Andrew Jones(Dresden Titans) I Believe Each Game Will Be A Dogfight Against Frankfurt

Andrew Jones is a 32 year old 191cm shooting guard that has been a professional basketball player since 2007 and has returned back to the Dresden Titans this season. He played at Miles(NCAA2) and has played in Germany for most of his professional career with four seasons with the Dresden Titans and three seasons with the BG Aschersleben Tigers (Germany-Regionalliga). He also gained experience playing with teams like Marietta Storm (SEBL), BC Celtics (SEBL), C.B. Aridane (Spain-EBA) and Universidad Tecnologica Equinoc. Quito (Ecuador-National League). Last season he played for BG Aschersleben Tigers (Germany-Regionalliga) averaging 19,9ppg, 6,5rpg and 3,9apg. He spoke to German Hoops before game one of the Pro B semi-finals against the Fraport Skyliners Juniors.


Congrats Andrew on the huge 93-80 victory against BG Karlsruhe and sweep reaching the Pro B semi-finals. How much of an urgency did the team have going into game two to end the series at home?

Thanks Miles!!! Karlsruhe is a strong team. We wanted to finish the series at our home. It would have been difficult going back to their place.

It´s been a few days since the sweep, but has the feeling sunk in that you defeated the best Pro B south team in the regular season?

Actually throughout the years, the first seeds have not won the ProB. So we knew that it could be done. We just had to focus because they were number one for a reason.

Have you felt extra energy within the city of Dresden or will that first happen when you are Pro B champs?

There is a lot of energy in the city now. Our arena is filled every home game. The city of Dresden is having a big year in sports. Dynamo just been promoted, DSC are looking to repeat and we are making moves toward the finals.

How proud are you of the team that they were able to really control the game from the start and carry it until the final buzzer?

I’m very proud. We compete very hard in practice and it shows in the game. It’s always good to see your hard work paying off.

When you look back at the short series against BG Karlsruhe, what do you feel was key for the sweep?

Rebounds was the key. Those guys can really rebound the ball. We had to limit their extra shot opportunities.

Do you feel that if Marcus Smallwood had been able to play in game two that there could have been a significant change in the outcome or would the team had been able to solve that adequately?

We solved it the first game when he was there. However, Smallwood is a rebound machine. Him not being there in game two did give us an extra edge.

Your teammate David Sturner is a very humble guy and would never comment that anything was different in his game in this series, but honestly did the American take a further step in his game in these two games?

He has been playing like this for a while now. Its just being noticed even more because the stage is bigger.

The playoffs continue and this is the farthest you have ever come in the playoffs. How confident are you that this fairytale story will continue through Frankfurt?

Its just great to know we have the opportunity to compete for the final two positions in the league and potentially win the championship. I am confident that my team will give everything they got against Frankfurt. We have to, they are a good team!

You had 22 points in the loss in Dresden and 0 points in the loss in Frankfurt. Will you be extra aggressive to make amends for your performance in Frankfurt some months ago?

I will play to the flow of the game. My role is slightly different this year. If I score 20 and a win I am good. If I score 5 and a win I am good. I just want to make sure I play hard regardless.

The Dresden Titans have scored 80 points or more in the last 17 games stating back to the loss against BG Karlsruhe. How do you explain this amazing consistency?

Coach Clauss wants us to run. So we run, simple as that.

Now the Dresden Titans face the Fraport Skyliners Juniors. What kind of a series can we await?

 I believe each game will be a dogfight for both teams. They have a very good organization in Frankfurt. They produce solid players. It shows in their playing style.

The Dresden Titans lost both games by a total of eight points. Are the Titans a better crunch time team now?

I will say we have been battle tested throughout the second half of the season. So we know what to look for when the game is on the line.

The Fraport Skyliners Juniors have a very potent offense, but so does Dresden, but would you agree whichever teams wants it more on the defensive end will win the series?

That is definitely the key to the series! The best defense will definitely get to the championship.

Who would win a game today the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls or the 2015-2016 Golden State Warroirs?

The Bulls no question! They were too strong mentally.

What was the last movie that you saw?

 Daredevil (Tv Show)


Thanks Andrew for the chat.


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