t shot as will as I know I can this season, so my main focus is getting up tons and tons of shots. But I also plan on putting a lot of work in the weight room also.

What is the next step for Drew Brandon? Could you imagine staying in Germany or possibly playing in another country?

I could imagine staying in Germany but also playing in another country is a possibility too

What memories will you always have from being one of the guys with teammates Ricky Kreklow, James Hulbin and Rod Camphor?

Being my first season as a pro it would be hard to not have the memories the daily grind we had as being in a new country.

What was your season highlight on the floor with your team last season?

Getting the big win against Essen on our home court in front of great fans that were supporting us through this tough season. It was good to see that we still could come together and play great game in a big time game at the end of a tough season

Which young German improved the most this season for the Bayer Giants Leverkusen??

We had a lot of young German players on are team but toward the end of the season I noticed how much better Marvin Heckel got. With him being in my position at point guard, I would go against him throughout the season in practice he has a good future ahead of him

If you were to construct a NBA Rushmore, which 4 NBA heads would you make?

I don’t think its possible to make a NBA Rushmore to many great players that changed the game and inspired generations, so I can’t put 4 faces up there

What was the first American eatery that you sought out when you arrived back to the States?

I cooked most of my meals over there so I wasn’t missing many American foods by the time I came back.

What is going to be a place that you will try to visit this summer where you necessarily haven´t ever been to in your life?

By playing overseas I get to go to places I have never been already so when I come home it´s all about getting ready for the next season and improving my game, not really looking to go on vacation haven’t earned the right to take time away from training to go on vacation

What was the last movie that you saw?

The new Captain America Civil War.

Thanks Drew for the chat.


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